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Around the citadel the streets of the Marina and Stampace Districts are lined with fine 19th-century Italian buildings. The elegant Via Roma, running parallel with the sea, has plenty of shops while the tree-lined Largo Carlo Felice and Via Regina Margherita, are a pleasure to stroll along as you walk toward the Castello. The Castello District, with its Pisan and Aragonese heritage, is well worth the climb (lifts are available) from the Marina, if only to enjoy the expansive views of the Santa Gilla Lagoon and marshes to the west.

Bastione San Remy

The Bastion of Saint Remy was built in classical style, linking the three southern embankments of Santa Caterina, Zecca and Sperone, to join the Castle district with the lower districts Villanova and Marina. The terrace at the southern end of the Castello offers a magnificent view over the sea and marshes to the west.

AddressVia Torino 16, Cagliari

Porta dei Leoni

Check out this intriguing gate leading to the Castello with two Romanesque lions’ heads above the arch. The "Lion’s Gate" used to be the southern entrance to the castle district.

AddressVia Giovanni Spano, Cagliari

Roman Amphitheatre

The Anfiteatro Romano was hewn out of limestone rock in the II century AD, and is today an important remnant from the Roman dominion in Sardinia. With an active imagination, you can see yourself being part of this era.

AddressViale S.Ignazio da Laconi 19, Caglirari
Phone+39 338 277 4790

San Saturnino

Basilica di San Saturnino is one of the oldest Christian churches on the island and dedicated to the patron saint of the city. It is lovely situated in Villanova.

AddressPiazza San Cosimo, Cagliari

Torre dell’Elefante

The Pisan Tower of the Elephant is called such because it has an elephant statue on the wall. It guards the southern entrance of Su Casteddu and is the only medieval tower still standing.

AddressPiazza San Giuseppe, Cagliari
Phone+39 070 409 2306


This is the site of the ancient city founded by the Phoenicians, although most of the ruins are Roman. According to legend, this city was founded by the son of mythological God Hermes and Eriteide.

Nowadays Nora is an open-air museum and during summer time you can come here for a concert.

AddressNora, Pula, Cagliari
More InfoS.W. of Cagliari and four km South of Pula

Cathedral of Santa Maria

The Cathedral of Santa Maria was constructed by the Pisans and restored during the 1930’s. Inside there are two pulpits sculpted by Guglielmo da Pisa and several other fascinating features like white marble lending a magical quality to the place.

AddressPiazza Palazzo 4, Cagliari
Phone+39 070 663 837

Orto Botanico

The botanic garden has over 500 species of tropical plants together with many Mediterranean varieties. There is also botanic museum if you would like to learn more about flora and fauna.

AddressViale Fra Ignazio 11, Cagliari
Phone+39 0706 753 512

Island of San Pietro

Island of San Pietro (Isola di San Pietro) is located off the coast of Sulcis, in the southwest of Sardinia which makes it a perfect day trip from Cagliari. The island can be reached by ferry from Calasetta and takes about 30-40 minutes. But be aware the public transport can be a mess and you never know when the bus arrives, but, it will be worth the trouble. The island offers amazing surroundings and beautiful beaches around the attractive coast - some even call this island ”a piece of heaven".

AddressIsland of San Pietro

Spiaggia Mare Pintau

With only 20 minutes by car you can reach this amazing beach. The car ride itself will be an experience due to amazing roads with the most spectacular views ever. There are no restaurants and bars by the beach so you probably need to bring along some food and drinks. Also good to know, the beach is not sandy but a little rocky and can be difficult to reach when climbing down from the hills, however it will be worth it because the colour of the sea is astonishing.

AddressSpiaggia Mare Pintau, Cagliari

Archaelogical Museum

This great museum is located in a former arsenal (Regio Arsenale) and contains many high quality objects and artefacts from Sardinia's past. On display are archaeological finds dating as far back as the Pre-Nuragic era (6000BC) and the Nuragic period.

In the same complex you will also find the National Art Museum and a museum of Oriental Art.

AddressPiazza Arsenale 1, Cagliari
Phone+39 070 655 911

Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach is a beautiful 6 km beach only 10 minutes’ drive from the city centre. The white sandy beach and the crystal clear blue water makes it a popular place to relax. If you are hungry or thirsty, do not worry, there are restaurants and bars around the area.

AddressLungomare Poetto, Cagliari

Spa and Wellness

Sardinia is the Island of wellness and here you can unwind and relax in one of the many spa resorts. You decided whether you need a thermal bath or a relaxing massage. In hotel Antiche Terme di Sardara you will find treatments like peeling, Turkish bath, deep cleansing facial and relaxing anti-stress massages.

AddressSanta Mari Acquas, Cagliari
Phone+39 070 9387 200

Diving and Snorkeling

Sardinia is the ideal place to practice diving and snorkelling due to the crystal clear sea and the 1849 kilometres of coastline. Here you can still enjoy breathtaking unspoilt nature under the water with sea-beds rich in relicts and fish.

There are plenty of authorized diving centres to choose from. One of them is Morgan Diving that also provides excursions for the whole family to the protected Marine Park of Villasimius with the opportunity of snorkelling.

AddressPorto Turistico Marina di Capitana, Calgliari
Phone+39 070 80 50 59

Surfing and Windsurfing

Are you up for a thrilling sea activity? There are plenty of places where surfing and windsurfing can be practised in Sardinia; one of them is in Poetto in Cagliari, although the area of Oristano is considered the paradise for waves.

The Windsurfing Club in Cagliari provides a range of courses.

AddressViale Marina Piccola, Cagliari
Phone+39 070 37 26 94