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Bratislava is not just the political, but is also the cultural and sporting capital of Slovakia. Owing to its historically multi-ethnic character, the city's cultural scene is a product of various influences: German, Slovak, Hungarian, and Jewish, among others. Bratislava boasts numerous theatres, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas, film clubs, and foreign cultural institutions. It also has the country's biggest football and ice hockey teams, a purpose-built white-water rafting centre on the Danube, and numerous walking and cycling trails in or near the city. High-quality spa and relaxation facilities, increasingly popular throughout Slovakia, are easily accessible. Bratislava has numerous coffee shops and restaurants, offering international as well as Slovak cuisine, as well as lively bars and clubs.

Bratislava Castle

This national historical monument has a strategic location which was settled in the Celtic and Great Moravian periods. The architecture of the castle was mostly influenced by reconstruction works during the Gothic and Renaissance periods and during the reign of Maria Theresa. In 1811 it burned down and was then reconstructed in the 1960s.
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St. Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin's Cathedral is a national historic monument; a Gothic church with several chapels, consecrated in 1452. Between 1563 and 1830, 11 Hungarian kings and 8 queens were crowned here. The cathedral tower rises to a height of 85 metres and is topped off by a gold-plated replica of the royal Hungarian crown.
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Old Town Hall (Stará radnica)

The Old Town Hall is a complex of various buildings originating from different architectural periods. It housed the city's government headed by the mayor. The Town Hall's core was established in the first half of the 15th century from the house of Mayor Jacob. Since 1868 it has been the seat of the City Museum, housing an exhibition of town history and feudal justice.
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Exciting Danube city

Spend your days in the vibrant city on Danube actively. Besides sports, get to know the local traditions in all form of arts, folk and hand crafts.

Primate’s Palace

Primate's Palace is a gem of Neo-Classical architecture. The original residence of Esztergom Archbishop. It includes a Mirror Hall and a famous collection of 17th century English tapestries depicting the tragic love of Hero and Leander. The palace made history during an important event in 1805; after the battle of Austerlitz, France and Austria signed the "Peace of Pressburg" treaty in the palace.
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Devin Castle

Just outside the city of Bratislava lies this monumental castle ruin situated above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Today, this national cultural monument is a popular attraction for tourists.
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Coronation city

Chill out in amazing coronation city and enjoy traditional gastronomic specialties with local delicious wines

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

This modern art gallery is located on the edge of a peninsula where the mighty Danube flows. One of the youngest museums of modern art in Europe. The River Danube has lent the museum its name and the rest is the result of the enthusiasm and initiative of the Slovak gallery owner Dr. Vincent Polakovič and the financial resources of the Dutch collector and art patron Gerard H. Meulensteen. It is also reachable by scenic bicycle via cyclo-path from Bratislava city centre.
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Bratislava goes classical

The Bratislava Goes Classical project is a new art and marketing project of the destination management organization of Bratislava – the capital city of the Slovak Republic / The Bratislava Tourist Board. Its task is to present unique classical music productions such as Opera, Ballet, Philharmonic and chamber concerts in one spot. This way both visitors and fans of classical music gain easy access to all events related to this music genre without having to search on different pages and bulletins. The project seeks to enlarge the possibilities for tourists to spend their free time in Bratislava enjoying classical music productions.
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Running tours in Bratislava

A new and active way to go sightseeing. Go! Running Tours Bratislava was founded to show this beautiful city from a different point of view – your running shoes. It is a tour concept for people who have a passion for running and who enjoy exploring new places and cultures. The goal is to offer tourist experiences where you do not have to be in traffic jams, where you can enjoy beautiful views of this royal city and get a good exercise all at the same time. So if you are here on holiday or on a business trip, don’t forget to bring your running shoes.
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