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Provided by: Nantes, the city turned upside down by art !
Guidesektion i Nantes
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Metropole är en av de största kulturella, konstnärliga och kreativa sevärdheterna i Frankrike men här väntar flera attraktioner som utmanar... Château des Ducs de Bretagne, Lieu Unique, Nantes - Angers Operahuset, Hangar à bananes utställningsplats, Machines de l'Ile, Memorial museum tillägnat avskaffandet av slaveriet, friluftsmuséet Estuaire, La Fabrique, festivaler, arvet ... Kom till Nantes och upptäck alla dessa sevärdheter som gör Nantes till en eftertraktad destination, -en stad av konst och kultur .

Nantes take the journey!

Nantes - city of every possibility!

Nantes : Take the Journey

Nantes A destination truly creative and attractive. Take the journey ! Situated 30 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, on the Loire estuary, Nantes is a perfect gateway to the Brittany and the Loire Valley. Take the journey and follow the green line to drift through this 10-mile trail, with its thirty stops, from le lieu unique to the Ile de Nantes. Along the way, let yourself be guided from a public work of art in a random side street to a remarkable element of our architectural heritage, from classic sites to little-known treasures, from an historical back alley to contemporary architecture, and from a surprising view of the city to an incredible sunset on the Loire estuary. This year, Nantes is celebrating the Thea Awards 2014 (world’s most original attraction) for the Marine Worlds Carousel and you are invited !
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