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Do you know of any other destination that – in one single kilometre – can bring together; a walk along the banks of the river Loire on a 12m high Grand Eléphant, a XVth century castle, a history museum that uses contemporary scenography to conjure the past, present and future and on top of that, an artistic trail designed by some of today’s greatest artists? Come to Nantes to discover the “cité des ducs” and a single part of its rich architectural and cultural heritage. Nantes has 1,001 attributes; none more important than the one making you want to come on another journey in Nantes!

Nantes take the journey!

Nantes - city of every possibility!

Memorial to the abolition of slavery

Nantes was the capital of the slave trade in France: it organised 43% of the French slave trade shipments in the XVIII century. The City wants to assume its past and give shape to the memory via a powerful political gesture. The Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in Nantes is the biggest in Europe. Located on the Quai de la Fosse, a symbolic place in the city that has seen many slave ships to Africa, the Memorial has been open to the public since March 2012. Following an international competition, the city of Nantes has entrusted the design of the Memorial to Krzysztof Wodiczko, a Polish artist and Julian Bonder, an Argentinian architect.
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Nantes : Take the Journey

Nantes A destination truly creative and attractive. Take the journey ! Situated 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Loire estuary, Nantes is a perfect gateway to the Brittany and the Loire Valley. Take the journey and follow the green line to drift through this 10-mile trail, with its thirty stops, from le lieu unique to the Ile de Nantes. Along the way, let yourself be guided from a public work of art in a random side street to a remarkable element of our architectural heritage, from classic sites to little-known treasures, from an historical back alley to contemporary architecture, and from a surprising view of the city to an incredible sunset on the Loire estuary. This year, Nantes is celebrating the Thea Awards 2014 (world’s most original attraction) for the Marine Worlds Carousel and you are invited !

Isle of Nantes

Formerly occupied by the shipyards (closed in 1987) and by industries, this area is in complete rehabilitation and finds some harmony between the conservation of industrial heritage and the development of a new modern space. The Isle of Nantes is a perpetually changing area with contemporary architecture. On both sides of this territory perched on the Loire river are standing resolutely original and innovative buildings built by the greatest international architects: Jean Nouvel, Alexandre Chemetoff, Christian de Portzamparc, Marcel Smets…)
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