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Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam

Like so many of the towns and cities of Egypt, Hurghada as well as Luxor and Marsa Alam are living history museums. These three cities are positioned as three corners of a triangle in the Eastern Desert. Hurghada, a former fishing harbour, stretches some 15 miles or so along the waterfront and is one of the foremost areas for water sports. Marsa Alam is also found by the Red Sea coast, and tourism is just starting to make an impact. The city of Luxor, with its jaw-droppingly beautiful monuments built by the hands of ancient craftsmen, lies 150 miles or so inland on the banks of the mighty River Nile.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breath-taking desert landscape, Sharm el-Sheikh has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt. Come here to relax in one of the many well-developed tourist resorts, or dive at the area’s unique coral reefs. But ’Sharm’ is far more than just a resort town. It is also an ideal spot to discover real Egyptian culture and to travel to the neighbouring historic sites such as the renowned Mount Sinai.


Long considered to be the jewel of the orient, Cairo is an international city overflowing with an interesting mixture of different cultures. It is a city steeped in the early civilizations of the ancient pharaohs, blended with the history of Christian and Islamic cultures. It is all brought together by the modern sights and luxuries of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city.


Known as one of the imperial cities, the opulent city of Fes is the oldest city in Morocco. It is split into two areas, Fès-el-Bali (old Fès) and Fès-el-Djedid (new Fès) wich makes the city a mystical fusion of an ancient Islamic past, and the French influenced recent present.


With approximately 340 days of sunshine and six kilometres of soft white sands, Agadir is Morocco’s premiere beach resort! Nestled among the verdant valleys of the Great Souss and with the majestic range of the Anti-Atlas rearing up behind it, this modern, cosmopolitan city has all the attendant pleasures, thrills and luxuries you can ask for.


A medieval city of drama, myth and mystery, Marrakech will captivate all who venture behind its ochre-coloured walls. Step inside and you will be transported back to a place and time that has been consigned to the annals of history. The winding alleys of the medina and the sights and sounds of the souks, the human drama that is Djemaa el-Fna square and the Atlas Mountains rearing up in the background, make Marakech, Morocco’s jewel in the crown.


In Casablanca you will find a heady mix of architecture treasures such as the great Hassan II Mosque, which glistens with gold in the sunshine, and the dusty Old Town. In this large, sprawling city full to the brim with people you will also find the bustling Ancienne Medina. Sitting on the Atlantic coast of Morocco it is the country’s largest city and Morocco’s, as well as North Africa’s, chief port. Cruise ships arrive daily to experience its frenetic lifestyle, its stylish restaurants, shopping, its fine food and its often overpowering atmosphere.


Vibrant, ever-changing, fabulously wealthy, desperately poor, vast, multi-faceted Johannesburg flings contrasts at you from every angle. Trees line streets where houses hide their manicured gardens and pristine blue swimming pools behind high white walls, miles of shacks tell of the effects of the apartheid years – still to be overcome. The air of Africa’s most dynamic city vibrates with music and buzzes with business while its stylish restaurants, elegant shops, art galleries and theatres delight the international visitor.

Cape Town

Overlooked by the spectacular heights of Table Mountain and surrounded by stunning beaches, lush farmland and superb vineyards, Cape Town has established itself as South Africa’s cultural capital and as one of the most vibrant city destinations in Africa. This is a city where African, European and Asian cultures meet in a multi-ethnic rainbow that is reflected in its music, architecture, visual arts as well as in its quite amazing choice of cuisines. Cape Town is a great party city, with a year-round calendar of festivals, parades and world-class sporting events. It also has a mellow climate that makes it attractive year-round, with plenty of sunshine during the winter months making it particularly attractive to Northern Hemisphere visitors.


Djerba, the largest island of North Africa, is situated southeast of Tunisia on the Gulf of Gabes, and is ringed by miles of sandy beaches and luxury hotels. With its ideal temperate climate, this is another very popular Tunisian destination. The many resort hotels provide anything you need from lazy bronzing days, to a wide range of intense activities like thalasso or water sports.


Located in north-eastern Tunisia, Monastir is a major tourist resort. With its attractive marina and old fishing port, the city is an excellent base for a beach holiday and offers a wide range of physical activities such as water sports, fishing, excursions and golf. Whatever the season, you will find an ideal climate to enjoy some of Tunisia’s finest sand beaches and crystalline water along with a dizzying choice of waterfront hotels and restaurants featuring both international and local cuisine. Whether you’re up to a lazy day sunning on the beach or more physical type of activities, your stay will certainly be unforgettable!



A multi-cultural metropolis on the island of Mindanao, Davao is one of largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the Philippines. With the country’s highest mountain, Mount Apo, as its backdrop, this vibrant city offers a mix of fabulous landscapes that include parks like the Eden Nature Park and the Mount Apo National Park, superb beaches, diving waters and islands such as the unspoiled Samal Island. The San Pedro Cathedral is just one of its great monuments, while its shopping malls, colourful festivals and gourmet restaurants are legendary. Top notch hotels and resorts make it a tourist hotspot. Davao is famous for its gold and is home of the famous Philippine Eagle National Centre where the truly beautiful but endangered national bird is bred.


The Philippine capital is Asia’s best-kept secret. The capital of the Orient’s only catholic country seems somehow out of place, vibrant with Latin American or Caribbean undertones. Music and dancing are everywhere, and the smiles and laughter rival Bangkok’s in their warmth and enthusiasm. Manila’s intense historical influences – Spanish religion and American consumerism – have led to the saying that the capital has spent “400 years in a convent and 50 in Hollywood.” The result is a city of extremes ready to delight the unsuspecting traveller.


Boracay is one of the most idyllic tropical islands imaginable. Palm trees swaying in the wind, crystal turquoise seas and seemingly endless stretches of talcum-powder-fine-white sand beaches, plus a distinctively laidback way of life characterise this pretty island. Despite being narrow and only seven kilometres long, Boracay offers everything from golf, trekking, sailing and watersports – such as windsurfing and scuba diving – to great hotels, gourmet restaurants and festivals. Plus, of course, its fabulous beaches – including White beach, voted the finest in the world. By night, it turns into one big tropical party venue, with nightclubs vying for attention with discos held on the beach.


Often called the “queen of the south,” Cebu, the country’s oldest city has now become its favourite tourist destination. With a keen choice of historical sights, long stretches of white sand beaches, excellent year-around scuba and water sport action, choice of dining, exciting nightlife and, of course, the famous warm hospitality it’s no surprise that visitor numbers, new hotels and tourist attractions are increasing.

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro is a modern, multi-cultural city that lies on the northern shores of Mindanao island. It has gourmet restaurants, fine hotels and is the shopping capital of the island. Known as the ‘city of golden friendship’ because of the hospitable nature of the kagayanons, Cagayan de Oro always offers a special welcome to visitors.

Abu Dhabi

With its awesome glass skyscrapers that reflect the bustle of daily life, magnificent buildings such as the Emirates Palace, its lively souqs, excellent international restaurants and its long stretches of white beaches lapped by the crystal clear waters of The Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a city of outstanding contrasts. The throbbing heart of the city lies 250 metres off-shore on an island linked to the mainland by the Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge. Home to the respected Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation and the Al Hosn Palace museum, along with numerous venues for the arts, the wealthy city is the cultural as well as the commercial hub of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.


Flourishing as the Middle East’s major commercial hub, vibrant Dubai—a mere fishing village 60 years ago—has blossomed over the past decade into the world’s hottest new tourist destination. A hot but dry desert climate tempered by cooling Gulf breezes, the allure of the mystical desert, great beaches and a chance to sample Arabic culture while enjoying thoroughly modern Western-style amenities are all part of the irresistible appeal.

Hong Kong

Hongkong är en ung, pulserande stad full av energi. Detta är uppenbart för den som står på kajen i Tsim Sha Tsui och tittar ut över Hongkongs imponerande horisont av skyskrapor. Dessutom är detta en stad som har lyckats göra en konst av att klämma in sju miljoner människor i ett område på 1 000 kvadratkilometer. Med sitt tropiska klimat, vackra landskap, floder av elektronisk utrustning, fartfyllda nattliv och bra mat är Hongkong ett turistparadis. 25 miljoner människor åker hit varje år, till en stad som har några av de högsta skyskraporna i världen.


Originally known as Bombay, Mumbai is India’s largest city with 13 million inhabitants. Here you can find an amazing mixture of crowds, noise and traffic. You will either love or hate this hot and humid megalopolis; the pace is fast and furious and never stops. Once you have come to grips with the city, it is the kind of place where you will need to go with the flow. The atmosphere is heady here, where all walks of life meet in a huge melting pot of colours, noises, smells and excitement.


The site of former Indian, Portuguese and Dutch settlements, today’s Chennai was established by the British in the 17th century as a trading port. This colonial town, formerly known as Madras, has since grown into India’s fourth-largest city and the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Home to a colonial fort and an array of beautiful temples, monuments and churches, water sports and amusement parks, street markets and shopping centers, fine dining and luxury hotels, as well as one of the longest sandy beaches in the world. This bustling and colorful Indian city is bound to have something on offer for everyone!


Bangalore is where India is headed. Bangalore is the fifth largest city in India and is said to be the fastest growing city in Asia. Also known as Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka is the technological hub of India and is where the country’s new, confident and global identity is being forged. A once sleepy regional capital is today a modern, serene metropolis that will come as a big surprise to those who are arriving from other parts of the country for the first time. As wealthier Indians flock to live here, Bangalore has become a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant café and bar culture. The city might lack historical sites but more than makes up for it’s buzzing, relaxed and liberal atmosphere and a location that makes it a perfect base for exploring the beautiful temples and evocative palaces of the Deccan.

New Delhi

Delhi is a thoroughly inscrutable onion of a city, every layer you peel off reveals an even deeper layer of history. Rebuilt eight times by its many conquerors, it has been the seat of the Hindu, Muslim and British Empires. All of them have left their mark in the architecture, customs, food and people of this relentless city. Now they are all undergoing a new transformation as the capital of modern India.


Surabaya is Indonesia in a nutshell. The city was founded almost eight centuries ago, Indonesia’s second largest city has seen empires come and go. The founders of the Hindu Majapahit Empire were here in the late 13th century to the 17th century and were followed by Muslim rulers of Mataram. Later came the colonialists of the Dutch East India Company. In recent decades, Surabaya has grown into a cosmopolitan seaport and conurbation where 21st century hotels, apartment towers and shopping malls stand next to historic mosques and palaces.


Indonesia’s sprawling capital is one of the fastest-growing, most chaotic and most exciting places in South East Asia. It is the gateway to a vast, vibrant and varied island nation that’s home to dozens of fascinating cultures. Formerly the colonial capital of the Dutch East Indies – when it was known as Batavia – Jakarta has grown from its original seaport district into a huge modern conurbation of high-rise hotels and apartments, thronged shopping malls and wide, busy avenues.


The urban atmosphere of Denpasar, Bali’s bustling capital city and business and administrative hub, contrasts sharply with the serene Hindu temples, green terraced rice fields and superb sandy beaches nearby. Denpasar is a cosmopolitan, modern city that has grown rapidly in the past three decades and in many ways it has more in common with other Indonesian regional capitals than with its island hinterland. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit, even if you prefer to stay in one of the resort areas nearby rather than in the city itself.


Eilat is Israel’s premier winter sun resort and heart of the Red Sea Riviera. Thrilling landscapes of red-tinted mountains, sheer blue skies and crystal clear waters give an exhilarating sense of adventure, pleasure and freedom, with a myriad of things to see and do.


With its rich natural landscape, stunning scenery and distinctive seasons, Sapporo would satisfy the explorer in any one of us. This capital of Hokkaidō, the most northern and second largest island of Japan, was established in 1868, its vast open wilderness backed by magnificent mountains appealed to the early settlers.


Sitting in the heart of the Kansai region of central Japan, Osaka is its third largest city. It could be the closeness to Korea, China and the coast that has made it to become known as the “Kitchen of Japan”. Osaka’s people have a true zest for life, they promote a casual air and ease and are slightly, unconventionally boisterous. Osaka is regenerating, now recognising its past beauty and is working hard to re-establish it. This stimulating city that works to live, is now more than ever a must-see.


Matsuyama is the biggest city on the island of Shikoku, Japan. It's also the capital of Ehime Prefecture. Matsuyama is a vibrant city of living traditions, set against a backdrop of historical buildings, where haiku poetry is still enjoyed as a part of daily life. A full calendar of seasonal festivals means that there's always something eye-catching going on. The city is served by a network of vintage trams and steam trains, so getting about is easy. Matsuyama also has miles of sandy beach in this city encompassing the beautiful island-studded Seto Inland Sea.


Sitting proudly on the shores of Hakata Bay, Fukuoka is a city ablaze with the neon glare of the 21st century. At the same time the city is in touch with its rich cultural heritage and its beautiful, natural surroundings.


Nagoya City breathes history, as testified by the epic movies (such as Shogun and Ran) centred around Nagoya Castle. But it was Expo 2005 that put Nagoya on the world map. A total of 121 countries participated in the event, which attracted more than 22 million visitors over the six months of the Expo. Post-Expo, Nagoya is positioning itself both as a centre for hi-tech industries and as a tourist gateway. Toyota Cars, old and new famed ceramics Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples dolls and robots castles, feudal villas and farmhouses pearls, art and a plethora of shopping and nightlife.


Tokyo var tidigare en relativt dold destination, men tekniksprång och passion för allting nytt fick resten av världen att bli dem varse. En stad av mindre städer, Tokyos stadsdelar är individuella och unika i allt från kulturella sevärdheter till stora köpcentra. Gör dig redo för en virvelvind av modernitet och tradition - Tokyo!

Siem Reap

Be ready to be embraced by a people with a warm culture and a country with unique traditions that date back from the Angkorian Empire. Be inspired by the Apsara dancing, Khmer traditional art and by ancient temples surrounded by ancient trees in an eloquent collaboration between art and nature.

Phnom Penh

Situated at the crossroads of three great rivers - the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac- Phnom Penh is the heart of a country steeped in tradition, overflowing with rice paddies, jungles and still untouched rural communities. Wind yourself down these rivers and arrive to the largest fresh water lake in the region, Tonle Sap, and a rich history, which reached its peak under the Angkorian Empire. Once a sleepy backwater, Phnom Penh is buzzing today with commercial activity, as the country develops after years of isolation. It is dotted with monumental landmarks in a surreally beautiful environment. Old French colonial mansions stand alongside newly emerging designs, which make the city’s mixed architecture and communities fascinating sites to explore.


Unlike most of China, Guangzhou is not likely to elicit the level of curiosity that can be a bit overwhelming in other parts of the mainland. This is mainly because long before Marco Polo shipped up in the port of Canton (as it was then known during the 14th century), Guangzhou had a well-defined foreign quarter that has by and large remained a constant through the centuries. Spoiled by its lush Pearl Delta location, Cantonese cuisine offers a choice and variety of food that is a world away from its pale western imitations. With a vibrant, rocking nightlife and an array of shopping options around the city, it has everything you could desire for a few days stopover.


Dynamic Shenzhen is an apt symbol of China’s impressive if sometimes uneven rush to embrace wealth. From humble village to bold metropolis in under 30 years, the city’s journey has been brash, dramatic and magnificent. With its natural blend of Chinese frontier spirit and frenetic entrepreneurialism, it has also become home to some of the most diverse and succulent cuisine you’ll find anywhere in China. And for the cash-strapped, the short hop across the border from Hong Kong at the Luohu crossing provides a gateway to China that is easily accessible and offers saving of at least 30% on international air taxes.


Ningbo is the birthplace of the Hemudu culture, which dates back over seven thousand years. This makes the city one of the oldest in China. Known in Mandarin as “Serene Waves”, it is located at the shores of Hangzhou Bay as a long-established international port and trading post. But with the Hangzhou Bridge, the longest trans-oceanic link in the world, Ningbo is now directly connected to Shanghai and already a commercial power in its own, it looks set to give her northern neighbour a run for its money.


This is a city almost unique in China and has been recently voted the prettiest and cleanest city in the country. Xiamen is certainly amongst the most pleasant places in China, with a fine mix of city, cultural and beach attractions. Located on the south coast in Fujian Province, Xiamen is built on an island almost opposite Taiwan. With origins dating back 5,000 years, trade has been the lifeblood of Xiamen and the city has grown on the commerce from merchants, both Chinese and European, who used Xiamen as their “Gateway to China”.


The provincial capital of Jiangsu, Nanjing, has served as the country’s capital for six dynasties and has long occupied a prominent place in Chinese history and culture. The overwhelming neon lights along Qinhuai River, the abundance of greenery in Zhongshan Mountain Tourist Resort and the remnant architecture from the time of the fledgling republic are all facets of the richness of various stages in Nanjing’s development.


If it was a picture, Qingdao would be painted with blue sea and azure sky, red-roofed residences and green trees. Qingdao means “Green Island” in Chinese. The name is a perfect match. This is possibly the most beautiful coastal city of China, famous for the comfortable weather, the large number of beaches and the delicious seafood. Being a former German concession has also provided it with attractive European style buildings and one of the best brews in Asia, the famous Qingdao Beer. It has long been a favourite escape for Chinese holidaymakers and after having its profile raised when hosting of the 29th Sailing Regatta during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it will undoubtedly come under the radar of foreign visitors as well.


Xi’an, once called Chang’an, the City of Long-lasting Peace, tops the list of Chinese six ancient cities. The world-renowned ancient Silk Road starts here. To stand on this land is to be on the very soil where merchants from empires long relegated to the annals of history once moved, and many facets of its past as a trading post still live on in various forms. The variety of folk handicrafts that greets the visitor is bewildering. Just outside the city is the steepest mountain in the world’, Hua Mountain. Here is where the pre-historic Lantian man was found, proving that human existence here dates back 500,000 years. With all this heritage behind it, Xi’an stands proud even in the face of its modernization, a spectacular testament of the magnificent legacy the Chinese are so proud of.


Guilin has been a favourite for a long time amongst travellers to China. This compact city is most famous for the green mountains, crystal clear waters, unique caves and the beautiful cliffs around it. The karst peaks and the surrounding area is world renowned for its beautiful scenery. Yet it is not only this stunning landscape that draws visitors to Guilin, its unique folk customs are also unforgettable experiences in themselves.


Peking fortsätter att växa, huvudstaden har bevittnat framträdandet av fler och högre byggnader, nya restauranger och nattklubbar. Ändå har staden samtidigt lyckats behålla sin individuella charm. Små tehus på bakgårdar, traditionella tygaffärer, gamla tempel och bullriga gaturestauranger gör denna stad speciell.


Like Yin and Yang, Hangzhou, the capital city of the Zhejiang Province, has two sides. This historic city is a showcase for traditional medicine, religion and art as well as an example of China’s rapid economic development. Combining idyllic natural beauty, a grand heritage through the ages and an air of affluence, Hangzhou is one of the country’s most pleasant cities to linger in.


Welcome to Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, where giant pandas delight tourists at the Chengdu Breeding Research Base and artisans create porcelains at the People’s Garden. Though a modern city, life in Chengdu takes place on the back streets where crowds are waiting outside hot-pot restaurants and tea houses are abuzz with mahjong players and their noisy tile-shuffling game. This is a city that once inspired the great Tang dynasty poet Dufu, whose residence still stands and today it continues to celebrate one of its greatest military strategist Zhugeliang, at the famous Wuhou Shrine.


Chongqing is China’s fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. It is a cultural and historical city of many unique traits. Apart from being blessed with water on three sides, its buildings have also been constructed against the mountains on the last side. This is generating different layers to the city appearance that has become hallmark of Chongqing, giving it the nickname “Mountain city”. And what would a Chinese city be without a famous dish? Chongqing’s is the numbingly spicy hotpot, a daredevil culinary adventure.


Shanghai is the shiniest gem in modern China’s jewel box. It’s a hip, contemporary city that’s charging into the future with all the slick energy of its famous Maglev train. Yet if you veer away from the sleek highways and glitzy shopping streets you can still stumble upon a more traditional Shanghai, with all its character and aromas. In the tiny back streets, wet-market vendors peddle their wares - buckets of bright green vegetables, fish flapping in shallow plastic bowls and heaps of crayfish crawling over each other. In the parks at dawn, hordes of locals practice t’ai chi, sword movements and ballroom dancing.


Macau has a colourful palette and a plethora of sites despite occupying just 28sq km on a peninsula of the Chinese mainland. From neon-lit casinos to dusky markets, soaring high rise to verdant parks, cobbled streets to modern cafés and Baroque churches to Art Deco buildings there’s a wonderful mix of East and West and old and new. Thirty buildings and squares are UNESCO listed and many reflect Macau’s colonial Portuguese legacy as does the food, laid-back lifestyle and even the blue azulejo-tiled street names. Yet Macau has a modern Asian look also, rivalling Singapore for tidy streets and Hong Kong for flyovers and bridges.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (eller "KL", som lokalbefolkningen kallar det) är huvudstaden i Malaysia. Om man tittar på storstaden idag verkar de dagar, då det hela började på 1850-talet som leråkrar, så långt bort att det är ofattbart. Du kommer att finna spår av historien i den vackert bevarade arkitekturen men idag är Kuala Lumpur en internationell stad av ljus, där shoppare är bortskämda med val från gatuförsäljning till lyxiga boutiquer. Partymänniskor hittar sina tempel i nattlivets hektiska puls och naturmänniskan bländas av landets skönhet. Vem du än är väntar denna livfulla och mångkulturella stad med oändliga erbjudanden.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is a true oriental pearl and the capital of Sabah, a state in Malaysia. Surrounded by spectacular waters, mountains and ancient rainforest, this is truly the gateway to Borneo. Vibrant and friendly variations of everything can be found in the city, which is guaranteed to captivate you.


Although it is Malaysia’s smallest state, Penang island (Pulau Pinang) is one of Asia’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan destinations, combining the influences of half a dozen cultures. Within sight of the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula – and linked to it by road bridges – the island is the birthplace of tourism in Malaysia. With great beaches, a mellow climate, and a colourful collection of attractions – several of which claim to be the largest, tallest, longest or oldest of their kind.


Yangon is a small yet busy capital city and as such has the workings of government within its boundaries. Situated on the River Yangon, it has a flourishing port, but the most spectacular sights are the Buddhist temples, pagodas and stupas. Arriving by air, the visitor will see golden domes dotting the thick greenery of the outlying areas of the city. Set on Singuttara Hill, is the most holy of all these shrines, and the place every visitor must see – The Shwedagon Pagoda.


Shimmering like a precious stone in the fierce desert sun, the city of Riyadh is a complex mix of dualisms that will intrigue the intrepid traveller. A modern cutting edge metropolis that boldly strides towards the future whilst at the same time, a city firmly rooted in the traditions of its historical past. Known as the “Queen of the Desert”, Riyadh will captivate every suitor with her desert landscapes and lush green oases, her ancient monuments and malls and the renowned Arabic hospitality of her denizens.


Singapore är en asiatisk blandning av öst och väst. Här ligger det finansiella distriktet med skyskrapor ett stenkast från Chinatowns klassiska småhus. Som en gammal handelsstad är Singapore den naturliga platsen för alla som vill shoppa - utbudet är enormt. Dessutom erbjuder Singapore ett kök med influenser från Asiens alla hörn som överstiger dina högsta förväntningar.


Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, an enchanting island lying off India’s southern tip. These city folk go about their daily business with a cheerfulness born of optimism in this chaotic, noisy and traffic-congested metropolis.


Seoul is a city of contrasts in which the ancient and the modern harmoniously coexist. In one sense, it’s a hi-tech 21st-century city awash with neon lights and the sights and sounds of a 24 hour metropolis, while at the same time, a city retaining the majesty and graceful ambience of the ancient dynasties that once ruled. Like the river Han on which it sits, Seoul is constantly moving as it strides boldly into the future, yet simultaneously managing to keep one foot firmly entrenched in its historical past.


The city and the countryside, the old and the new, high culture and the downright dirty! Whatever you’re looking for, Taipei has everything today’s discerning traveller could wish for. Set in a natural basin amongst lush green mountains, the city is just a-stones-throw away from unspoiled beaches and wild coastline. The city itself has all the distractions a modern metropolis can offer, while at the same time providing a glimpse into its ancient past. If it’s the variety of choices you’re looking for then Taipei has it all!

Chiang Mai

Immersed by spectacular mountains and the northern Thai countryside, Chiang Mai offers spectacular sceneries and beautiful ancient temples. Chiang Mai has become an increasingly popular destination and a favourite with many people. Even though being the second largest city in Thailand, there are only 250,000 people living here. The city is small and intimate, and almost everything is within walking distance. But do not be fooled, in this area there is much to see. Make sure you plan your trip well.

Koh Samui

With such beauty and charm, Koh Samui has something that appeals to just about everyone. Every year the island attracts more than 1,5 million people from all over the world that come here to do nothing or everything. So many people could not be wrong! With its beautiful beaches, clear water, great food, fun parties and superb shopping, you could certainly say that this Thai paradise has it all.


Dynamisk, exotisk och rikt kosmopolitisk - Bangkok är en av Sydostasiens mest levande och älskade resmål. Som en stad av kontraster lockar detta kulturella epicentrum och shoppingparadis miljoner resenärer varje år till dess rikliga marknader, lyxhotell, fantastiska naturscenerier och lockande maträtter. Här smälter det gamla och moderna samman och Bangkoks härliga gyllene tempel och skyskrapor i världsklass väntar. Frossa i det frenetiska tempot medan du njuter av sevärdheter, shoppar loss och sedan åker tuk-tuk runt stan för en släng av Bangkoks rika och fartfyllda nattliv.


Välkommen till paradiset! Phuket har alla de rätta ingredienserna omgivet av klarblått vatten, palmkantade stränder med mjuk, ren sand, ett pulserande nattliv och de mest omfattande menyerna. Under flera år har Phuket toppat opinionsundersökningarna som ett semesterparadis och i en senare undersökning valde läsarna av ett resemagasin Phuket före Bali och Cebu. Lägg ihop allt detta med de mest välkomnande människorna i världen och det är lätt att förstå varför resenärer älskar det.


If Saigon is the frenetic, commercial heartbeat of Vietnam then gentle, verdant, historic Hanoi is the sedate, intellectual soul of the country. Its leafy boulevards, serene lakes and sweeping white French colonial architecture set the scene as tourists and locals alike seem to go about their business at a pleasingly civilised pace. The city is the administrative capital of the country and its political metronome still beats to communist time, but with a distinctly modern nod towards welcoming tourists from all over the world to enjoy its rich and varied heritage.

Ho Chi Minh

Located near the Mekong River, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest and most exciting city in Vietnam. With a population now almost 8 million people, it’s one of the densest urban areas in the world and it’s common to see houses where several families share the same living space. For a foreigner, visiting Ho Chi Minh is a real experience! It’s a vibrant and an ‘in transition’ city. You’ll be fascinated by its rich cultural and quite recent traumatic history, mixed in with its current modernization. Unlike other cities in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is also very active at night, with many bars and restaurants to entertain you!



Tirana är en blandning mellan Västeuropa och gamla Ryssland med ett stänk av Mellanöstern. Staden har nyligen lämnat sin problemfyllda historia bakom sig och träder nu fram som en östeuropeisk pärla. Befolkningen har nästan fördubblats de senaste åren och Tirana har återuppstått som en energisk, livfull och internationell stad som är värd att utforska.


Bryssel är en fängslande stad som verkligen berör. Här bor många européer som bara väntar på att få dela med sig av stadens alla skatter. Dess brokiga historia har gett staden en anledning till att ha ett öppet sinne som visar sig med både värme och gästvänlighet. Du kommer verkligen att känna dig precis som hemma i Bryssel! Bland dess historiska monument finns här även en hel del annat att upptäcka, som pratbubblorna på ”Comic Strip”, fasaderna i Art Nouveau, stylister och designers, maträtter och surrealism, vilka alla kan träffas på bakom varje gatuhörn.


Det finns inte många platser i Flandern som är mer fantasieggande än denna överflödande och historiska universitetsstad. Handla eller insupa kultur, njuta av gastronomin eller beundra konst, besöka flera hundra år gamla byggnader eller titta på modern arkitektur? Vad det än är du söker i en stad så hittar du det i Leuven. En vacker stad för människor, men ändå helt och hållet med i det snabbt förändrande samhället. Leuven ligger precis mitt i Belgien, tillgängligheten är ett viktigt trumfkort. Men det finns flera goda skäl att besöka "Den vackra vid Dyle". Du kommer snart att märka det: den här staden släpper dig aldrig.


Folket i Mechelen pratar om sin stad med stolthet, ibland med glimten i ögat men alltid med en underliggande värme. Besökare slås av den överväldigande atmosfären när de promenerar förbi monument präglade av sin ålder för att sedan ta en paus på färgglada gårdsplaner och historiska kyrkor. Meceheleninvånaren är stolt över Gouden Carolus, det prisbelönta ölet som har bryggts här i århundraden. Han är stolt över Margareta, Karl V:s faster som satte 1500-talets Mechelen på kartan. Han är även svag för traditionellt hantverk och äkta lokala produkter. Kom till Mechelen och upplev själv dess älskvärda charm!


Gent är en liten stad med stort hjärta. Här råder en perfekt harmoni mellan historia och nutid. En promenad genom staden är som en resa i tiden. Ena sekunden kan du beundra byggnader från 1300 talet, för att i nästa ögonblick hamna mitt i ett toppmodernt område. Gent är också en ungdomlig stad fylld av kultur. Här finns massvis av musik, teater, film och konst. Tack vare sitt läge mitt i Flandern är staden en perfekt utgångspunkt om du vill besöka de andra så kallade konststäderna i Flandern, Brygge och Antwerpen. Här finns gott om boende för alla plånböcker. Du kan välja att bo på ett enklare pensionat eller på ett hotell med 1–4 stjärnor. Gent välkomnar dig med öppna armar!


Välkommen till världsarvsstaden Brygge! Det är ju så att de platser som väcker ens sinnen och som sedan kryper in under huden för att stanna där är extremt sällsynta. De här platserna tilltalar dig känslomässigt, men du kan inte helt avslöja deras hemligheter. Brygge råkar vara en sådan unik plats. Kulturellt och konstnärligt, kosmopolitiskt, oblygt burgundiskt, mystiskt medeltida och en plats som finns med på UNESCO: s världsarvslista. Promenera längs Brygges vackra gränder, pittoreska kanaler och grönska och du kan inte annat än falla hopplöst förälskad i hennes eleganta mystik.


Antwerpen, en aktiv metropol i fickformat, har något för alla. Staden är en inspirerande kulturkälla tack vare sin imponerande arkitektur och sina magnifika museer och kyrkor. Fashionistas kan utforska Antwerpens designbutiker, vars eleganta skapelser är vördade över hela världen. Matälskare och personer med en passion för livet i allmänhet kan avnjuta ett varmt välkomnande på Antwerpens kaféer och restauranger. Ett besök till Antwerpen bör definitivt innehålla det nya museet MAS, den världsberömda Cathedral of Our Lady och Rubens hus, hem till Antwerpens mest berömda ambassadör.


Omgiven av Dinariska alperna och med en blandning av osmansk och habsburgsk historia är den pittoreska staden Sarajevo en av Europas finaste städer. Dess slående vackra natur, mångfaldiga kultur och moderna puls gör Sarajevo till en stad som passar alla, vare sig du är en härdad friluftsmänniska eller finsmakande kulturälskare.


Sofia could be likened to a Sleeping Beauty rousing from her slumbers, reawakening to share her charm with the rest of the world. With relics from Roman times to the Soviet era, a vibrant cultural and entertainment scene, and the breath-taking surroundings of the Plana Zavala Mountain range, Sofia is ready to reclaim her rightful place as one of the leading lights on the European sky.


Pafos är en magisk region med fascinerande platser att resa till och mycket vackra naturomgivningar. Här finner du diverse antika efterlämningar och staden ligger endast en kort resa från den orörda Akamas-halvön som är en fantastisk region med vackra bukter, branta pass mellan klippor och fantastiska vyer. Så vad väntar du på?


With the describing slogan of being the world’s smallest big city, Aarhus is petite enough for one to be acquainted with the place in a short time, yet large enough to fill the days and nights with lively activities and events. The mixture of youthful optimism and creativity, together with the city’s good old-fashioned cosiness, create a unique atmosphere making a visit to Aarhus a pleasant and uplifting experience.


Köpenhamn har något för alla. Här finner du en häftig blandning av gastronomi i världsklass, vacker arkitektur, prisbelönta designers, rena hamnbad, den unika fristaden Christiania och världens äldsta monarki. Köpenhamn är en relativt kompakt storstad, men ändå en stad i världsklass som älskas och rankas mycket högt av ledande resemagasin och livsstilstidskrifter. Den har titulerats en av de bästa städerna att leva i flera gånger, och det var den första staden i världen som namngavs "cykelstaden" av den International Cycling Union – en titel som de flera hundra cykelkörfälten vittnar om. Omgiven av historiska byggnader, smala svängda gator, pulserande shopping och ett händelserikt nattliv är det lätt att känna sig hemma i den danska huvudstaden.


Upplev världsnamn på stans scener och utställningar, shoppa i dansk handelsstadsmiljö när den är som bäst och upptäck naturen runt Randers. Det ger oförglömliga och häftiga upplevelser. Graceland Randers är en kopia av Elvis Presleys hus i Memphis, Tennessee. I huset finns världens enda Elvis-museum utanför USA. Dessutom finns det en amerikanskinspirerad restaurang, biograf och sällskapslokaler. Upplev Sydamerikas, Asiens och Afrikas regnskogar med djur, fåglar och vegetation i Randers Regnskog.


VisitGudenaa- Yours to explore! Gudenåen welcomes you to a multitude of holiday possibilities and experiences. Gudenåen is Denmark’s longest river, and it runs through a very wide river valley with a landscape that is rich in experiences. The scenery is very varied and consists of heaths, uplands, large woodlands, monuments and views. Along Gudenåen you will find funny and instructive sights, right from zoos to small and cosy playgrounds. There are also many possibilities of an active holiday. No matter whether you go for cycling, canoe and kayak sailing or hiking, angling or riding on a mountain bike, the possibilities are plentiful. The history is also a large part of Gudenåen with historical elements from the Iron Age with bog sacrifices and from the middle ages with the monasteries. Many of the large, beautiful buildings, which are several centuries old, have their own history.

LEGOLAND Billund Resort

Föreställ dig en värld uppbyggd av 60 miljoner LEGO® bitar. Upplev Skandinaviens största vattenpark. Hälsa på 40 rytande lejon. Utforska Danmarks naturliga underverk och var med i en del av vår fascinerande historia. Välkommen till LEGOLAND Billund Resort!


Tallinn, genomsyrad av medeltidscharm och ändå oerhört tidsenlig, erbjuder en mängd sevärdheter för dagens moderna turister. Staden är tillräckligt stor och intressant för att utforska under flera dagar, men är samtidigt lagom liten och kompakt för att få en god översikt över på bara några få timmar.


Tampere, a young and vibrant place, is the third largest city in Finland and located deep in Lake District. With everything within walking distance, this is yet another example of a revitalization and refurbishment of an industrial heartland. At night the city lights up like a newly decorated Christmas tree. With architecture ranging from medieval churches to the ultra-modern Metso Library and superb theatres you are in for some real treats. From the traditional sauna to a taste of black Finnish sausage, this is a city full of surprises.

Lappeenranta & Imatra Region

The holiday area of Lappeenranta and Imatra is located on the banks of Europe’s fourth largest lake, Saimaa. It has attracted tourists for centuries, among them Russian tsars. In winter, you can explore the beautiful nature on snowmobile safaris, snowshoe hikes and ski trips. The region offers hundreds of kilometres of ski trails. In summer, options range from boating to spending time at a cabin and going on a fishing trip. And don’t forget the four magnificent spas, whose luxury treatments will pamper and relax you! In addition to cultural and historical sights, there is a vast array of art exhibitions, events and concerts to choose from. Shopping in Lappeenranta and Imatra is fun and surprisingly affordable.


Helsinki, the modern and cosmopolitan capital of Finland situated on the Baltic Sea, is a city with over half a million residents. Helsinki offers lots to see, do and experience year round. Discover the maritime appeal, unique design and architecture attractions, exciting food culture, great shopping opportunities and over 3,000 lively events held each year. Feel the cultural influences from both the East and West, meet the friendly locals and enjoy the slow rhythm of urban Helsinki. Explore and be inspired:


Nîmes is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is also the city of spring, named after the Roman God Nemausus. In recent years Nîmes has been rediscovered as a weekend destination, thanks to in large part to its beauty, rich architectural heritage and proximity to both the Mediterranean and Provence. There are also many exciting restaurants in the city, including Aux Plaisirs des Halles by Nîmes’ large indoor food market.


Often called the 21st arrondissement of Paris, Deauville has been the go-to destination for the upper crust of French society for decades. Today it is a spectacular seaside resort town sporting grand promenades, glamorous casinos, a pair of thoroughbred horse racetracks and plenty of chic visitors.


Från Napoleon III till Frank Sinatra – alla semestrade de här. Biarritz var en gång Atlantkustens Monte Carlo och lyxhotellen och den exklusiva shoppingen finns kvar. Glamouren har dock tonats ner, men tack vare surfing och andra vattensporter har staden föryngrats igen. Biarritz är det perfekta resmålet för en avslappnande helg med delikat mat.


Located in the deep south of France, "Perpinyà," as they say in Catalan, is the capital of the Pyrénées Orientales. Perpignan’s geographical and cultural identity is turned naturally to Spanish Catalonia. It’s a border city, situated in an astonishing environment with one side on the Mediterranean coast and on the other side the highest mountains in the French Pyrenees. Perpignan is a busy place, at the crossroads of two countries, greatly influenced by the Mediterranean cultures and benefiting from 2500 hours of sun per year. No wonder that Salvador Dali saw it as the “Centre of the World”!


Located in South of France, Carcassonne is situated at the crossing of two major routes: from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast and from the heart of France to Spain, both used since antiquity. It’s a beautiful and diversified region but the city itself has enough to fulfil your curiosity. The medieval fortified Cité is a UNESCO world heritage site. No wonder that Carcassone is home to a unique historical and cultural past. If you add the local traditional dishes, the hospitality of its inhabitants and some of the best vineyards in the south of France, your stay will be a most memorable one!


Nestled in the corner of rural south-west France stands Pau, the capital of the Béarn region and bastion of history and culture. The town occupies a unique geographical position in the foothills of the Pyrenees. With its awe-inspiring views of the mountain range, Pau is only a few hundred kilometres from the major towns of Bourdeaux and Toulouse and even closer to Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. A springboard to sunny beaches, snow-capped mountains, Pau’s pretty streets and excellent gastronomy are enough to ensure leaving will be difficult.


Dinard, set on the dramatic coastline of Brittany in northern France, has long been a fashionable destination for holidaying French urbanites. Characterised by its long, and often wide, tree-lined boulevards that converge on elegant squares full of chic restaurants and creperies, the city juts out seawards and is, therefore, surrounded on three sides by beaches and the sea. For sailing, watersport and beach enthusiasts, it means that the coast is always within easy walking distance away.

La Rochelle

La Rochelle is more than just a seaport on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is an inevitable place visit on the coast as it is one of the largest French harbour cities in terms of business and tourism. But, with its 1,000 year history, it is also one of the best kept secrets in the region. You will be surprised by its architectural heritage, its unique atmosphere, the diversity of its museums and its eclectic nightlife. The area is quite warm thanks to the Gulf Stream and the insolation is remarkably high, on a par with the French Riviera!


Overlooking a river among green hills, Limoges has long been synonymous with the finest porcelain, while its tradition of enamelware goes back even further. Many sights and attractions are about that proud history. Those industries brought immense wealth to the town, reflected in many impressive medieval buildings built of local rose-tinted granite. The air of prosperity, style and joie de vivre continues today, with good shops and restaurants, plenty to do and always more to discover.


Located at the foot of the Massif Central and less than a two-hour drive from the Mediterranean, Rodez is the capital of the Aveyron Region. This picturesque region is one of the best kept secrets in France for foreigners, offering more attractions than you would expect. Rodez is surrounded by several villages-communities that contribute to the town as a tourist destination and that have great cultural and historical assets. While in Rodez you will enjoy city pleasures without leaving the countryside and vice versa. Just take your time since there is a lot to see in and around Rodez.


Brest is a modern, sophisticated city that revolves around its long length of coastline within one of the prettiest bays in northwest France. One of the country’s most historic ports has played an important role in military history over the years, but was sadly all but destroyed during the Second World War. The result is a restored city with new architecture, fashioned to an almost grid-like layout. For visitors, Brest offers a combination of great water sports, fine cuisine, beaches and a lively nautical feel.


Reims is one of France’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. It offers visitors an amazing choice of fine restaurants, brasseries and shops, lively nightlife, concerts, festivals and cultural events, and of course, world-famous Champagne houses to visit and sample the local nectar. With tree-lined avenues, elegant squares and a magnificent gothic style cathedral that played host to the coronation of several kings of France, Reims is a city for all occasions.


Välkommen till den mytomspunna "Ljusets stad" eller "Kärlekens stad." Paris är verkligen båda av dessa och har alltid ansetts som en av de mest romantiska städerna i världen. Oavsett om du är konstnär, affärsman eller turist, kan du njuta av långa promenader från Montmartre till Quartier Latin. Här kan du uppleva några av de finaste romerska och medeltida monumenten och förr eller senare kommer du antagligen hamna på ett kafé, stå på Pont Neuf-bron, eller utforska en second hand-butik i stadsdelen Marais.


With 2000 years of history, dozens of monuments, impressive medieval streets and beautiful boulevards, Poitiers boasts a rich and fascinating heritage. But the city has more to offer than just memories, everything from trendy cafés and cool bars to a lively student crowd keep it young and vibrant.


Grenoble är dörren till Alperna och en geografisk korsning där floderna Isère och Drac möts. Med Schweiz i norr, Italien i öster och Provence i söder är staden omgiven av tre bergskedjor. Detta är en kosmopolitisk stad med kaféer, museer och restauranger. Det bästa är att Alperna är synliga från praktiskt taget varje gathörn.


The bright, lively capital of the Loire Valley region straddles not one beautiful river, but two – the Loire and the Cher – with the picturesque Vieux Tours old quarter lying on the long narrow peninsula between them. Brilliant modern architecture contrasts with an array of historic buildings, and all over France the city is famed for fine food and wine. There’s a sense that this is the place to enjoy the good life. No wonder the writer Honoré de Balzac called it “a smiling city”.


Toulon is genuine Provence – the real thing. It’s not one of those garishly painted souvenir shops smelling of synthetic lavender that some other Riviera towns have turned into. In this place ordinary people live and think just as they have always done along this gorgeous stretch of coastline. There are wonderful smells of lavender and thyme in the market places. The difference is that this is the real Provence. Like the sea breeze.


Take all the good bits from Paris – the sophisticated café society, culture, shopping and add a vibrant arty student population – place the city in the south of France, just close enough to Spain to absorb elements of its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, then – if you add a wash of pink across this image – you’ll have Toulouse!

Clermont - Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand ligger vid foten av bergskedjan med åtta vulkaner och utgör huvudorten i Massif Central, den attraktiva Auvergne-regionen som erbjuder massor av friluftsaktiviteter. Staden är port till den stora vulkanparken och en omväxlande natur med berg, dalar, platåer och slätter. ”Clermont” som fransmännen säger, har ett stort historiskt, kulturellt och arkeologiskt arv och är också ett stort konstcentrum. Clermont-Ferrands historiska stadskärna är perfekt för att utforskas till fots.

Nice Côte d'Azur

Grekerna och romarna gjorde det, liksom rika lorder, filmstjärnor, konstnärer och tusentals turister. De skulle bara åka förbi, men blev kvar i Nice och längs Rivieran, några i veckor, andra i månader och år. Fångade av ljuset, hänryckta av dofterna och charmade av smaken från oliver, vin och saftiga grönsaker. Allt detta med tårna i ett turkosblått hav! Ovanpå det har ett Nice Nouveau vuxit fram: en kaxig Medelhavsmetropol med pulserande nattliv, nya vågade hotell och djärva konsthallar. Paradgatan, La Promenade des Anglais, är hela Rivierans Champs-Elsyées.


Bergerac is situated in the heart of the Périgord Dordogne region, on the west coast of France. The ancient city of Bergerac is compact in size and characterised by its elegant Renaissance buildings from medieval times. Gourmet restaurants, street entertainment and the fact that almost all of the city can be seen on foot is part of its charm. Bergerac is renowned for its wine, and a short trip to the outskirts of the city reveals a landscape of vineyards that produce some of the world’s finest vintages.


Marseille är den oupptäckta juvelen i den franska Medelhavskustens krona. De klippiga provensalska bergen sträcker ut sig över den gamla hamnen och tusentals båtar som ligger för ankare i det klarblå vattnet. Målare och andra konstnärer har alla blivit förförda av det soliga klimatet och stadens liv och rörelse. Frankrikes andra största stad har allt du kan önska dig - vackra stränder, gamla byggnader, blomstrande konst och ett varierande och dynamiskt nattliv. Välkommen till en stad som stoltserar med ett unikt kulturarv - Planète Mars.


Lyon brukar kallas gastronomins huvudstad. Länge var staden liktydig med såser och småborgerligt landsortskomplex. Men sedan kom snabbtåget TGV som binder ihop Lyon med Paris och Marseille. Fotbollslaget Olympique de Lyon började vinna ligaseger efter ligaseger. Ett nytt Lyon blev plötsligt fyllt av vågad arkitektur, brokiga kaféer och avantgardeutställningar.


Spännande historia, oslagbar vinkultur och gastronomi i världsklass får besökare att tala lyriskt om Bordeaux. Storaslagna och charmiga gågator i centrum gör staden attraktiv för shopping medan staden om kvällarna lockar med både opera, barer, shower och dans. Bordeaux är en stad att njuta i och av!

Paris - Disneyland - La Champagne

Paris – Disneyland - La Champagne - A unique destination with something for the entire family, all through the same airport! From the glamour of France’s capital whose mix of architecture, museums and shops along with the buzz of city life offers unrivalled charms, to the attractions at Disneyland® Paris with its world-famous characters, not forgetting the heritage and history of the Champagne area, with its wealth of remarkable nature spots and its prestigious sparkling wine famed the world over, visitors from all walks of life, whether old or young, will find something to enjoy here.


Närheten till Medelhavet, den vackra medeltida kärnan och ett vitalt uteliv (tack vare att en fjärdedel av befolkningen är studenter) har gjort Montpellier till en av Europas nya semesterdestinationer. För den som vill ha lite äventyr så ligger bergskedjan Cevennerna en timmas bilresa från staden.


Nantes ligger inbäddad längs den mäktiga Loirefloden och har ett rikt historiskt arv. Den var en central hamn för 1700-talets handel och även hemstad till den berömde författaren Jules Verne och till Anne från Bretagne. Stadens charmiga stenlagda gator, de gamla 1400-talshusen och dess imponerande slott och katedral påminner om dess storslagna förflutna. Men Nantes är mer än bara historia, den har även en livlig konstscen och en växande studentbefolkning som gör staden ung och fräsch.

Le Cap d'Agde

Cap d’Agde, det verkliga Sydfrankrike vid Medelhavets kust I södra Frankrikes Languedoc-region med sol under 300 dagar om året är Cap d’Agde en semesterort som har något för alla. Orten består av fyra skilda delar som kompletterar varandra: badorten Cap d’Agde, den historiska staden Agde och fiskebyarna Le Grau d’Agde och La Tamarissière. Med sitt läge på ett vulkaniskt område mellan Canal du Midi, flod och hav består Cap d’Agde av 3 hamnar, 14 kilometer av vilda eller uppbyggda sandstränder, en naturlig miljö med parker, pinjeskogar, marina skyddsområden, häpnadsväckande historiska monument och kulturarv, sportutrustning av hög klass och ständiga aktiviteter.

Rouen / Connelles

If you like food, art and architecture you will feel right at home in Rouen. You can find this historical capital right in the heart of Upper Normandy. Since being located on the banks of the beautiful Seine River, the French countryside and picturesque areas like Connelles and Val-de-Reuil can be found just around the corner. Walking through Rouen is like walking through history. This is truly a city with an abundance of lovely old buildings, markets and shops. Whether you are staying for long or just passing through, this town will certainly leave a lasting impression.


With the tiny rivers and narrow alleys, extraordinarly various architecture and the poetry which emerges from the magnificent historical centre, the Alsatian capital is simply delightful. A rich cuisine, a plentiful cultural life and a crossroads position in the heart of Europe are also plenty parts of this city. Both winter and summer, Strasbourg, which is classified as world heritage by the United Nations, is one of France’s most attractive and romantic destinations.


Corfu is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. It is the greenest of the Ionian Islands and probably also the best known. The island offers a beguiling landscape of wild flowers, cypress trees, olive trees and several seductively sandy beaches. Corfu also has a major vegetable garden which gives the fresh mountain air a pleasant scent. To the south of Corfu town is Moraitika and Messonghi which have beautiful scenery and beaches. However, the west coast of the island is the most attractive as that is the place where you will find some of the prettiest countryside around and it is also here that you will find the small coves with the sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs and trees. The north coast is more typical Greek with a rocky coastline where the crystal clear water has chopped into pebbled bays and coves.


Kos is one of the most popular islands in the Dodecanese. The island has a well-established tourist industry, which benefits visitors because the island is very organized. The locals are very friendly people and they have realized just how important tourism is for the island. Kos offers plenty of action in the summer, but goes rather quiet in the wintertime.


The Venetians – who owned it for 600 years – called it ’the Flower of the East.’ Zakynthos is still one of the lushest and loveliest Greek islands, with green hillsides covered with flowers in spring and early summer, white cliffs dropping to dazzling turquoise waters, and some of the best beaches in Greece. Even better, it claims to have more sun than any other Greek island – and it has sizzling nightlife to match.


Thessaloniki består av bysantinska kyrkor, romerska och muslimska byggnader, modern arkitektur, ett intensivt nattliv och otroligt vackra stränder. Greklands andra största stad blandar mer än 2 300 år av historia med allt som en modern europeisk stad har att erbjuda.


Athen är nog den huvudstad i Europa som under de senaste åren genomgått störst förändringar. Trots att Athen har blivit en modern världsstad finns mycket av småstadskänslan kvar. Här möter forntiden framtiden och de antika monumenten bildar en klassisk kuliss till ett nytt och mer trendigt Athen och det är just de stora kontrasterna som gör staden så spännande att utforska.


Rhodos, Medelhavets pärla som den brukar kallas, är en internationell ö, en blandning av unik vacker natur, arkeologisk rikedom, fantastiska stränder och ett intensivt nattliv. Det finns något för alla. Ungdomligt och familjvänligt, romantiskt och modernt. Det är därför Rhodos är ett av världens främsta turistmål.


Här blandas verklighet och mytologi, traditionellt och modernt. Denna fantastiska kombination gör Kreta till ett internationellt centrum och ett av de viktigaste turistmålen i Medelhavet. Kreta är Greklands största ö. Kulturen, den sköna naturen och klimatet, den varma sommarsolen, det svalkande vattnet och ett dynamiskt folk har gjort Kreta till ett av Greklands största och modernaste turistattraktioner.


Chania måste vara den vackraste hamnstaden i Grekland. Svalor svävar mot en klarblå himmel ovanför den underbart vackra venetianska hamnen. På kajerna trängs borden till uteserveringarna. Bakom hamnen slingrar sig de smala shoppinggränderna genom den stämningsfulla gamla staden. På båda sidor om staden sträcker sig långa sandstränder längs kusten.


2014 is Limerick’s time to shine. Why? Simple. This historic city, sitting pretty on the banks of the River Shannon, is Ireland’s first ever City of Culture. Limerick is a perfect fit to take up this mantle. This, after all, is where Frank McCourt set his novel, Angela’s Ashes. It’s a city peppered with galleries, lorded over by King John’s Castle and awash with elegantly crumbling Georgian architecture - but it also boasts a thriving street art scene, a lively festival schedule and a mouth-watering foodie crossroads in the Milk Market. No matter when you visit, you’ll be able to explore streets and galleries chocabloc with film, theatre, dance, literature and the visual arts. And there really is something for everyone to fall in love with…

River Shannon & Lakelands

Think of the Lakelands as a very pretty watery link. Along the 380 or so kilometres of curves, the river Shannon connects the lakelands region by winding through and between 12 counties — Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, Westmeath, Offaly, Tipperary, Galway, Clare, Limerick and Kerry — eventually meeting Fermanagh’s Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. Not bad for just one river.


Kerry is more than a mere county – it’s a Kingdom... Right out on the edge of Europe, where Ireland’s highest mountains dip down into the wild Atlantic Ocean, is the ancient Kingdom of Kerry. This is the furthest west you can go in all of Ireland. “Next parish, Manhattan” they say here. And it’s partly this far-flung feel – away from the rest of the world in Ireland’s beautiful South West corner – that makes it so appealing. There’s good food, fine pubs, easy banter and live music to be found right across Kerry in lively towns and tiny settlements. And while visitors may argue about their favourite towns, everyone genuflects to the perfection that is the Kerry landscape. It’s just drop-dead gorgeous.

Donegal & The North West

Wild and remote, untamed and exciting - welcome to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way Experience one of the wildest, most enchanting and culturally rich coastal touring routes in the world. Wherever you travel along the Wild Atlantic Way you'll find magic, adventure, history and beauty in abundance. Divided into five main sections each one offers you memories that will last a lifetime. And do you know what? You won’t even have seen the half of it. And it’ll call you back. Just you wait.

Waterford & The East

Waterford City, the oldest city in Ireland, is the perfect blend of ancient and modern. Its collection of pubs, gourmet restaurants and excellent shops and boutiques, co-exist with medieval city walls, quaintly cobbled back streets and the grandeur of historic buildings still standing proud after more than a thousand years. Waterford’s picturesque coastline, stretching the length of the county, is dotted with a string of lively towns including Tramore, Dunmore East and Dungarvan. Other coastal villages include Passage East, Stradbally and Ring, the centre of a thriving Irish speaking community.

Irish Islands

Ireland doesn't stop at its coastline or waterfront. In fact, the ends of the earth are only the beginning of the adventure – the springboard from which you cross the Atlantic Ocean to some of the country’s best-kept secrets. There’s no feeling quite like standing on an Irish island. Gazing out into the Atlantic blueness, sensing the salt on your tongue and the sea breeze on your cheeks, a visit to these outposts is an enlivening experience. Wild, rugged and beautiful - welcome to Ireland’s Islands

Galway & The West

A remarkable county with a truly unique atmosphere, Galway in the West of Ireland gets under your skin like no other place in the world. Dramatic, haunting and utterly wild, the craggy countryside at times looks unforgiving, at times rich with bursts of colour and dotted with tranquil, picture perfect lakes. The Gaeltacht area of County Galway offers an authentic insight into life through the Irish language, and the Aran Islands have a breathtaking beauty and an island atmosphere of their own. On top of all this, Galway’s got great beaches, soaring mountains, lovely villages, fabulous pubs and some of the friendliest people in Ireland.


Welcome to the “People’s Republic of Cork” - Ireland’s southernmost city. It’s a spirited, independent place, cosmopolitan and creative too. And that’s hardly surprising. For Cork is an ancient maritime port that’s spent centuries trading with – and being influenced by – the wider world. While it's hard to capture all the great things you can do during your trip to Cork, we have rounded up some highlights for 2014. In the downloadable guide, you’ll find snap shots of all the great things to see and do including some of Cork’s best kept secrets, its great bars and eateries and all the things you really shouldn't miss. Whatever time of the year you visit you are guaranteed fun and craic and we think you'll #LoveCork just as much as we do...


Kilkenny – a beautiful and ancient county where history, modern living and rich culture fuse together across an unspoiled landscape. The ancient medieval city of Kilkenny has protected its precious heritage whilst evolving as one of Ireland’s most vibrant and enjoyable cities in which to stay. Its narrow slipways, side streets and preserved buildings, are matched only by its reputation for fine dining, great shopping, entertainment and accommodation. The county itself has a wealth of fascinating visitor attractions, from the wonders of Dunmore Cave and celebrated monastic settlements such as Jerpoint Abbey, to the magnificently restored Kilkenny Castle or the Castlecomer Discovery Park. Kilkenny’s many pretty towns and villages such as Inistioge and Bennettsbridge have a relaxed atmosphere, and you will feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Dublin’s Doorstep

Experience Ireland’s East on Dublin’s Doorstep The counties of Kildare, Laois, Louth, Meath and Wicklow that surround Ireland’s capital city are packed with beautiful heritage sites, welcoming towns and activities. With glistening lakes, tranquil rivers, authentic rural life, scenic pastureland, rolling hills and forest parks, this area is a haven for outdoors enthusiasts with cycling, watersports, walking, angling, golfing, horseriding and cruising all in plentiful supply.


Céad Míle Fáilte – A hundred thousand welcomes to Ireland’s capital city from the team at Visit Dublin. We are delighted to bring you our guide to our fair city; the home of lively nightlife, stand-out culture, adrenaline-pumping action and much more. While it's hard to capture all the great things you can experience during your trip to Dublin; we have rounded up some highlights for 2014. In the downloadable guide, you’ll find snap shots of all the great things to see and do including some of Dublin’s best kept secrets, its great bars and eateries and all the things you really shouldn't miss. Whatever time of the year you visit you are guaranteed fun and craic and we think you'll #LoveDublin just as much as we do.


Think Reykjavík - Pure Energy! Visitors to Reykjavík always experience the pure energy at the heart of Iceland’s capital city -whether from the boiling thermal energy underground, the natural green energy within the city and around it, or the lively culture and fun-filled nightlife. The world’s northernmost capital is framed by the majestic Mount Esja, which keeps a watchful eye on the city, and the blue waters of Faxafloi Bay. On a sunny day, the mystical Snaefellsjokull glacier appears crystal-like on the western horizon, while mountainous moonscapes spread to the southeast. Reykjavík is a great place to visit, whether for some cultural nourishment, a spot of unbridled fun or to recharge your batteries. Think of the ideal city break and you’ll think of Reykjavík.


As the poet Umberto Saba wrote: “Trieste has an unsociable grace. Located between the sea and the mountains of Carso, beautiful and fascinating, she does not like to show off, although she conquers her visitor at first sight.” “Tergeste,” as Trieste was named during the Roman era, is to be discovered on foot, to fully taste her richness and to breathe, through her streets, buildings and monuments, her 2000-year-old history.


In the Alpine foothills, just 50 km from Milan, Bergamo is the most striking city in Lombardy. Structured in two levels, the lower city is more modern and dynamic, whilst the famous ‘upper city’ boasts a stunning historic centre full of monuments and works of art. In the area around the city the Iseo Lake is well worth a visit, as is the sanctuary at Caravaggio and Crespi d’Adda – the most important company town in Italy, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.


Pescara, the gateway to the rugged mountainous Abruzzo region, is framed by the snowy peaks of the Apennine Mountains. The land tumbles through the hilltop villages and down to the blue waters of the Adriatic Ocean. In the town of Pescara itself, the long ten-mile stretches of wide, clean and sandy beaches and superb food and wine, offer many inviting opportunities to its visitors. These are the perfect conditions for a relaxing break for families, or as a restful prelude before venturing into the mountains or hiking through the region’s many national parks.


Perugia is the provincial capital of Umbria, one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. The ancient heart of the city, packed full of Etruscan and Roman monuments, perches on a hilltop with the modern city spread below. With a prestigious university, the city has a lively student population, good shopping, fun bars and great restaurants. If that weren't enough, Perugia is the setting for one of Europe’s best jazz festivals: Umbria Jazz.


When you hear of Parma you probably think of ham, parmesan cheese and Verdi. These three words truly encapsulate Parma, a city associated both in Italy and abroad with savoir faire and the good life. The capital of the Duchy of Parma for centuries, the city boasts a series of magnificent art works and a splendid historic city centre, packed with beautiful civil and religious buildings.


Brindisi is the gateway to an Italian province packed with fascination and the relics of vanished civilization. This cultural inheritance ranges from the relics of ancient Roman highways. Here you can find Gothic and Baroque churches, cathedrals, frowning battlements of Swabian castles and fortresses which are dated back to the 13th century, reign of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II.


As the capital of a rich and historic region, Ancona is above all, a city of the sea. The city is blessed with a magnificent coastline to the south, with clean and accessible water and unspoilt white beaches. Close by are the beautiful towns of Loreto, Recanati, Jesi and Urbino as well as the rolling hills of the hinterland and the world-famous grotto of Frasassi.


Brescia is Lombardy’s second biggest city, a university town with a modern business satellite – Brescia Due – it is prosperous and lively. Located between two of Italy’s most famous lakes, Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, Brescia is often overlooked by visitors who bypass the city itself and head straight to the undeniably beautiful lakes. A great pity, as Brescia has one of the most beautiful historic centres in the region, and some of the best Roman and Lombard remains in northern Italy.


Genova, ’la Superba,’ is a city that makes a profound impression. Sandwiched between the sea and the Ligurian hills, Genova spreads upwards from the port, a jumble of a city with a long and chequered history. The European Capital of Culture in 2004, Genova has dozens of museums and galleries, a renowned theatre, and the largest aquarium in Europe. The city has good shopping, the best nightlife in Liguria and excellent restaurants. Day excursions along the stunning Ligurian coast are highly recommended.


Cuneo is the capital of the third largest provincial area in Italy, which also is home to some of the best Italian wines. It is located in the region of Piedmont and the surroundings are known for the beautiful variety of landscapes found here such as valleys, rivers, plains and hills - perfect conditions to produce some of the best wines in the world. The town boasts different architectural landmarks and cultural monuments and the area is perfect to marvel at the scenic views of the Stura di Demonte Rivers and the Maritime Alps. If you are looking for an adventure, Cuneo is also famous for its excursions, skiing and mountaineering.


Milano handlar om design och haute couture och utbudet av butiker och trendiga barer känns ibland oändligt. Men här finns också Domen, da Vincis ”Nattvarden” och de enkla kvarterskrogarna där man fortfarande långlunchar på ossobuco och risotto alla milanese.


Att italienarna själva väljer att semestra i Rimini måste vara det bästa betyget. Rimini ligger vid Adriatiska havet och är en sofistikerad, stilfull stad som är känd för sin glada inställning till livet. Rimini är en stad som passar alla!


Palermo is a hidden gem! After years of mafia rule and poverty, the city has reclaimed its place among Europe’s cultural cities. Palermo is full of sights and treasures, from Baroque churches to modern Sicilian restaurants.


I Turin är maten god och drycken ännu bättre. Under arkaderna i centrum ligger otaliga vinbarer, storslagna kontinentala kaféer och överdådiga shoppinggator. Turin är känt för Fiat, Juventus och italiensk film - den här staden är en fascinerande metropol där framtiden skapas!

Lamezia Terme

Lamezia Terme grundades år 1968 då tre olika samhällen i Catanzaro provinsen slogs samman till ett och blev därmed centralorten i Catanzaro, som är känt för sitt vackra natur- och kulturlandskap. Staden ligger mellan klipporna vid Tyrrenska havet och sanddynerna vid Joniska havet, strax söder om bergsmassivet Sila.


Verona is world famous for its magnificent Arena and its association with Shakespeare’s love story, "Romeo and Juliet." The city is one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy, and a UNESCO world heritage site.


Florens är den vackra huvudstaden i regionen Toscana, och en av de mest populära turistdestinationerna i Italien. Staden är utsedd av UNESCO som ett världsarv, och när man går på dess historiska kullerstensgator är det lätt att förstå varför. Florens som ligger inbäddad mellan omgivande kullar, inhyser några av världens mest berömda konstverk och hela stadskärnan är fylld av storslagna palats, kyrkor och monument. Den omgivande landsbygden är välkänt för sina gröna kullar och sitt vin, framför allt Chianti-regionen mellan Siena och Florens.


The narrow, cobbled streets of Alghero’s medieval citadel, packed with boutiques, bars and restaurants, slope towards the harbour and sweeping bay. Built in a buttery sandstone that glows a soft apricot shade in the setting sun, it’s Sardinia’s most picturesque Old Town. Spanish-style palazzos and street signs in Italian and Catalan reflect its proud heritage - 300 years of Aragon rule. Fringed by pine forests, long sandy beaches, hotels and bars curve away towards green headlands. It’s an idyllic setting.


Neapel, med sina nära en miljon invånare är Italiens tredje största stad. Staden har ett spektakulärt läge med den berömda utsikten över Neapelbukten och de fantastiska öarna Capri, Ischia och Procida. I bakgrunden höjer sig den stora vulkanen Vesuvius över staden. Vulkanen hade ett våldsamt utbrott år 79 f.Kr. då städerna Pompeji och Ercolano begravdes i lava. I dag har städerna grävts fram och bär vittne om Romarrikets storhetstid.


Bologna är huvudstad i provinsen Emilia Romagna och är känd för sin konst, sitt universitet och sitt förstklassiga kök. Här arrangeras många internationella mässor och stan är också känd för sin bilindustri. Ducati, Lamborghini och Maserati har alla sina rötter i Bologna och Ferraris huvudkontor ligger i grannstaden Modena.


Catania är den näst största staden på Sicilien och inramas av vulkanen Etna i väster och det vackra Medelhavet i öster. Det är en livlig stad med barer, caféer, tutande bilar och smala gator. Besökare kan dra sig tillbaka till det svalare klimatet i de omgivande små bergsbyarna eller tar sig en väldoftande simtur i havet.


Olbia is the gateway to the beautiful pearly white beaches of the northeast coast and the glittering Costa Smeralda. This is where jetsetters, film setters and the ‘glitterati’ arrive to indulge in la dolce vita Sardinian-style. Despite its Greek name meaning ‘happy’, Olbia’s origins were Phoenician before the town became a Roman trading post. Olbia used to be a little fishing village but has now grown to become Sardinia’s busiest ferry port, complete with an International airport. The countryside is cloaked in aromatic wild herbs, the macchia, and the surrounding sea sparkles in every hue of electric blue.


The narrow and often steep granite paved streets of Cagliari’s Castello District suggest a bygone age when the town was dominated at first by Pisans, and later by the Aragonese. Built from white limestone, the walls and towers of the old town shimmer in the sun and are a magnificent sight, especially if you are fortunate and approach from the sea, like the English novelist, D.H. Lawrence, in 1921, when he described the old town as looking like "Jerusalem without trees."

Torino Ski Region

“El diau, el diau!” “The devil! The devil!” It was in 1897 when mountain people from Sauze d’Oulx witnessed a red-faced man with a long white beard descending from the slopes, with long wooden skis attached to his feet. He was a Swiss engineer, Adolf Kind, and the wooden skis were the first seen in Italy. Today there are more than a hundred ski-lifts and 1,500 km of slopes for all levels – as well as alpine skiing, sledges and huskies, telemark skiing and the snowboarding. For those with more extreme tastes the zone also caters to ice climbing, free-riding and other similar sports.

Bergamo Ski Region

Val Brembana takes its name from the river crossing it, Brembo. The Bergamo Alps constitute its northern limits, notably by the Tre Signori and Diavolo di Tenda Peaks, while at south lies the plain of Bergamo. At East the valley borders with the Valle Seriana and at West with the Valle Imagna. Valle Seriana area includes the Orobie Alps, the Presolana Peak, the Formico Peak and the Val Vertova. The natural landscape is enriched by the historical and cultural elements such as trails, manors and noble house, mines and religious sancturies. The Valle di Scalve, offers a landscape with several little glacial lakes, naturalistic trails and kilometres of snow-covered ski tracks.


Trapani is not only one of the most romantic places in Sicily, but in the whole of the Mediterranean. It is characterised by long stretches of coast and coastal plains, lavish monuments and palaces, ancient sites, windmills, islands, quaint provincial towns and a countryside that beg to be explored. By night, the region should be enjoyed over a glass of chilled wine and fine food in a beachside restaurant—ideally facing west so as to see some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe.


Den eviga staden har lockat besökare till sig i över 2 000 år och är fortfarande en av de mest storslagna och romantiska städerna i världen. Här finns grandiosa attraktioner sida vid sida med livligt kvartersliv. Det ljuva livet koncentrerat – det är bara att plocka ut russinen ur kakan. Italiensk designershopping, krämig glass, skummande cappuccino och utsökta viner är bara några av dem!


Pisa ligger i nordvästra Toscana, bara 80 km från Florens, 10 km från Lucca och 10 km från havet. Staden är i hög grad förknippad med det lutande tornet. Men Pisa har också ett världskulturarv med hela komplexet Piazza dei Miracoli och sin medeltida stadskärna, en mängd arkitektoniska mästerverk och medeltida historia. Trakten runt Pisa är också utmärkt för bondgårdssemestrar, vandring, strandliv och vattensporter på Versiliakusten.


Ingen stad är som Venedig. Här finns 180 kanaler, 450 broar och magnifika palats. Det är en stad rik på museer och historiska byggnader av stor konstnärlig och kulturell betydelse. Lägg därtill känslan av förgänglighet och ett stilla kvartersliv bortom turiststråken, och skönhetsupplevelsen är total.


Bari är huvudstad i regionen Apulien och den andra största staden i södra Italien. Staden är en typisk hamn- och handelsstad. Den industrialiserades under den senare hälften av 1900-talet och hyser nu en viktig handelsmässa som är den största i södra Italien. Turister kommer till Bari dels för de historiska byggnaderna, konstverken och den fascinerande stadskärnan, dels för stränderna som omger staden.


Opatija, often called the queen of the Adriatic, is one of Croatia's most famous destinations, boasting a tradition of welcoming visitors dating back more than 160 years. Located at the edge of the Mediterranean, on the slopes of Mount Učka gently descending towards the coast of Kvarner Bay, Opatija with its local climate, beautiful architecture, quality hotels and luxurious, well-tended parks and promenades, offers plenty of possibilities for a pleasant stay throughout the year. Get to know Opatija, and let Opatija get to know you!


Människorna i Split hävdar att deras stad är "den vackraste i hela världen och universum", och detta kommer de att försöka övertyga även dig om. Staden är full av liv och den vänliga lokalbefolkningen i Split välkommnar turister med öppna armar. Det är inte många städer i världen som kan erbjuda ett sådant rikt utbud av nöjen och utflykter i sin närmaste omgivning.


Tucked in a sheltered bay off the Adriatic Sea on the west coast of Croatia, Rijeka revolves around its university and its sailing. Yachts can usually be seen in its waters, and its regatta, along with its carnival, is the largest in Croatia. A town of large squares, lavish period architecture and churches is also a thriving free port town and home to numerous highly regarded art galleries, exhibition halls and stylish restaurants. Its historically important Trsat castle hosts cultural events throughout the year.


Staden Dubrovnik är full av liv året runt. Den otroligt vackra Gamla stan med sina marmorgator är unik. Det är alltid fullt med folk på torgen, de små bakgatorna, kaféerna och barerna. Rena stränder och kristallklart vattnen runt stadens murar är en fantastisk upplevelse året runt.


Jewel of the verdant peninsula of Istria, Pula is the province’s largest city and forms a dramatic gateway to the seductive, crystalline waters of the Adriatic. Situated at the southernmost tip of the area, which has come to be known as ’the new Tuscany’ for its bright medieval hilltop towns and ancient ruins, Pula boasts a rich and varied cultural heritage. The city is bordered by national parks remarkable for their astounding unspoilt natural beauty and is celebrated for its wonderfully preserved Roman amphitheatre and forum, which form a dramatic backdrop for leisurely strolls from the old town to the coast.


Almost entirely surrounded by the warm waters of the Adriatic, the peninsula that is Zadar city centre, along with the 'mainland’ area, may not be large, but it is bursting with personality. A thoroughly cosmopolitan space, it is full of rich architecture despite its turbulent past, and offers some of the best sailing around the Zadar archipelago and along the western coast of Croatia’s Dalmatia region. Its sunsets are legendary too, making it the perfect place to unwind for romantics, young and old. The nearby town of Biograd na Moru is a well-known tourist and particularly nautical centre. The city has grown to a size suitable for living, surrounded by modern marinas and a waterfront from which an unforgettable view extends over one of the most picturesque channels – the Pašman Channel with scattered islets.


Riga greets visitors with a unique and breath-taking silhouette, beautifully reflected in the Baltic Sea. A stroll through the city centre offers a charmingly confusing mix of a modern metropolitan city, with exclusive shopping, crazy nightlife, international cuisine and ancient traditions in a capital that has been multi-cultural throughout its 800-year history. And all this in a city worth getting lost in.


Formerly the capital of Lithuania, Kaunas impresses today’s visitor. The city welcomes the visitor with statues of freedom fighters, poets, and grand dukes. The city's heroic past is present in the remnants of a castle. The fact that Kaunas was Lithuania's capital during the 1920s and 1930s has left the city with many architectural gems of that period. Many universities make Kaunas a city that is pulsing with the energy of youth. Now, clearly looking to the future, it has a vibrant, welcoming vision ready to share its once hidden charms and designed to meet every visitor’s needs. So, do come and visit Kaunas--you will find more than you expected.


Today, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the most frequently visited cities of Eastern Europe. It draws attention, not only because of its unique architectural character, but also because of its cultural events and attractions. During the first ten years of independence, the city became a tourist attraction centre. It is, therefore, not surprising that the number of tourists consistently increased during these ten years and that the tourist infrastructure and services developed at the same time.


Skopje är runt om i världen känt som Moder Teresas födelseplats, och hon skulle vara stolt över det trevliga, gästvänliga bemötande som Skopjeborna visar sina besökare. Skopje har blommat upp och blivit en livlig stad och ett spännande turistmål. De tidigare oroligheterna på Balkan är idag ett minne blott.


På Malta skiner solen i princip hela året om och de kan ståta med några av de skönaste temperaturerna i världen. Lägg till de fantastiska stränderna och den fantastiska medelhavsmaten och det bör inte vara någon annan destination som kan mäta sig med Malta. Varför inte prova en ny sport, lata dig på en kryssning mellan öarna eller utforska de viktiga historiska platserna? Valet är helt upp till dig! Tillsammans med sin andra öar, strandliv och nattliv, är Malta ett underbart resmål att besöka.


Home of cultural centres, art galleries, theatres, chic designer shops, fine restaurants and carnivals, Maastricht is a bustling city with a larger than life exuberance. A visit will invigorate the soul. Thoroughly cosmopolitan and a fortified university city lying alongside the great Maas river in south Holland, it offers visitors a great lifestyle, if only for a few days. Take the chance to take canal trips, walk, visit attractions and admire its beautiful old buildings that line the historic sculpture-strewn streets in its heart that blend surprisingly well with the architectural whims of more modern planners in areas such as around the harbour.


The time has come to experience the country’s second biggest city. Famous for its status as one of the largest ports in the world, Rotterdam is also a vibrant metropolis and a cultural and economic hotspot with a lot to offer. Enjoy great events, splendid shopping, a wild nightlife and exciting modern architectural delights.


Med sina karaktäristiska kanaler (UNESCO världsarv) omgivna av smala, låga och sneda 17-talshus, är Amsterdam utan tvekan en av de charmigaste huvudstäderna i Europa. Med ett rikt kulturliv och ett brett utbud av underhållning, är Amsterdam en fullskalig stad som har lyckats behålla sin småstadskänsla. Amsterdam är också en riktig höjdare för konstälskare, staden är hem för över 50 museer, många av dem kända över hela världen. Bland höjdpunkterna finns Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum och Stedelijk Museum. Det finns mycket mer att uppleva och utforska även för de besökare som redan har sett de vackra kanalerna, upptäckt Jordaan och introducerats till vårt aldrig sinande nattliv. Amsterdam Metropolitan Area erbjuder ett stort utbud av överraskande och ovanliga sevärdheter och landskap.


The future is bright for the city of light. Eindhoven is Netherlands’ fifth largest city, and it’s a modern metropolis built up around a famous light bulb and lamp manufactory. Aside from being a buzzing business hub, it’s a great weekend break destination with pedestrian streets packed with shopping, eating and drinking possibilities. Hire a bike and join the hundreds of cyclists who explore this green, accessible city on two wheels. Culture vultures head for the Van Abbemuseum with one of the top ten modern art collections in the world. Combine this with a successful football team and a wacky conference centre situated in a flying saucer and you’ll find that Eindhoven really has something for everyone.


The small town of Haugesund offers a broad spectrum of natural beauty ranging from a vast and wild coastline to snow-capped mountains with cascading waterfalls flowing into the fjords. The town’s biggest claim to fame is that the father of Norma Jean Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe, originally came from Haugesund.


Oslo är en av de rikaste städerna i Europa tack vare Norges blomstrande oljeindustri. Detta syns på de glastäckta skyskraporna, den nya tunnelbanan och naturligtvis en mängd trendiga restauranger, barer och butiker. Denna vackra stad som ständigt växer och utvecklas är belägen vid Oslofjorden.


Rzeszów is a town retaining links with its medieval past, whilst looking towards the future. Rzeszów is boldly emerging from behind the Iron Curtain to claim its place on the European stage. With such rich historical roots, the vibrancy of a modern student city combined with the surrounding Carpathian Mountains, Rzsezów’s charms will surprise even the most worldly-wise of travellers.


Have you ever had occasion to fall in love with a city? If not, Poznan will take your heart with its unique treasures, which stand dreamily watching their own reflections in the fast flowing Warta River. Here, history and tradition interweave with modernity offering you everything from bustling tourist attractions to idyllic hideaways. The city is perfect for romantic getaways. Even if you walk the cobbled streets alone, you will be swept away by the magic that has given Poznan a reputation for being Poland’s most popular small-big city.


With a charming old town and a setting on the banks of the Brda and the Vistula Rivers, Bydgoszcz cannot fail to amaze you. Fascinating museums are housed in beautiful architecture and scattered throughout the city. But above all else, Bydgoszcz is all about music. Here you can enjoy the opera or any of the countless music festivals.


Lodz, Poland’s third largest city and the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, a city of culture and grand events. It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of the 20th century office buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings. Lodz is perfect for anyone wanting to get a glimpse of exciting, modern Poland.


Warszawa har kommit långt sedan den nästan fullständiga förstörelsen under andra världskriget. Denna livliga och pulserande stad har sakta trätt fram som Östeuropas nya kulturcentrum och utgör navet för det moderna Polen. Medan glänsande skyskrapor, nya restauranger och läckra nattklubbar växer fram, är Warszawas många historiska byggnader en påminnelse om stadens praktfulla historia.


Wrocław is one of the prettiest and liveliest cities in Poland. Multicultural, it has an important university, a vast array of restaurants and bars, designer shops, theatre and musical events. The Odra River and dozens of little canals that meander through its tree-lined streets with their tall, multi-coloured buildings set the scene. In fact, Wrocław is made up of no less than 12 islands, joined by over 100 bridges, and simply begs to be explored.


Once a busy sea port, Gdansk has more to offer than just 1000-year-old history. Come to this young, vibrant city for some of the best seafood in the country, exquisite shopping and exciting sights. Walk the beautiful old streets during the day, potter around boutiques and buy some famous Baltic amber, and then let your hair down for a long night of fun, fun, fun!


Szczecin is an energetic city where the River Odra eventually flows into the Baltic Sea. Today it is the capital of a new province, Western Pomeranian, which has suffered a turbulent history and now looks to an enlightened and cultural revival. A focal point is that it has managed to preserve its unique character and charm since its recent reform. Szczecin is now awakening to its full potential at an ever increasing pace. You will really feel inspired as you explore this enthralling city.


Denna medeltidsstad ser ut som om den vore tagen ur en sagobok, med sitt livliga torg, spiralformade Gotiska torn, slott och legender om drakar. Utforska de smala bakgatorna, gömda innergårdarna och nätverket av underjordiska tunnlar och valv. Kärleken till musik, poesi och teater har gjort staden till Polens kulturhuvudstad. Efter flera år av ockupation och kamp har Krakow trätt fram som en stolt stad med en stark identitetskänsla och har ändå behållit sin konstnärliga och nöjesälskande själ.

The Azores

With their blue lakes bordered by flowers, dazzling views of the sea from high in the hills, and lush green landscapes of ancient volcanic craters – the nine islands of the Azores, situated in the middle of the Atlantic, just 4 hours from Boston and 2 hours from Lisbon by plane, are a paradise for nature-lovers. Choose a holiday on these beautiful islands and you’ll rediscover the peace of the countryside in a stunning and unspoilt natural environment.


With an exceptional natural beauty, mild climate throughout the year, friendly population and a top-quality hotel network, Madeira and Porto Santo are the perfect Islands for those seeking stress-free holidays. Here you can enjoy your holiday on the beach or at sea, in the mountains, countryside or in the city.


Under medeltiden betraktades staden som utkanten av den då enda kända världen. Den flitige staden Porto klamrade sig fast vid sidan av Portugal och såg ut över den ändlösa Atlanten innan äventyrare riskerade allt för att ta sig till den nya världen. Ett halvt årtusende har gått sedan dess men Porto har behållit mycket av sin robusta, äventyrliga och beslutsamma anda. Klyschan att Lissabon visar upp sig och Porto arbetar är en sliten metafor som misslyckas med att fullt ut göra rättvisa åt dess verkliga charm. Med bilder av en tidigare livsstil dolda i varje gränd är Porto en plats som är fast besluten att hålla fast vid sin egen distinkta identitet.


Lissabon solar sig i reflexerna från Tejofloden och förför snabbt de flesta besökare. Blandningen av historia och samtid, av småstad och metropol, av det bedagade och det skinande nya, är oemotståndlig. Lägg till utmärkt shopping, ett sent men säkert nattliv och krogar med Europas godaste fisk så har du staden i ett nötskal.

Faro - Algarve

Många säger att Faro – Algarveregionens huvudstad – ligger på Europas vackraste kuststräcka. Här sträcker sig långa sandstränder, inramade av klippmassiv, åt båda håll. Faro är en charmig gammal stad med kullerstensgator och lummiga parker. Läget mitt i Algarve gör dessutom Faro till en perfekt utgångspunkt för rundresor. Besök Faro och lär känna denna vackra, kosmopolitiska stad som vibrerar året om!


Staden ligger på gränsen till Ungern och Serbien och utgör porten till väster. Det gör att man har en lång historia av en kosmopolitisk och mångkulturell tillvaro. I dag är Timişoara mest känt för att det var här som 1989 års rumänska revolution startade, vilken innebar slutet för Ceausescu-diktaturen.


Bukarest är utan tvekan Europas bäst bevarade hemlighet. Restauranger, barer, konstgallerier och museum poppar nu upp i så gott som varje nyrenoverat kvarter. Turister har nu börjat upptäcka denna lilla pärla och utforska Bukarest gömda skatter. Välkommen till Bukarest - en välkomnande och livlig stad.

St Petersburg

Rysslands kulturella huvudstad S:t Petersburg beskrivs ofta som den mest västerländska staden i landet. Husväggarna riktigt dryper av historia och färgerna, storleken och storslagenheten hos byggnaderna blir nästan för mycket att ta in. Peter den Stores "fönster mot Europa", som såg revolutionen som förändrade världen, håller på att återfå sin kejserliga lyx. Stadens historiska centrum och stora palats, häpnadsväckande museer och fantastiska kyrkor, musik, konst och litteratur utgör dess själ - och festandet en egen livsstil.


Moskva är kontrasternas stad, här finns både det bohemiskt enkla och det glittrande glamourösa. Bli inte förvånad om du ser en guldbeklädd kyrka från 1500-talet bredvid en glasbyggnad från 1990-talet. Här sköljs salt kaviar ner med söt "shampanskoye". Vad representerar denna anda bättre än Moskvas tunnelbana? För några få rubel kan du resa mellan stationer prydda av kristallkronor och marmor.


Klosters offer snow-capped mountains, bright blue skies, crisp fresh air along with a peaceful and scenic getaway from the buzz of city life. With the various activities on offer such as horse drawn sleigh rides, snowboarding, curling, ice hockey, ice skating, paragliding, an 8.5 km sledding route and top class restaurants, you will be hard pushed to run out of things to do. With its close proximity to Italy and Switzerland, it offers some of the best skiing in Tyrol. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and have a great vacation.


Welcome to Basel! It is not easy to describe Basel in a few words. Descriptions for example such as “cultural city of Switzerland” or “university town” are merely an attempt to give some sort of impression of the wealth of culture, history, relaxation and enjoyment to be found in the city. Whether it is a visit to one of the numerous museums, a dip in the Rhine or an evening at the theatre, allow yourself to be inspired by the joys that await you in Basel. We hope you have a fantastic time here in Basel.


Genève ligger som en glittrande juvel intill Genèvesjön. Allt här andas kvalité, elegans och kosmopolitiskt liv. Staden bubblar av beresta människor, utmärkta restauranger, exklusiva butiker, vackra parker, kulturliv och intressanta muséer. Dessutom är Genève rent geografiskt behändigt litet: man kan flanera genom staden på en timme och lätt göra små dagsutflykter till idylliska omgivningar.


Den charmiga världsstaden Zürich är Schweiz affärscentrum och erbjuder hög livskvalitet. Zürich är känt för sitt fantastiska shoppingutbud längs den världsberömda Bahnhofstrasse, och staden erbjuder även en stor mängd fritidsaktiviteter. Ett stort antal förstklassiga restauranger skämmer bort matälskare med alla typer av gastronomiska njutningar. När solen gått ned hittar du cirka 500 barer och nattklubbar med ett brett nöjesutbud. Zürich är också den perfekta utgångspunkten för olika utflykter till exempelvis Rhenfallen, chokladfabriker och glaciären på Titlis.


As one of Europe’s oldest cities, located at the crossroads of the East and West, the capital of Serbia is an incredibly rich mosaic of different cultures, influences and styles with a mysterious and exotic atmosphere. European but with oriental influences, Belgrade is a great weekend break, with tons of interesting sights and attractions, splendid architecture, a fast-paced nightlife, great and affordable shopping, as well as a thriving cultural scene.


Den vackra slovakiska huvudstaden vid Donau håller snabbt på att bli en innestad i Europa. Bratislava genomgår en anmärkningsvärd omvandling från pittoresk vykortsstad till självmedveten stil- och kulturmetropol. Fina restauranger, chica klubbar och en cool, kosmopolitisk stämning existerar sida vid sida med stadens berömda barockpalats, välskötta trädgårdar och klassiska kaféer.


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the nexus of Europe. Namely, the unique character of Ljubljana is made up of the influences of various cultures, while its distinctive image is the result of a diverse and alluring history. Ljubljana is a picturesque city of romantic bridges, co-existing in harmony with its own river; a city with an exquisite architecture, full of vibrant cultural creativity. It is also the junction of different culinary regions and modern techniques guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Ljubljana’s ancient centre at the foot of the hill, overlooked by Ljubljana Castle, is relatively small and easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. The lush vegetation surrounding the city guarantees plenty of outdoor hiking, cycling and recreational opportunities.


Santander is famous for its fabulous beaches and its elegant holidaymakers: King Alfonso XIII used to spend his summers here nearly a hundred years ago, and the town is still popular among fashionable madrileños who like to be seen sauntering along the El Sardinero seafront with its belle époque architecture. When the sun goes down and the bikinis are cast off, the town also has some great restaurants and a lively bar scene. It’s also a good place from which to explore the pristine countryside of Cantabria.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela has been a culture and university centre for centuries, most famous for being the end destination of a thousand-year-old pilgrim voyage: El Camino de Santiago, also called the Way of Saint James. Being the capital of the Galician region in northwestern Spain, its everyday life is modern and chic. Awarded as a UNESCO world heritage city in 1985, Santiago de Compostela is an historical gem surrounded by lush nature.


Asturias (Oviedo) is the gateway to a region of stunning scenery, splendid beaches, unspoilt nature and a rich architectural, industrial and cultural heritage. The region’s beaches are uncrowned and inland there are lively cities and areas of great natural beauty.


Girona is the perfect example of a Catalan city. Moreover, it’s a place where ancient grandeur blends in with the region’s contemporary style. This is a thoroughly modern city with a large student population, a thriving art scene, hip bars and chic shops. It is no wonder that for years running, Girona has been voted the best place to live in Spain.

Gran Canaria

Om du gillar milt klimat, massor av sevärdheter och omväxlande landskap kan miniatyrkontinenten Kanarieöarna vara helt rätt för dig. Geografiskt afrikanskt, politiskt spanskt och kulturellt blandat, Gran Canaria är en smältdegel av smaker och influenser. Allt sedan de ursprungliga grottmänniskorna strövade genom de palmbevuxna dalarna och de brusande stränderna har inkräktare försökt hävda sin rätt till landet – och de hade goda skäl till det.


Alicante ligger vid Medelhavskusten och överraskar besökarna med en livlig blandning av spansk kultur, arkitektur, historia och invånarnas livsstil. Med drygt 3 000 års historia, tydligt märkbar i lämningarna efter olika civilisationer, erbjuder huvudstaden på Costa Blanca skiftande landskap och stora kontraster. Stadens fina sandstränder är avkopplande för kropp och själ. Stränderna hör till de bästa i Spanien och det gynnsamma klimatet året runt och stadens praktiska storlek gör Alicante till en perfekt semesterdestination.


If any one town can be considered to be, or to have been for many decades, a reference of tourism and leisure at every level, not just in Spain but throughout Europe, that place must surely be Benidorm. This is not only because the town was planned and designed with its visitors enjoyment in mind, has friendly people and a wonderful Mediterranean climate that ensures magnificent holidays all year round but also because, together with its beautiful natural surroundings and glorious beaches, it offers a wide range of accommodation, leisure facilities, services and restaurants that make it the ideal place in which to enjoy holidays or to celebrate any kind of meetings and incentives events.


De flesta kommer förstås till Teneriffa för att sola, bada, äta gott och ta hand om sig själva. Men det som får människor att återvända - år efter år - är öns unika variationsrikedom. Teneriffa är långt mer än sina stränder. Här möter du gungande folkfester och befriande enslighet. Här samsas glittrande snö med glödande lava. För besökaren finns något nytt att upptäcka varje dag.


Jerez är omgivet av vinodlingar och har mer än 30 bodegor - vinkällare - som ägnar sig åt att framställa sherry och brandy. Så det är inte konstigt om du tror att det är detta som främst präglar Jerez. Men den här aristokratiska staden med sin gamla stadskärna, ovanliga museum, ett stämningsfullt zigenarkvarter och en del exempel på förstklassig arkitektur är också flamencons vagga, hemstad för de magnifika dansande andalusiska hästarna, motorcykelsportens huvudstad – och förstås också berömd för sin tjurfäktning.

La Coruna

La Coruna is a busy and attractive city at the very tip of Galicia. This is a perfect place to enjoy a gentle stroll around the streets and avenues, where it is possible to discover Roman architecture as well as more modern innovative buildings. The atmosphere in the many magnificent town squares is excellent and full of the joy of life on a hot summer’s day. Outside the town centre the beaches, the marina, the fishing port and the commercial port still play a very important role for the people of La Coruna.


The impressive, enchanting shadow of the Alhambra casts a magical spell upon all who pass through Granada. This is a city of legends created by gypsies and pirates, played out in the warren of the Alyayzin, and in the inescapable presence of the ancient Moorish castle, the famous Alhambra. The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide an impressive backdrop and add to the enchanting feel of this miraculous place.


There is one reason, and one reason alone, why the Canary Islands’ second largest sibling attracts so many visitors – the beaches. Whether you like your beach life slow and sedentary or quick and crazy, Fuerteventura caters for all. With the most glorious swathes of gold in the archipelago – some would say in the whole of southern Europe – the island is a Mecca to both sun worshippers and water sports professionals alike.


While the majority of holidaymakers flock to the more publicity-prone islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, Minorca attracts those who want the best of the Balearics, but without the crowds. The stunning coves with white sand beaches are enough of a draw by themselves, but the history, countryside and tranquillity of this quieter isle all add to its charm.


Den baskiska staden Bilbao är en fascinerande storstad och är idag ett centrum för design och mat. Här finns bland annat Spaniens största saluhall. Bilbao har en unik stil och energi, och här finns en av världens mest imponerande byggnader: Guggenheim-museet. Staden kan även stoltsera med en egen identitet samt Europas äldsta och mest gåtfulla språk. Bilbao representerar både det traditionella och det nya Spanien.


Valladolid oozes history from every ancient stone. King Felipe II was born here, the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel married here and Christopher Columbus died here. This was once the capital of Spain, but is now the principal city of Castilla y Leon, the land of castles from which the word ‘Castilian’ derives. Today, Valladolid is a bustling university city that thrives on its manufacturing industries. It is a down-to-earth, lively place that energetically blends old with new.


Mallorca har ömsat skinn – från charterö till njutningsö. Skatter från otaliga sekel har fått hipp design. Numera njuter vi här av kulturarvet från fenicier, stenslungare, nomadfolk, pirater, greker, romare, morer, venetianare, fransmän, spanjorer och alla andra som älskat den gröna ön. Här kan du bo i antika slott, bondgårdar och palats som rustats upp. Mallorca i dag är en plats där såväl lyxlirare som kulturdiggare och levnadskonstnärer stormtrivs.


Fanciful architecture and hip restaurants have come together with the sunny southern Spanish climate and beaches. This has transformed Barcelona in just a few decades from a rough port city to one of Europe’s—if not the world’s—premier destinations. Stroll along La Rambla, admire the Casa Calvet’s façade or the Casa Mila designed by Gaudi, visit the Market of la Boqueria or shop at El Corte Inglés. Sample some of the many bars, cafés and late night haunts while you’re at it.


Ringed by mountains and crowned by a spectacular fortress, Spain’s sunniest city mixes shopping centres and tapas bars with a medieval old town of narrow streets and tranquil squares. Along the coast you can find fishing villages, popular resorts and the secluded beaches and wild landscape of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. A sea of plastic greenhouses stretches to the west, while the desert locations of countless ‘spaghetti westerns' lies inland.


Sol, värme och avkoppling är bara början. Över 300 vulkantoppar skapar ett förtrollande månlandskap på "Eldens ö", vars miljöer skiftar i rosa, purpur och okra. Underjordiska grottor, tunnlar och sjöar lockar den mest stillsamme besökare till äventyr. Myten om att ön en gång varit en del av Atlantis känns inte avlägsen. För surfare är Lanzarote dessutom den Kanarieö med de mest perfekta vågorna.


Ibiza har ett nattliv som slår det mesta, men inte nog med det. Här finns också en fantastisk natur och ett underbart klimat och Ibiza stad finns med på Unescos världsarvslista. Oavsett om du vill dansa loss till musiken från världens bästa DJ:s eller njuta av det klara havsvattnet, den varma solen, de spännande grottorna och stränder där det alltid händer något – eller kanske göra lite av varje – så har du helt klart kommit till rätt ställe. Ibiza ingår i ögruppen Balearerna och är en verklig pärla i Medelhavet. Du kan utforska naturen på dagen, festa på natten och sedan koppla av på en ljuvlig strand morgonen efter.


Despite its beautiful location in a picturesque valley by the river Ebro, and an incredibly rich historical heritage, Zaragoza is refreshingly untouched by mass-tourism. Most travellers know it only as a train stop on the way from Barcelona to Madrid. Zaragoza benefits, however, from its location right in the middle of everything. It is a dynamic and modern town with a unique food and bar culture. The city is a real architectural treasure and a growing young population guarantees a busy night life.


Den gamla staden Murcia ligger i bergen ca 25 km från medelhavet. Regionen är känd för jordbruk och turism, men också charmiga bergsbyar, fiskelägen, orörda stränder och en grönskande landsbygd.


Staden som aldrig sover har måhända lugnat ned sig en aning de senaste åren, men även om barerna numera stänger lite tidigare kan du lita på att feststämningen finns kvar vid alla tider på dygnet, i stora sammanhang som små. När du tröttnar på att umgås kan du ägna några dagar åt Europas främsta konstkilometer.


Seville is an experience—a mix of Moorish architecture, beautiful 17th-century palaces and clusters of streets and alleys with tapas bars. The Flamenco and the slow Guadalqivir river just add to the charm.


“Ciudad del paraíso” – paradisstaden. Så skrev nobelpristagaren i litteratur, Vicente Aleixandre, om Málaga. En stad som vibrerar av liv och som fascinerar med sin blandning av flertusenårig historia, folklore och modern kultur. Visst är det lätt att föreställa sig paradiset i denna hamnstad med nära 3000 soltimmar per år och flera kilometer strand mitt i centrum.


Valencia är trots sin storlek en relativt okänd storstad och en gömd pärla. Det är en mångfacetterad stad med gotiska byggnader, överdådigt utsmyckade barockkyrkor och ruffiga fiskarkvarter som El Cabanyal. Här finns fusionkrogar, futuristiska museipalats och två långa stränder - Las Arenas och La Malvarrosa.


Durham is regarded by many to be the spiritual capital of northern England and one of the most beautiful and unspoilt medieval centres to be found anywhere in Northern Europe. The medieval city sits atop a craggy hill encircled on three sides by the River Wear with the panoramic view from the Cathedral and Castle being described as ‘one of the finest architectural experiences of Europe’.


The coast of dreams, ravaged by the Atlantic Ocean and lined by spectacular sandy beaches, where you will find towering cliffs sheltering small rock pools. The sea is teeming with life, and the crystal-clear water is perfectly alluring, whether you are dreaming of a relaxing swim or an adrenaline-pumped afternoon of extreme sports. If you shy away from the surf, you can admire the spectacular views from above as you stroll along the tops of the cliffs or wander back into town and into one of the many delightful gardens.


Situated picturesquely on the River Foyle, surrounded by hills and a stone’s throw from the rugged Northern Coast, Derry is steeped in history. Check out the famous Free Derry Corner and the political murals of the renowned Bogside and Fountain areas. Wander through the old hilly streets or stroll along the historic city walls with their views of the city and surrounding area.


The self-proclaimed ‘Capital of the Highlands,’ Inverness, is Britain’s northernmost city and is surrounded by some of the world’s most breath-taking mountain and moor land scenery. It is straddling the River Ness, just a stone’s throw from Loch Ness, home of the legendary Monster, and houses some outstanding historic buildings. Inverness offers easy access to a huge choice of outdoor activities and visitor attractions, from lochs and castles to battlefields and nature reserves.


Glasgow is the 21st-century magnet of Great Britain, with an energetic, yet sophisticated vibe. Ancient culture mixed with 19th-century ideals and modern spirit makes Glasgow an exciting place to visit. Add to that the up-and-coming musicians that never seem to rest and the thriving nightlife. Glasgow is also home to many exciting modern Scottish restaurants dedicated to preserving their Scottish heritage.


Under de senaste decennierna har Newcastle utvecklats till en framstående stad vad gäller tekniska innovationer, fritid och kultur. Det gör den till en av Storbritanniens mest pulserande städer och som sådan ett fantastiskt semestermål, med enastående shopping och förbluffande nattliv. Med de sju broar som går över den vackra floden, har Newcastle (på den norra sidan) och Gateshead (på den södra sidan) förenats och blivit ett enda, mångsidigt och framförallt levande besöksmål.


Combining history, shopping, culture and sports, Worcester is a modern town surrounded by the picturesque English countryside. Maybe you have heard about the famous Worcester Sauce and the British composer Sir Edward Elgar, both originating from here. Whether you are just passing through or staying a few days, Worcester will show you a real good time both day and night.


The most southerly and largest of the Channel Islands, Jersey, has much to offer with its fine blend of the best of England and France. Around its 72 kilometre coastline there are quaint fishing villages such as St Aubin, marvellous sandy beaches and a collection of dramatic craggy coastal walks. The inland is just as rewarding. Here you can find fascinating attractions, diverse historic sites and gentle verdant scenery, all linked by narrow country lanes. Festivals play a big a part in island life and barely a month goes by without a local seasonal event not being celebrated. The capital is St Helier and whilst small, it is a cosmopolitan harbour town. St Helier is the main focus for the island’s shopping, eating, entertainment and nightlife culture.


“Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!” Known for its ‘Kiss-Me-Quick’ hats, sticks of rock and the ubiquitous fish and chips, Blackpool has all this and more! With miles of golden sands, stunning Victorian architecture, a host of entertainment for young and old alike and with the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District right on the doorstep, Blackpool is undoubtedly the unofficial entertainment capital of the North!


Leeds ligger i hjärtat av natursköna Yorkshire och är utan tvekan ett av Englands populäraste resmål. Här finns riktigt bra shopping och ett pulserande nattliv samt flera historiska platser och spännande kulturevenemang. Som om det inte vore nog bjuder trakten runt Leeds på ett landskap som fullständigt tar andan ur dig.


Located in the beautiful county of Devon and one of Britain’s oldest cities, this small but perfectly formed city has preserved many of its historic features and buildings while enjoying all the amenities and vibrancy of a modern cosmopolitan city. As the commercial and cultural hub for southwest of England, Exeter’s airport and comprehensive transport links make it a perfect city destination and base to explore the surrounding historic and quintessential green English countryside dotted with pretty villages, quaint old pubs and tearooms serving the famous Devon cream tea. And all of this comes with the added bonus of being only a short journey to the nearby coastal resorts, fishing ports and sandy beaches of the English Riviera and World Heritage Jurassic Coast.


The city of Liverpool is renowned worldwide for its music, football, architecture and maritime heritage. However, the city has moved on since the happy days of the Beatles in the 1960’s, and the town was ‘European Capital of Culture in 2008.’ It is a prestigious award which put Liverpool back on the map as a great European city to visit.


Århundraden av handel med omvärlden har gjort Southampton till en internationell stad. Den är en av Storbritanniens viktigaste hamnar och livligaste städer. Här blandas murar och byggnader från medeltiden med modern shopping, stora nöjeskomplex, småbåtshamnar, kultur och nattliv. Upptäck stadens rika kultur och spännande historia eller varför inte prova på någon av de många fritidsaktiviteterna i de vackra omgivningarna utanför staden? Sedan kan du luta dig tillbaka på en av Southamptons många restauranger, kaféer eller barer i hamnen.


Birmingham är en riktig pärla! Här hittar du utmärkta restauranger, bra shopping, ett spännande nattliv och en arkitektonisk ikon som förändrat synen på staden. Sist men inte minst - landskapet som inspirerade JRR Tolkien att skriva Sagen om ringen.


Manchester är inte bara fotboll och rock n’roll – även om dessa inslag fortfarande förhöjer upplevelsen av vistelsen. Idag har Manchester så mycket mer att erbjuda. Missa inte stadsdelar som Northern Quarter, Castlefield och Gay Village - här ligger coola barer och butiker vägg i vägg.


Doncaster is an eclectic mix of the urban and the rural and of the old and the new! World famous for its horse racing and home to one of the most important race courses in the UK. Doncaster is one of Britain’s oldest cities and features an abundance of historic sights, interesting architecture, cultural activities and beautiful surrounding countryside. A bustling city, indeed!


Few minutes off the southern coast of London lies the interesting and charming town Brighton. Considered as one of the most cultured cities in the entire Europe, this seaside city never fails to mesmerise its visitors with its unique architectural edifices, festivals, galleries, museums, drama, arts, music, spectacular outdoor activities, sparkling beaches and a lot more. So whether you are a laid-back beach bum or an adventurer on a tight budget, Brighton definitely has something good to offer!


Bristol har något för alla typer av resenärer, oavsett om man kommer hit på semester eller i affärer. Floden Avon snirklar sig fram genom staden som erbjuder shopping, kaféer och barer i alla prislägen. Bara några få steg i alla riktningar från floden kan du göra tidsresor tillbaka till Bristols industriella epok och dessutom skaffa dig hänförande gastronomiska upplevelser. Ett besök i Bristol blir verkligen ett minne för livet.


Efter att ha överlevt nästan tre årtionden av konflikter och motsättningar har Belfast nu fått en ny glans och livlighet. Folket har en djup känsla för sin historia men kliver med djärva steg framåt. Detta gör att Belfast får en spännande blandning av gammalt och nytt. Ta en promenad längs floden Lagan och besök platsen där det beryktade kryssningsfartyget Titanic byggdes, se de kända politiska väggmålningarna från en taxi, eller luta dig tillbaka och lyssna på traditionell musik på en av de vackert bevarade, gamla pubarna i denna livfulla stad.


The city of Cambridge is situated north of London. It is known as a college town as well as the centre for administration in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. The place offers a lot that surely could surprise anyone, such as the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum where one can enter for free, the River Cam which is popular for punting tours, various festivals, theatres and much more. Football is the most popular sport in the city as this is the home to the Cambridge United F.C. Other popular sports in the city are cricket, rugby and water sports.


Oxford City is located in central southern part of England. It is the 52nd largest city in the UK and is one of its fastest growing cities in terms of population. This city is known as a university town and also a home of the University of Oxford. Aside from the City Centre, tourists may also visit other several suburbs and neighborhoods within the borders of city of Oxford. Things to do in Oxfordshire offer so many choices like cycling, country walks, sailing or even punting. Take time to visit and enjoy the city's historical attractions such as the Blenheim Palace, Christ Church college or the Ashmolean Museum.


London är Englands kulturella, politiska och ekonomiska centrum, känt för sina museer och gallerier i världsklass, kungliga palats, fantastiska shopping, teatershower på West End och prisbelönade restauranger. Ska du åka hit? Börja planera din resa här, från bokning av boende till att skapa din perfekta resplan. Oavsett om du vill bo på ett 5-stjärnigt lyxhotell och ta ett glas champagne i London Eye eller hitta ett budgethotell och vandra i någon av Londons vackra parker, kommer du alltid att hitta något som passar din budget här.


With 11 kilometres of sandy, white beaches, Bournemouth is one of the continent’s premier resort towns. Bournemouth offers its visitors the best in water sports, yachting, beach life, nightlife and shopping. Not to mention a heap of gastro pubs!


‘City of Caves’ and ‘Queen of the Midlands’ are two names fondly given to the city of Nottingham, which accurately reflects its hugely diverse nature, rich with cultural heritage and modern day entertainment. A city with a fascinating past and an exciting and buzzing present, Nottingham has everything to offer – from high culture, haute couture and widely acclaimed restaurants to the world famous legend of Robin Hood. Visitors are spoilt for choice for things to do and see in this number one destination city. Whatever you are into, be it art, music or walking, Nottingham is sure to satisfy all tastes, styles and ages.


Edinburgh förtrollar alla. Klippan med det berömda slottet syns var man än befinner sig i staden och påminner besökaren om Skottlands blodiga historia med Braveheart, Mary Queen of Scots och Bonnie Prince Charlie. Här har författare inspirerats till klassiska litterära figurer som Dr. Jekyll och Mr Hyde, Sherlock Holmes och nu senast Harry Potter. Inte konstigt att spökvandringar i de kusliga gränderna är en av stadens stora turistattraktioner!

Spa i Sverige

Välkommen till några av Sveriges bästa spa-anläggningar! Från norr till söder kan du som är på kortare eller längre visit i landet välja bland en mängd högklassiga spa. Gammal kurort med vedeldad bastu eller stadsnära dagspa med toppmodernt gym – här finns något för alla smaker och valet är ditt!


Welcome to Sweden! Some people say Sweden is an exception. We take that as a compliment. It’s true that in modern times, our country has been spared many of the great hardships that have affected others. Sweden still has an abundance of priceless, free luxuries such as calm and stability, fresh air and open spaces, clean water and pristine wilderness − all within easy reach of the modern urban centres, with their many delights and attractions. This is what we call our unique Swedish quality of life. We’re proud of it, and we look forward to sharing it with you here.


Varberg – Sveriges Kurort. Det gamla kurortslivet i Varberg har förädlats och är numer ett sätt att leva både för boende och besökare. Här finns förutsättningar för livskvalitet och för att själv skapa de kurer man mår bra av. En kur kan bestå av massagebehandling eller tångbad, men för en del människor är det 20 sekundmeter och en vindsurfingbräda, en promenad på strandpromenaden runt Varbergs Fästning, ett besök på Kallbadhuset eller en skogsutflykt till Åkulla Bokskogar. Vad får dig att må bra? Vad är en kur för dig? Välkommen till Varberg för att finna just din kur!


Upplev den vackra staden med ett stort och varierat utbud av shopping på Sveriges äldsta gågata. Besök museerna och parkerna eller en av de fina stränderna mitt i centrum. Längs med kusten finns också många pittoreska fiskelägen. Ett annorlunda nöje som man inte får missa är att "ta en tura" mellan Helsingborg och Helsingör. Det är lätt att njuta av livet i Helsingborg. Oavsett om du är förbipasserande kryssningsresenär, turist, student, eller en trogen helsingborgare - ta del av stadskärnans utbud av restauranger, caféer, butiker och parker eller promenera i skog och vid hav.


Sedan 1700-talet förknippas Karlstad med solen. Och det är tack vare Eva-Lisa Holtz - en glad och trevlig servitris som genom sitt sprudlande humör och varma bemötande blev vida känd under namnet Sola i Karlstad. Hon var driftig och ambitiös och öppnade så småningom sin egen krog och blev en aktad dam i staden. I dag står Herman Reijers staty av Sola vid Karlstads vackraste vy, utanför Stadshotellet intill Klarälven. Tack vare stadens läge vid Vänern, så skiner solen faktiskt lite oftare här. Karlstad brukar allt som oftast ligga på Sveriges tio-i-topp-lista när det gäller soltimmar.Men Karlstads sol är i första hand inte den på himlen utan den i sinnet, vårt arv från Sola. Så även om solen tillfälligt skulle lysa med sin frånvaro på himlen, kommer du känna värmen från människorna du möter.


Kungsbacka ligger mitt på Västkusten, tjugo minuter söder om Göteborg och är en av Västsveriges största handelsplatser. Upplev shopping på hög nivå oavsett om du är ute efter kläder till bra pris, inredning, konsthantverk eller närproducerat. Kungsmässan är flerfaldigt belönat som Sveriges trivsammaste köpcenter. På Freeport du hittar du välkända varumärken till fyndpriser. Innerstaden bjuder på pittoresk och mysig atmosfär med torgmarknad första helgfria torsdagen varje månad. Kungsbackaån slingar sig genom Kungsbacka och mynnar ut i Kungsbackafjorden. På andra sidan fjorden ligger Tjolöholms slott, Sveriges enda tudorslott, alldeles vid havet.


Blekinges skärgård och vatten är vårt allt. Blekinge omnämns som Sveriges Trädgård för sin allomfattande natur som erbjuder rekreation, avkoppling och spa-upplevelser. Här hittar du ö-liv, smakupplevelser, fiske och hårdrock i världsklass tillsammans med musikfestivaler av rang. Det finns en passion för det genuina hantverket och kulturen har en given plats. Sälsafari, sagolika blomstergårdar, järnnätter, elitfotboll, bad, teater, paddling, vildmarksäventyr, museum och mycket mer. Utforska vårt hemliga Blekinge och upptäck dina egna smultronställen. Blekinge är magiskt med små förtrollande vackra och överraskande nära destinationer. Allt kan nås inom en timme. Drömmen om skärgårdens klippor, sandstränder, djupa skogar och ljusa gröna ängar blir verklighet i Blekinge. I Blekinge, skiner solen lite fler timmar än de flesta andra platser i Sverige. Det finns så mycket att upptäcka. Vi har en historisk flottbas som en del av det marina världsarvet. Unika mat- och smakupplevelser med våra producenter och gårdsbutiker. En stark kultur med massor av musik, konst, hantverk och konstnärskap. Det är en festival stark region som erbjuder allt från rock med världsartister till allsång i parken. Ljuvligt charmiga sommarstäder med en fantastisk skärgård. Välkommen att utforska Blekinges smultronställen!

Höga Kusten

Upplev frihet och dramatik i underbar natur med ett fantastiskt världsarv som fått sin utmärkelse tack vare landhöjningen. Kulturlivet i Höga Kusten är rikt och under sommaren kan du besöka evenemang som Skulefestivalen, Urkult och stadsfester. Här kan du vandra, paddla kajak, klättra eller ta en tur på hästryggen. Det är ingen slump att allt fler söker sig till Höga Kusten. För närheten till skärgården och vattnet. För naturen och stillheten. För kulturen och människorna. För aktiviteterna och äventyret. Härnösand, Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik och Sollefteå önskar dig varmt välkommen till Höga Kusten.


Björkarnas stad erbjuder inte bara kultur av hög klass. Här finns några av norra Sveriges absolut bästa restauranger, som serverar det norrländska kökets delikatesser med sällsam precision. Lägg därtill ett friluftsliv utöver det vanliga och du förstår varför bland annat tiotusentals studenter trivs så bra i Umeå.


Europas grönaste stad! Växjö är en historisk stad med rötter som stiftsstad, residensstad och skolstad. Något du inte minst upplever när du promenerar runt i den vackra stadskärnan. Här blir du även varse hur naturen är en naturlig del av staden - sjöarna, träden. Idag är Växjö en sjudande handelsstad med ett internationellt universitet. Staden präglas även av sitt rika kultur- och idrottsliv, samt av den den småländska maten.


Vad kul att du upptäckt Jönköping! Vi erbjuder en av de bästa upplevelserna i hela Sverige. Den härliga brisen från Vättern och den hisnande utsikten över vattnet och naturen skapar harmoni i vår stad. Den inspirerar oss att göra goda saker - saker vi gärna delar med oss av! Naturen är otroligt rik här. Vår region är full av vackra sjöar, skogsklädda berg, ängar, våtmarker och - inte minst - en två kilometer lång sandstrand mitt i stan. Jönköping ligger strategiskt placerad mellan Sveriges tre största städer, och är därför den perfekta platsen för möten och handel. Vi är stolta över vår region och vill gärna dela med oss av allt det goda till dig!


Karlshamn är en livfull och charmig kuststad med en spännande historia och skärgården inpå knutarna. Ute på öarna och längs havsbandet vimlar det förstås av smultronställen men ta dig gärna inåt landet också. Där väntar gröna skogar och sköna upplevelser. I Karlshamn finns det mycket att roa sig med och mycket att se, oavsett vad du gillar. Mer information om Karlshamn hittar du under stycket "Staden".


Marstrand är en liten pittoresk ministad på Västkusten i Bohuslän som vilar på två öar. En plats för njutning och en plats att älska för sin kulturella historia, dess byggnader, dess skrönor och sägner - men också för sin kungliga glans. Marstrand är framförallt känd som en plats för soldyrkande, fantastiska bad och segling.

Region Helsingborg

Close your eyes. What do you see when you think about Skåne? Undulating fields of rapeseed, villages where the roads winds its way between half-timbered houses, magnificent turn-of-the-century seaside villas and long sandy beaches. If so, then you're quite right. But here in Northwest Skåne we have a little bit more of everything. There's drama here, too. Söderåsen features wild primeval forests and high plateau with magnificent views. Kullaberg draws visitors who come to marvel at the precipices and caves. What´s more, you never have to travel far. There are farm shops selling award winning sausages, potteries, green golf courses, castles, ancient fishing spots and inns serving the world´s finest egg cake – all close at hand. Welcome to the Helsingborg Family!


Till Västsverige återvänder man gärna. Det är inte särskilt märkligt med tanke på det rikliga utbud av upplevelser som finns här. Den bohuslänska skärgården inbjuder till ett glittrande hav med oemotståndliga fiskelägen, till hummerfest och till bryggor med folkvimmel kring bodar och krogar. Ett annat äventyr får du i den nästan orörda vildmarken i Dalsland med dess fina vattenvärld, idealisk för kanoting. Över de stora sjöarna och genom Göta Kanal går täta lustfärder. De medeltida kyrkorna, slotten och herrgårdarna är ljuvliga kulturpärlor liksom det brokiga textilriket. Det västsvenska köket öppnar upp för smaksensationer från hav och sjö, av skog och vilt. Livfulla minnen som dröjer sig kvar och frestar dig att återvända.


Till Glasriket, ett område i Kronobergs och Kalmar län i Småland i Emmaboda, Lessebo, Nybro och Uppvidinge kommuner, kommer mer än en miljon besökare varje år. Många återvänder gång på gång. Det är enkelt att förstå varför. Att se den glödheta glasmassan förvandlas till spröd kristall eller robusta skålar är ett skådespel man aldrig tröttnar på. Här hittar du kända bruk och varumärken som Orrefors, Kosta Boda, Skruf, Mats Jonasson Målerås m.fl. Dessutom kan du njuta av den småländska naturen när den är som bäst med skogar, sjöar, stenmurar och mängder av kulturupplevelser som t.ex. Vilhelm Mobergs utvandrarbygd.

Säfsen Resort

I natursköna sydvästra Dalarna ligger Säfsen Resort, en upplevelsedestination med aktiviteter året om – från fullfjädrad skidanläggning vintertid till downhill-cykling och vildmarksliv under sommar, vår och höst. Säfsen är ett perfekt resmål med mängder av aktiviteter och äventyr för hela familjen. Samtidigt håller Säfsen Bergscykelpark så hög klass att den lockar downhill- och mountainbikecyklister på elitnivå. Med bara 13 mil från Örebro, 27 mil från Stockholm och 34 mil från Göteborg är det dessutom enkelt att ta sig hit.


Välkommen till Sundsvall – Norrlands huvudstad. Sundsvall är resmålet för dig som vill förgylla Norrlandssemestern med shopping och nöjen. Här finns idag Norrlands största citygalleria samt Birsta Köpstad som är ett av Sveriges största externa handelscentra. Ingenstans norr om Dalälven finns mer liv och rörelse. Mitt i den norrländska naturen och mitt i händelsernas centrum ligger kanske en av landets vackraste stadskärnor med rikt utsmyckade stenhus i nyrenässans. Lyft blicken upp mot de vackra fasaderna och njut!


Nyköping vid havet - Nyköping ligger vid kusten en timme söder om Stockholm och 7 minuter från Stockholm Skavsta Flygplats. Stanna till, missa inte chansen att göra en ny bekantskap. Du finner en stad i behagligt format – korta avstånd, trevliga människor, en klassisk affärsgata och många caféer, restauranger, butiker och gallerior. Nyköping ligger mitt i det sörmländska kulturlandskapet med spännande, vackra och roliga utflyktsmål inom räckhåll. Nyköping grundades år 1187 och är därmed en av Sveriges äldsta städer. I kommunen bor drygt 50 000 invånare, varav 32 000 i Nyköpings tätort.


Örebro är en stad med historiska miljöer, bra livescener, god shopping och närhet till naturen. Svartån slingrar som en pulsåder genom Örebro och leder dig genom staden, med start i herrgårdsmiljö, vidare mot ett pulserande centrum med shopping och Örebro slott som pryder staden likt ett smycke. Ån fortsätter sedan genom stadsparken med vackra trädgårdar och platser som inbjuder till lek för hela familjen. Vidare genom historiska Wadköping för att sedan mynna ut i Hjälmaren med sin vackra natur, och två mil västerut höjer sig Kilsbergen, ”de Blå Bergen”, med sina storslagna upplevelser.


Koppla av från vardagen med shopping och nöje, konst och kultur. Kalmar har den stora stadens möjligheter, men också den mindre ortens närhet och charm. På promenad- och cykelavstånd upplever du parker, ängar, hav, kullerstensgator, butiker, museer och kaféer. Och ett alldeles riktigt slott med tinnar och torn. Kalmar är en av landets mest attraktiva städer när det kommer till evenemang. Under hela året anordnas olika evenemang och aktiviteter runt om i staden. Konserter, utställningar, teaterföreställningar och idrottsevenemang – exemplen är många. I Kalmar finns något för alla!


I Uppsala är det nära till allt. Här kan du ägna timmar åt att shoppa i en mängd mindre och större butiker på stans gågator och gallerior eller flanera i charmiga småbutiker i stans kulturhistoriska kvarter. Kom nära artisterna i en klubbspelning på Katalin eller bli berörd av en mäktig konsert i Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. Ta del av Sveriges historia på Uppsala slott, Uppsala Domkyrka och Museum Gustavianum eller släpp loss på dansgolvet på anrika Flustret eller någon annan av stans krogar. Studera folklivet medan du tar en cappuccino på ett café eller en drink på en loungebar. Upplev blomprakten i Linnéträdgården eller Stadsträdgården, allt på gångavstånd.


Vår kustnära idyll bjuder på upplevelser året om. Kreativiteten är stor i krukmakarstaden, sätt ihop en egen konstrunda och besök gallerier, keramikverkstäder och ateljéer. Mitt i staden lockar populära Hembygdsparken alla åldrar med lekplats och djur. Även upplevelsemuseet Järnvägens Museum Ängelholm kan besökas om och om igen, likaså Ängelholms Flygmuseum med flygsimulator. Och gillar du att spela golf? Ja, då har du kommit helt rätt – 17 olika banor finns inom bekvämt avstånd. Här arrangeras bla företagardagar, trädgårdsmässor, veteranbilsrally, barnteater, ljusfest, sportevenemang, musikfester med mera. En kort bit bort ligger dessutom sälarnas Hallands Väderö, magnifika Kullaberg och den större staden Helsingborg.


Välkommen till Södertälje! – En stad att uppleva. Södertälje har en rik historia och är en stad med puls. I Södertälje kan du se alltifrån vikingarnas farleder till moderna sciencecenter och fascinerande ekologiska miljöer. Östersjön möter Mälaren, natur möter vatten och massor med aktiviteter väntar för både stora och små. Här finns både idrotts- och kulturevenemang och en riktig stad med blomstrande handel. Välkommen att upptäcka Södertälje du också!

Ystad & Österlen

Ystad & Österlen väntar på dig! Kom och upptäck våra sevärdheter i din egen takt, smaka på de sydöstskånska läckerheterna. Möt maten, konsten, ljuset och historien. Se trakten hit filmskapare från hela världen söker sig. Här väljer besökare att stanna kvar bland antikviteter och designfynd i sin egen skånelänga nära havet. Österlen är en beteckning på området öster om leden från Ystad i söder till Brösarps backar i nordost. Naturskönt med små byar och pittoreska kustsamhällen. Välkommen!


Det är lätt att gilla Lund! Lund är en trivsam stad, som är både ung och gammal på samma gång. De många studenterna sätter sin prägel på gatulivet i de slingrande medeltida gränderna. Allt finns inom bekvämt räckhåll, både Domkyrkan, universitetet, museerna, caféerna, pubarna och de flesta hotellen ligger på gångavstånd i centrum.


Kristianstad – mitt i naturen och med naturen mitt i stan! Kristianstad är en vacker renässansstad mitt i hjärtat av Kristianstads Vattenrike. Upplev naturen från naturum, Vattenrikets besökscenter eller följ med på safari med båt, jeep, cykla cykel eller vandring. Här finns naturaktiviteter under alla årstider – som örnsafari på vintern eller transafari på våren. Stadens centrum med hotell, caféer, restauranger, kulturliv och sitt pittoreska shoppingstråk ligger inom fem minuters promenad. Och bara en liten bit utanför staden hittar du otroliga fiskeplatser, milslånga stränder, golfbanor av hög kvalité och härliga cykelvägar!


För de flesta är Vimmerby mest känt för Astrid Lindgren eftersom det var här hon föddes och växte upp. Astrid har satt sitt avtryck på hela Vimmerby och idag är Vimmerby platsen där kanske främst barnfamiljerna hittar äventyret och de allra bästa upplevelserna. Med besöksmål som Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Virum älgpark och Nils Holgerssons Värld finns alla möjligheter att få uppleva en lekfull semester. Den som också söker naturupplevelser behöver inte leta länge. Många besöker Vimmerby just för den småländska landsbygden med badsjöar, hagar och skog. Även den genuina småstadskänslan med shopping och historiska platser och förstås en rad trevliga matställen är anledning till ett besök.


I nordöstra Småland möter de stora skogarna skärgårdens karga klippor, men samtidigt lummiga öar. Naturens häpnadsväckande kontraster speglar Västerviks upplevelser. Västervik är kontrasternas destination. Möjligheterna till olika former av upplevelser och aktiviteter är stora.


Karlskrona- "Sveriges Soligaste Stad" - är en unik och spännande världsarvsmiljö dit människor kommer för att mötas, göra affärer, koppla av och inspireras. I Karlskrona är det nära mellan stadspuls och natur, moderna gallerior och designbutiker – och vattnet är ständigt närvarande. Upptäck nya aktiviteter som ger energi! Varför inte prova att gäddfiska längs våra fantastiska kuststräckor, eller ute i skärgården med båt. Eller glid sakta fram i en havskajak och upplev staden från sin rätta sida, det vill säga från havet. Välkommen till Karlskrona. Mitt i skärgården.


Malmö med sina 312 000 innevånare är Sveriges tredje största stad som har blivit en symbol för gränsöverskridande mångfald. En kreativ och nyfiken mini-metropol som ligger på gränsen mellan Sverige och kontinenten. Från att ha varit en industristad har Malmö nu blivit ett kunskapsnav känt för sitt hållbarhetsarbete och Fair Trade City sedan 2006. Välkommen till en stad fylld av kontraster där Skandinaviens äldsta renässansslott ligger ett stenkast från den nya hippa och hållbara stadsdelen Västra Hamnen. Inbjudande uteserveringar blandade med trendiga gallerier och klubbar, restauranger där du kan njuta av gourmetmat eller en falafel. Eurovision Song Contest 2013, EM i fälttävlan 2013 och VM i juniorhockey 2014 visar att Malmö är platsen för internationella evenemang.


Med en trivsam och avslappnad atmosfär, gångavstånd till det mesta, ett kafé vid varje gathörn och med sina olika stadsdelar blir Göteborg en "charmig liten storstad". Staden bjuder på ett livligt nöjes- och kulturliv året om, med allt från Liseberg, Göteborgsoperan, Filmfestivalen, Bokmässan och olika sportevenemang till musikfestivalen Way Out West. Läs mer på:

Landskrona / Ven

Med sitt läge mitt i Öresundsregionen har du mindre än en timmes restid till centrala Köpenhamn och den internationella flygplatsen Kastrup. Dessutom är tågförbindelserna täta till Lund, Malmö och Helsingborg. Selma Lagerlöf om Landskrona ”Vad här är vackert, just nu. Man kunde bjuda hit folk och låta dem betala för att få sitta vid vår strand och se sundet.” Dessa vackra ord om den skånska staden Landskrona yttrade författarinnan och nobelpristagaren Selma Lagerlöf, som bodde här mellan åren 1885 och 1897, då hon arbetade på stadens flickskola. Det var i Landskrona Selma Lagerlöf inledde sin författarbana. Välkommen till Landskrona och ön Ven!


Stockholm är en levande och växande stad där det alltid finns något nytt att upptäcka. Det är en av världens vackraste städer och en plats för öppna och kreativa människor. Upplev ett myllrande stadsliv, kulturhistoria och natur - allt under loppet av en och samma dag.


Där ån Nissan möter havet ligger Halmstad - en skön mix av puls och småstadscharm, salta stränder och lugna fiskevatten. Flera stränder, förutom välkända Tylösand, kantar vår fyra mil långa kust. 13 golfbanor, kanotvatten, 200 km cykelväg och flera sporter på elitnivå är annat som lockar den aktive. Stadskärnan är gemytlig och här varvas personliga butiker med ett charmigt krog- och kaféliv. Evenemangsstaden Halmstad stoltserar med ett varierat och rikt utbud av evenemang för alla åldrar, året om. Dessutom är konsten närvarande överallt med inslag av bland annat Milles och Picasso. Vem du än är, vad du än vill göra, har Halmstad upplevelsen för dig. Välkommen!


Med tåg ligger Skövde bara en timme från Göteborg och två timmar från Stockholm. Du tar dig direkt till Skövdes levande stadskärna där man finner de större kedjorna, men även de mysiga och inte fullt så exploaterade boutiquerna. Med över 300 butiker finns något för alla. Mitt emellan Sveriges två största sjöar Vänern och Vättern ligger Skövde. På berget Billingen finns friluftsområden med skid- och motionsspår, den vackra Vallebygden med kuperade landskap, vattenfall och badsjöar samt flera naturreservat. Runt om i bygden finner du också spår från vår historia med gravfält, medeltidskyrkor och annorlunda stensättningar. Evenemangskalendern vittnar om en stad fylld av nöjen, kultur och idrott – året om. Hjärtligt välkommen hit och ta för dig.


Upptäck Linköping! Välkommen till en stad som gör dig rik på upplevelser och känsla. På den vackra Östgötaslätten ligger Sveriges femte största kommun, Linköping. Här finns mycket att se och göra året runt. Flygvapenmuseum, Friluftsmuseet Gamla Linköping, Kinda Kanal och Bergs Slussar är bara några exempel på stadens alla sevärdheter. Vill du njuta av naturen eller är du sugen på ett pulserande stadsliv? Du behöver inte välja. Linköping har både en fantastisk landsbygd med slättmark, sjöar och kanaler samt en levande stad med ett rikt kultur- och nöjesliv. Linköping är stort nog att ha det mesta, liten nog att ha allt nära. Välkommen till Linköping!


Allt händer i Västerås! Västerås är Sveriges sjätte största stad, och en av landets äldsta städer. Här finner du aktiviteter och evenemang för hela familjen, ett bubblande sjöliv, ett rikt kultur- och nöjesliv, spännande historia och intressanta platser. Västerås erbjuder många olika saker, så som boende under vattnet och uppe i trädkronorna, världens största bilträff Power Big Meet, en Guide Michelin-belönad domkyrka och Sveriges största forntida gravhög Anundshög - här finns verkligen något för alla smaker och åldrar. Varmt välkommen till Västerås!


Till Sveriges minsta landskap välkomnas alla som vill ha de största upplevelserna. Här är dessutom det bästa i livet gratis, den sköna och säregna naturen. Drygt 30 mils kust, med många badstränder, fler än 75 naturreservat, Stora Alvaret och Världsarvet Södra Ölands odlingslandskap. Som extra plus växer det 28 olika orkidéer över ön. Berömda besöksmål är det också gott om. Var du än kommer ifrån och vad du än vill göra, så är du välkommen till oss på Öland!


Skåne bjuder på nyskapande, annorlunda och genuina upplevelser inom bekvämt avstånd. Vidsträckta slätter, böljande rapsfält och 40 mil kust i tre väderstreck med vita sandstränder, men också djupa skogar i mellersta och nordöstra delarna samt branta klippstup i nordväst. Färden från rogivande landsbygd och charmiga fiskelägen till pulserande storstadspuls är kort. Ön Ven kallas pärlan mitt i Öresund där du med fördel cyklar runt ön och upptäcker Backafall och grandios utblick över Skåne och Danmark. Skåne är inte det ena eller det andra. Skåne är det bästa av två världar. Välkommen hit och upplev själv!


Det är något alldeles speciellt med Gotland. Kanske är det ljuset, stränderna och det ständigt närvarande havet. Att ön är en av Sveriges soligaste platser – även i november – gör sitt till. Det kan vara kulturarvet, historien som både syns och känns överallt. Eller människorna. Jordnära och gästvänliga livsnjutare finns det gott om bland öborna. Det kan vara folklivet. Alla de som strosar omkring i staden innanför murarna. Är det naturen med det öppna och inbjudande landskapet? En alldeles speciell ö hälsar dig välkommen till upptäckter och utforskning. Eller bara till vila. Här är avstånden aldrig långa – mellan norr och söder, öst och väst, stad och land.


With a skyline dominated by the imposing Špilberk Castle and the soaring twin-spires of Peter and Paul Cathedral, Brno has an attractive and historic city centre, easily negotiated on foot. The name, Brno, might sound like a crossword anagram, but the Czech Republic’s second largest city and capital of Moravia is a vibrant yet traditional place. Brno has stunning architecture, great museums, a creepy crypt, a gorgeous lake – just a tram ride away – and an exciting, beer-filled bar scene without the heaving crowds.


”Moder Prag har klor” skrev Franz Kafka för snart hundra år sedan, och det är lika sant idag. Den som en gång har vandrat på kullerstensgatorna i de gotiska gränderna och sett månen hänga bakom tinnarna och tornen i Europas vackraste huvudstad kommer tillbaka.


Marmaris ligger i en vik med kristallklart vatten. Här möter Medelhavet det Egeiska havet och här breder doftande pinjeskogar ut sig längs bergskammarna. Marmaris är ett perfekt resmål för den som både söker sköna dagar på stranden och ett rikt nöjesliv.


Det är lätt att förlora sig i Istanbuls grandiosa historia, men dagens Istanbul är en sjudande metropol värd en egen resa. Shoppingen är i världsklass och runt Taksimtorget pulserar nöjeslivet. Även om Istanbul inte längre är huvudstad, så förblir den ändå staden landets affärs- och kulturcentrum.


Bodrum brukar kallas Turkiets S:t Tropez – och staden gör verkligen skäl för namnet! Det här är jet-settarnas älskling med internationell prägel och restauranger, hotell och nöjesliv i toppklass.


”Den vackra staden” som den kallas i Turkiet välkomnar sina besökare med den värme och vänlighet som den turkiska gästfriheten är känd för. Izmir är kontrasternas stad och erbjuder dig som turist det bästa av det moderna och antika. Det är en historisk och samtidigt internationell och livfull stad. Med sina varma somrar och milda vintrar är Izmir ett populärt turistmål året runt.


Turkiets huvudstad Ankara ligger bokstavligen på gränsen mellan öst och väst. Detta innebär att du kan sitta på en uteservering i skuggan av träden på boulevarden samtidigt som du äter meze. De blandade influenserna från Europa och Mellanöstern har färgat Ankaras arkitektur, mat, vin, nattliv, mode och konst. De två kulturerna har smält samman i denna stad och gett den en unik identitet. Om du ankrar i Ankara, som namnet föreslår, tar du ett steg över historiens gräns.


Antalya är den turkiska rivierans pärla, en spännande storstad och ett badparadis på samma gång. Kusten är fylld av ljuvliga stränder som passar alla smaker och längs kustremsan ligger mängder av högklassiga hotell och restauranger. Den som vill ta en paus från strandlivet kan se fram emot utflykter till flera tusen år gamla ruiner och unika naturfenomen.


If you fancy a hand of cards then Altenburg is for you. Playing cards have been produced here for over 500 years and in the centre of the town is monument to the national card game ’skat’ which was first played here. The town goes back over 1000 years and has an impressive castle set on a rocky outcrop, with market squares and a magnificent Town Hall. The brewery is a very important part of the town and you can still buy collapsible top hats on Rossplan Square. The Skat fountain on Bruhl Square is said to bring you good luck if you baptise your cards under the water.


Förutom att den är hemstad för Johann Sebastian Bach och Felix Mendelssohn är Leipzig också en av Tysklands främsta turistorter och ett centrum för handel och kultur. Leipzig hälsar dig välkommen till sin rika historia, vackra arkitektur, dynamiska kulturliv, fantastiska shopping och livliga nattliv!


Friedrichshafen ligger som en skimrande juvel på Bodensjöns strandkant, omgiven av magnifika berg. Tystnaden och den orörda naturen runtomkring gör det lätt att luta sig tillbaka och slappna av. Det finns även en hel del att utforska, visste du exempelvis att det var i Friedrichshafen som zeppelinaren uppfanns?


Weeze is a small, warm and friendly community with long associations with RAF Laarbruch, which closed down in 1999 and became the local airport. The town has a rich history with several manor houses and three castles nearby, each with their own tale to tell. There are also plenty of lively bars and cafés in and around town, great for having a drink or a chat with the locals. Because of the city’s ideal location in the middle of the German-Dutch Lower Rhine region, this is the perfect place for sampling the best of what Germany and The Netherlands have to offer!


"The city in its setting and entire surroundings may be said to have something ideal." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1797). Scarcely any other European city has had its praises so often sung as Heidelberg. The mysterious Heidelberg Castle, the picturesque Old Town, and as Goethe himself stated, the perfection of its setting – in the nineteenth century, all of this attracted the German romanticists, who immortalized Heidelberg in poetry, music, and art. Today the charm of Old Heidelberg is combined with a future-oriented and international focus.


Lübeck, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, was one of the great mercantile cities in the Middle Ages. The Old Town island, surrounded by the river Trave and the canal, today still communicates the charm of a port. Travemünde is one of the most beautiful sea resorts of Europe which already in 1802 transformed the former fishing- and sailor village into a top address for bathers from near and far. The fascinating sailing Old-timer “Passat”, chugging deep-sea fishing boats and gigantic ferryboats can be admired on the Baltic Sea very close to.


Magnificent panorama and splendid architecture, cultural diversity and traditional festivals - Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, delights its visitors. Discover over 125 years of automobile history at Mercedes-Benz Museum and Porsche Museum, enjoy the world-famous Stuttgart ballet, celebrate at Stuttgart's beer festival or soak up the unique atmosphere at the christmas market. Shopping or culinary pleasures, art exhibtions or vibrant nightlife - Stuttgart is always worth a visit!


A free-spirited and fiercely independent wind whistles through Bremen’s nooks and crannies. This wind certainly attracted a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cock in the Grimm Brother’s tale of ’The Bremen Town Musicians.’ Now the city’s mascots, the four of them headed for Bremen to start a new life as musicians. Their motto is still ringing true today: "We are off to Bremen - you will find something better than death everywhere." As Germany’s second largest port, Bremen’s link to the sea and its get up and go spirit are undeniable.


Floden Elbe, sjön Alster, det gamla stadshuset, unika Speicherstadt och den traditionella fiskmarknaden definierar alla tillsammans Hamburg som stad. Tysklands gröna stad ligger på vatten och erbjuder bland annat modern arkitektur och det nya landmärket Elbe Philharmonic Hall. I staden blandas prestige, elegans och modernitet till en unik atmosfär.


Built on blood, sweat and beers, Dortmund today is one of Germany’s 21st century cities and located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of the country. Modern Dortmund is vibrant and dynamic, well-known for its excellent shopping, its beer and football. But there’s another, altogether softer, side to this former industrial powerhouse. Dortmund has great theatres and cultural centres, a range of fascinating museums and, with half the city given over to parks and gardens, enough green spaces to sooth the senses.


Det sägs att Kölnbor som bor utomlands alltid har hemlängtan - besökaren förstår snart varför. Tysklands äldsta storstad – som förstås givit namn till Eau de Cologne – blandar överdådiga romerska kyrkor med supermodern arkitektur och livliga shoppinggator med världsberömda museer. Då har vi inte ens nämnt karnevalen...


I Düsseldorf hittar du ”världens längsta bardisk”, Tysklands finaste shoppingboulevard - Königsallee - och otaliga museer, teatrar och andra sevärdheter som gör staden till ett framstående konstcentrum. Här får du Rhenlandets legendariska stämning med alla dess pittoreska traditioner i perfekt harmoni med lyxen från en verkligt internationell stad.


I München samsas exklusiv shopping, paradgator och monumentala byggnader med läderbyxor, brassmusik och rustika ölhus. Besökaren kan starta dagen på ett enkelt hak med fläsklägg och surkål och avsluta i ett gourmettempel med vita linnedukar. Dessutom bor Tysklands gladaste invånare här.


Det är ingen slump att ön Sylt har fått smeknamnet "German Hamptons", den har länge varit en lekplats för Tysklands rika och berömda. Sylt, som uttalas "zoolt", är en otroligt vacker, 4 mil lång ö på den tyska Nordsjökusten, med en av Europas längsta och finaste sandstränder. Ön är känd för sin uppfriskande havsluft och sina öppna vidder. Varför inte uppleva de magnifika vyerna av glittrande hav, enorma sanddyner och oändliga, klargula rapsfält redan i sommar?


Regionen Hannover bjuder på många spännande kontraster: Fantastiska evenemang, underbara utomhuskonserter, barockträdgården i Herrenhausen "Herrenhäuser Gärten" och ett pulserande konst- och kulturliv lockar att besöka huvudstaden i Niedersachsen. Turistiska attraktioner är bland annat Steinhuder Meer, Höhenzug Deister eller Marienburg Slott. Tack vare de korta avstånden och de bra tågförbindelserna i regionen, kan dessa höjdpunkter lätt kombineras med stadens attraktioner till en spännande upptäckningsresa.


När du en gång har upplevt stadens förtrollande och historiska atmosfär, och sett den mäktiga Kaiserburg, kommer du aldrig att glömma den. Den vackra "Gamla Stan" som ligger precis nedanför slottet består av otroligt vackra historiska byggnader. Spektakulära kyrkor, mysiga gränder och traditionella marknader. Nürnberg är en populär kulturstad och annordnar flera stora evenemang årligen. Bayerns näst största stad erbjuder också en uppsjö av kulinariska läckerheter, så varför inte stanna till vid en av de traditionella Bratwursthäuser (korvrestaurangerna) och prova en "3 im Weckla" (Nürnbergskt traditienlla grillkorv)?


Välkommen till Berlin - Tysklands huvudstad, som med en oerhörd och otrolig historia samt med de dynamiska förändringarna sedan murens fall, har en särskild utstrålning och fascinerande dragningskraft. Få andra europeiska storstäder har förändrats så mycket under de senaste åren. Naturligtvis vittnar de berömda sevärdheterna och landmärken som Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag och East Side Gallery fortfarande om stadens historia – men idag presenterar sig Berlin som en ung, dynamisk metropol i hjärtat av Europa med siktet inställt på nya trender inom arkitektur, konst och mode. Upptäck dess mångfald – njut av Berlin!

Berlin Quick Guide

Welcome to Berlin - The capital of Germany, which has been enormously affected by an incredible history as well as the dynamic changes since the Wall came down, exerts a very special kind of fascination. In no other European metropolis has so much changed in recent years. Of course, famous sightseeing landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and East Side Gallery still bear witness to the history of the city – but today Berlin presents itself as a young, dynamic metropolis open to the world right in the heart of Europe, setting new trends in architecture, art and fashion. Discover its diversity – enjoy Berlin!


“Discover your true nature“: This motto is the central philosophy encompassing the tourist attractions offered at the renowned holiday destination of Garmisch-Partenkirchen all year round. In the midst of beautiful mountain views, the most famous town of the Bavarian Alps offers a wide variety of topnotch holidays. At the foot of Mount Zugspitze, nature is splendid and mighty, the memories gained between the mountains and the valleys, the water and the sky are unique. Impressive historic facades and lovingly painted houses as well as its charming inhabitants give the town an open atmosphere and a sense of joie de vivre, which is touching, moving and unforgettable.

Black Forest Region

Set Out for New Discoveries Have you been dreaming of new inspiring experiences? If so, just step on board and disembark in the stunningly beautiful southern German district of Baden. We're here to show you just how many things there are to explore, all within easy reach of Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB). Here, in the heart of Europe, you will find a world of excitement just a hop, skip and a jump away from the airport: Magnificent countryside, art, culture and lifestyle, sports, exciting recreational fun, relaxing spa facilities and wonderful culinary delights. Take a look and choose your favourite destinations.


Dagens Frankfurt har mycket mer att erbjuda än skinande skyskrapor, Europas centralbank och dyra restauranger. Bakom den välputsade fasaden finns medeltida kvarter, inbjudande picknickparker och ett överraskande hälsosamt fritidsliv.


Romantic river valleys, picturesque vineyards, half-timbered houses, historical towns and castles – there’s a reason why Rhineland-Palatinate received the nickname "Romantic Germany". Located around the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Germany’s westernmost state shares borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, and France; here, not only can you look forward to a remarkable journey through charming valleys and past fairytale castles, but also to a wide range of spectacular attractions. Culture enthusiasts can delight in the extensive array of unforgettable highlights; more than 500 castles, palaces, and ancient ruins join numerous museums, exhibitions, and UNESCO World Heritage sites like Trier’s Roman buildings or the Speyer Cathedral to form a veritable treasure chest just waiting to be discovered.


Guldkupoler och blänkande spiror sticker upp på de skogstäckta bergen över den breda Dnjepr-floden. Lummiga Kiev med sina trafikerade boulevarder, varuhus, otaliga kyrkor, fantastiska musik och livliga nattliv har anammat kapitalismen men håller samtidigt fast vid sina traditioner. Grottklostret är Ukrainas andliga centrum, och inte långt därifrån håller den gigantiska Moderlandsstatyn från Brezhnev-tiden med sitt svärd och sin sköld ett allseende öga över staden samt floden och dess östränder.

Lake Balaton

Hungary does not have a coast anymore but it does have the Hungarian Sea, otherwise known as Lake Balaton. The lake has been popular since the Magyar tribes first galloped into the Carpathian Basin in 896 and shows no signs of losing its appeal. Around the 77 kilometre long lake is a collection of towns and resorts. Hévíz-Balaton Airport is situated 20 kilometres from Keszthely at the southern end of the lake. From there, hire a car or take a bus and explore some of the resorts. Balaton is not one single town but a collection of resorts dotted along the shore, each with its unique character: Balatonfüred’s elegant spa, Tihany’s abbey, Siófok’s nightlife, Keszthely’s history, Hévíz’s giant thermal lake and of course, all manner of water sports on the lake itself.


Budapest – en av världens vackraste städer – har bevarat sin själ genom de senaste åren av snabb modernisering. Idag har floden Donau, de gamla art noveau-palatsen och de breda boulevarderna fått sällskap av gourmetrestauranger och trendiga barer. Hit kommer de historieintresserade och de partysugna – och alla de som bara vill koppla av bland stadens många ångbad.


Vitrysslands huvudstad är en av de mest fascinerande städerna i Östeuropa. Lika känd för sin extraordinära historia som sin imponerande Sovjet-inspirerade arkitektur, lummiga parker och excentriska människor, Minsk är oförglömlig.


Linz – a cultural metropolis, and an oasis of green. Linz an der Donau is an innovative, contemporary city. It is a place where nature, culture and business come together to form a harmonious whole. The 2009 European Capital of Culture sports the slogan “Linz, verändert” (“Linz, changes”), and lives up to the slogan in full. Linz, a successful location for business, has emerged as an outstanding destination for culture, offering dynamism and a high quality of life. The capital city of Upper Austria is a showcase for theatre and music, but equally for contemporary art, history and science.

St Anton

St Anton am Arlberg is a holiday region with a world-wide reputation, and rightfully so. A superlative winter sports area with excellent guest services, ferris wheel cable car, the wellness centre, the finest gourmet cuisine, an excellent walking area, the multi-functional sports centre arl.rock and numerous events which all contribute towards an unforgettable vacation. With guaranteed snow from the end of November to the end of April, 84 lifts, access to 280 kilometres (174 miles) of marked ski runs and 180 kilometres (112 miles) of off-piste possibilities as well as a Funpark, St Anton am Arlberg delivers the very best conditions for a de luxe winter vacation.

St Anton Summer

Mountains and nature, sport and relaxation, health and well-being, traditional yet contemporary – St. Anton am Arlberg is also a popular summer holiday destination, where guests looking for either sporting activities or some welcome R & R are equally well catered for. Whether walking in the mountains, climbing, cycling, rafting, swimming, enjoying one of the many festivals or simply relaxing – holidays are an intense experience in this Tyrolean holiday resort between Kapall, Galzig and Valluga with a great summer activity programme for the whole family.


Most people associate Salzburg with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the movie "Sound of Music." The city is certainly as beautiful in real life as it is on the silver screen. Some of its features are straight out of a fairytale – rustic medieval buildings, Baroque gems and quaint little squares.


Graz – Austria’s culinary and cultural capital. A practical tip from the start: If you want to explore Graz, wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing. Why? Even if Graz is actually small – the second-largest city in Austria with a quarter of a million resident by no means a “big city” – you should be prepared for the fact that time also flies in the many short lanes. Comfortable footwear goes easy on busy feet here. In the historic old town with its roads, streets, squares and courtyards there’s lots to explore and even more to be enjoyed, for Graz is also the culinary capital which you should not only see but taste as well.


Wien får nog de flesta av oss att tänka på svepande valser och stora operabaler, vackra byggnadsverk, Spanska ridskolan och anrik kafékultur. Historia och tradition i alla ära men Wien har även en annan sida: den unga, trendiga och kreativa. I distriktet Freihausviertel frodas skaparglädjen och unga designers och konstnärer ställer ut och säljer sina verk.

North America


With a culture and natural landscape as colorful as its history (it was once declared a “pirate republic” by infamous pirates Charles Vane, Calico Jack Rackham, "Blackbeard" Edward Teach, Anne Bonny, and Mary Read!), Nassau is The Bahamas’ crown jewel. With a booming Downtown District, Nassau makes for some wonderful on-land entertainment. The beaches are its signature attraction, however, with the likes of Cable Beach at its helm. Turquoise waters boast the best clarity on the planet with a visibility of over 200 feet!


The world bestowed a wealth of biodiversity, rainforests, waterfalls, and sublime coastlines to Quepos, Costa Rica. Named for the native Quepoa Indians who inhabited the area in the colonial era, Quepos is quite the natural wonder. Only ten degrees north of the equator, the city also champions the Pacific Ocean to its west and the Caribbean Sea to its east. Such prime coordinates provides a veritable sanctuary for outdoors enthusiasts.

Puerto Plata

In his first trip to the stupendous region, Christopher Columbus noted the silver-tipped appearance of the area’s prominent mountain. As “plata” is Spanish for “silver,” Columbus christened it “Monte de Plata,” and the city became known as Puerto de Plata. Since then it is referred to by its abbreviated name—and it continues to draw curious and adventurous visitors. Luring vacationers much as it had Columbus, Puerto Plata is one of the Dominican Republic’s most renowned cities. Lending to a bright culture of friendly people and recreational activities, Puerto Plata will exceed even your wildest and greatest of expectations.

Punta Cana

On the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic lies jubilant Punta Cana. Its name hearkens to the signature cane palms that pepper the region (“Punta Cana” literally translates to "Tip of the White Cane Palms"), and its popularity has been celebrated since the 1970s. Best known for its stretch of palm-laden beaches and thatch-roofed “balnearios” (seaside resort towns), Punta Cana is a nonstop, Caribbean party!


Jamaica braves on as of the most laidback destinations in the Caribbean with the small town of Lucea. Secluded private coves and endless stretches of sugary sand beaches comprise the greater Hanover Parish, wrapping tiny Lucea in its graces. Its locals extend an ever-inviting hand to visitors who seek the town’s calming, tranquil demeanor.


Vancouver has been called exciting, dynamic, amazing, vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan. Combining the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the majesty of the Coastal Mountains, and a mild climate makes Vancouver one of the most intriguing cities in the world. It is an outdoor-oriented city, offering health enthusiasts a wide range of sports – remember, Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Visitors of all ages will find activities to satisfy all expectations of this Canadian treasure.

St Hippolyte

Fastened along the stunning Laurentian Mountains in Québec, Canada is the small municipality of Saint-Hippolyte. Named for the celebrated 3rd century Roman theologian, the town is only 45 km north of Montreal. Visitors do not come to Saint-Hippolyte for a swift vicinity to nearby cities, however: it claims its own appeal with captivating beauty, lush vegetation, and snow laden domains. Come to Saint-Hippolyte for the perfect recreational decamp.


Toronto is an urban mosaic of cultures and ethnicities and heralded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is the most heavily populated city in Canada, a cosmopolitan financial, commercial and cultural center, blending its multicultural heritage — about 80 ethnic groups speaking more than 100 languages — with urban chic.


The perfect trip. The ideal adventure. Whistler is Canada’s answer to your expectations of endless fun and relaxation. Located in the breathtaking Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Whistler is a resort community that even hosted the world during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Prior to the Olympics and quickly after, the town became an international oasis for adventure and beauty. The Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains provide a natural getaway for alpine skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and mountain biking, hiking, and camping during summer.


Zihuatanejo combines Mexican culture, wonderful nature and old-fashioned charm. This picturesque fishing town is a unique beach destination and the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the best in life. Many of you might remember Zihuatanejo from the all-time movie success, Shawshank Redemption. This is the place where the two characters decide to meet after their release. With Ixtapa only a few kilometres away you get a two-for-one deal coming here, combining the traditional, calm Zihuatanejo and the modern Ixtapa.


Cancúns white sandy beaches and inviting warm, crystal clear waters makes it a paradise for all beach and water sports enthusiasts. Add a vibrant nightlife and the closeness to the breathtaking Mayan ruins and you have Mexico´s most popular tourist hot spot. Caring for four million tourists yearly, it´s hard to understand this beautiful resort was a sleepy fishing village just a few decades ago. Cancún is best known as a family, sporting and wedding resort where you can chose your own pace and lifestyle to suit your frame of mind. Its colorful buzz and ancient traditions co-existing with ultra-modern developments enchant everyone, from backpackers to luxury travelers.

Los Cabos

Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, the once-remote area of Los Cabos has transformed itself into an international resort destination. Many visitors come for the stunning beaches and what is known as the Corridor, a 33 kilometer stretch of spectacular coastline that runs between the twin towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Both towns have been known to captivate and charm travelers from all over the world, and host an array of internationally renowned events, including the Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin tournament ( and the SCORE Baja 1000 off-road race (

Riviera Maya

Few destinations on earth cause as much amazement as Riviera Maya. What makes this destination special is the privileged location on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea embrace the powdery white sand of the beaches that cover the coastline. The 120 km of Caribbean coast that stretches the length of Riviera Maya exudes the multifaceted spirit of the destination. Sun and Sand, Maya Culture, ziplining, cenotes, diving and snorkeling, shopping and nightlife are just a few of the many exiting options Riviera Maya offers to provide their guests with a truly unique and marvellous experience. Welcome to Riviera Maya!

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is pairs the architecture of colonial Mexico with the flair of its modern, beach resort city persona. Located in the gorgeous Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is both a tropical and cultural epicenter. Luxury cruises make it a frequent stop along their vacation routes, for the sandy beaches seem quite endless! Art lovers will find a paradise in Puerto Vallarta as well, for the city holds its own with numerous neighborhoods and districts dedicated to creative expression.

Chiriqui, Central America

Chiriqui, described by many as the “breadbasket" of Panama, is comprised of fertile mountains and rolling hills, rocky rivers and coffee plantations, pristine beaches and islands with world class sports fishing and a thriving city conveniently close to all destinations within the province. Located in the western-most region of Panama, Chiriqui is bordered to the north by Bocas del Toro, to the west by Costa Rica, to the east by the Veraguas and to the south by the Pacific Ocean.

Panama City, Central America

Welcome to Panama, the heart of the Americas, a country with great contrasts, kilometers of beaches on both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, pristine islands, fertile highlands, historic landmarks, great outdoor adventures, lush nature, indigenous tribes, a thriving, vibrant, cosmopolitan city and, of course, the Panama Canal. Panama is a real treat for nature and history lovers, foodies and it is a shopping paradise.

Exotic Islands of Panama, Central America

The Republic of Panama has a privileged geographic position bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and the south by the Pacific Ocean. It therefore has a plethora of islands varying in sizes and includes uninhabited pristine islets, national marine parks, as well as up-and-coming hipster and backpacker islands with a great nightlife. Caribbean islands have a different feeling due to the influence of the African culture, while other Caribbean Islands are inhabited by local indigenous tribes preserving their pre-Columbian traditions. The most popular islands in Panama are Bocas del Toro, San Blas (Guna Yala), Taboga, Coiba, and the Pearl Islands. The Pearl Islands is an archipelago that is comprised of 90 islands and 100 islets with the most popular being Isla Contadora, Isla San José, Isla Viveros and Isla Saboga.

San Juan

San Juan is the vibrant, cosmopolitan capital of the island of Puerto Rico. Encompassing hundreds of years of history, the city blends Spanish-era historic sites – such as the San Felipe del Morro fortress, with modern entertainment and fashionable shopping districts. More than a million people call San Juan home, while hundreds of thousands of tourists call it their favorite place to vacation each year. Its perfect year-round climate makes the city an ideal venue for international sporting events such as the World Baseball Classic and National Basketball Association Games, for which the city always puts on its best face.

St Martin

Soldränkta och palmkantade Saint Martin är en av de vackraste öarna i östra Karibien. Den har också en dubbel personlighet: den norra delen av ön är en liten fransk utpost och den södra utstrålar holländsk värme. Men det finns i princip ingen gräns mellan de två delarna. Som turist kan du sysselsätta dig med allt från vattensport och kulturfestival till shopping.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Visit Greater Raleigh, N.C., North Carolina's state capital area, where the things to do and see—museums, history, the arts, sports, shopping, music—are as unexpected and electrifying as the area's innovative mindset. Take a deep breath and recharge at hotels where staff will treat you with genuine Southern hospitality. Study the flavors in unforgettable meals at restaurants where you'll taste the area's newfound culinary creativity. Experience one of the most dynamic (and affordable) destinations in the Southeast. We hope to see you soon!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Fort Lauderdale of today is a destination that will keep the well-travelled with discriminating taste satisfied. With some of the best restaurants and boutique hotels in the state, this city is a hipster’s paradise.

Houston, Texas

Beläget i Texas, den fjärde största staden i USA, känd för NASA, årlig Rodeo och den massiva kluster av sjukhus som kallas Texas Medical Center. Houston har mognat till en komplett och rent av häftig destination för den smarta resenären. Staden är en mångsidig metropol där ingen etnicitet består av en majoritet av befolkningen. Denna blandning av kulturer har bidragit till att göra Houston en stad med utsökt mat i världsklass, kultur, nöjen och shopping. Det är ingen överraskning att Houston lockar besökare från hela världen.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the birthplace of America, Philadelphia has endured centuries of peril, challenges and conquest to remain one of the nation’s top attractions. Historical buildings, sculptures and murals line streets that were once walked by the Founding Fathers of the United States. The weather varies during the seasons, vacillating from mild springs, to hot summers, to chilly winters, but people can always be seen out and about in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cathedral City, California

Less than 10 miles from Palm Springs resides Cathedral City. Deriving its name from the eponymous Cathedral Canyon, the City also features the natural landmarks of desert and mountain ranges common to Coachella Valley. Visitors frequently take to Cathedral City’s sparkling golf courses, which are the area’s prominent attractions, in the Boulder and Pebble courses of the Cimarron Golf Resort, as well as the Cathedral Canyon Golf Club course.

Olympic Valley, California

As the sight of the five Olympic Rings and the 1960 Winter Olympics, the eponymous Olympic Valley remains an international symbol of sportsmanship. Decades later, Olympic skiers and snowboarders still come to Olympic Valley to train on the resort's advanced skill slopes and terrain parks, while novice and intermediate skiers explore the nearby paths suited to their skill levels. Olympic Valley is the second largest ski area in the Lake Tahoe Region, with 34 lifts providing access to 3,600 ski-able acres spread across six peaks and award-winning parks.

Dennis Port, Massachusetts

Dennis Port is one of five villages that comprise the town of Dennis in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. For years, Cape Cod has been a place where America's wealthy come to relax during the summer months. The Cape's perfect beaches and the warm waters of Nantucket Sound and Cape Cod Bay provide desirable conditions for sunbathing, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and other activities.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Concerts, motorcycle rallies, world-class shopping, and extensive beaches all lend to Myrtle Beach’s reign as a top vacation destination in not just South Carolina, but all of the United States. Over 14 million annual visitors flock to Myrtle Beach’s subtropical climate and subtropical recreation. Countless golf courses glitter the area, along with water and amusement parks, museums, historical sites, and more. Sail the coast or relax on the soft sand of the beaches!

Syracuse, New York

A trip to New York is not complete without a visit to Syracuse, the fifth most populous city in the state of New York and the hub of Central New York, a region inhabited by over one million people. Syracuse is the home of a vibrant community with a wealth of activitiies. DESTINY USA, the 6th largest mall in the United States and the largest Mall in New York State are in Syracuse. Renowned Syracuse University and the Carrier Dome host the highest Academic Courses along with the Carrier Dome’s finest home sports games featuring their Syracuse Orangemen and Orangewomens’s Basketball, Lacrosse & Football Teams. More sports are available at the OnCenter’s War Memorial Arena, which features the Syracuse Crunch Hockey Team. In addition to the arena, the OnCenter features the The OnCenter Theaters and Oncenter Convention Center. The enormous NBT Stadium is home to the Syracuse Chiefs AAA Baseball Team, the Farm Team of the Professional Major League Toronto Blue Jays.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is situated along the shores of the vast Chesapeake Bay nearly 200 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Since the 1600s, Baltimore waterways have given passage to ships carrying commercial cargo and new citizens - making it the second most popular point of entry for immigrants next to Ellis Island. It is located approximately 35 miles northeast of Washington DC and 75 miles southwest of Philadelphia, PA. With hundreds of identified districts, Baltimore has sometimes been dubbed "a city of neighborhoods," but is more commonly known as "Charm City." Baltimoreans take pride in their city, boasting one of the most remarkable transformations in history, yet they continue to welcome and amaze visitors with down to earth, small town spirit and hospitality.

Leavenworth, Washington

You would never expect to step into Bavaria while visiting Washington, but upon entering Leavenworth, you will certainly feel as though you have been transported to Germany. Nearly 25% of the town's residents can trace their ancestry back to Germany, and they have brought that European feel with them. Though the town is small, what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality. Enjoy great food, fantastic people, beautiful land, and a bevy of activities for every season. If you're visiting in the winter, make sure to go skiing or sleigh riding; in the summer, take part in wine tastings, river rafting, and spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains. October may be the best time to visit as Leavenworth is a fantastic place for Oktoberfest, which is celebrated throughout the month. Don't worry, though; if you can't be there for October, with all the delicious German foods, beers, cafés, Bavarian architecture, and beautiful views, anytime is a great time to visit Leavenworth.

Montgomery, Texas

The Lone Star Flag of Texas is one of the most recognizable state flags in the United States. Now travelers have the chance to explore its birthplace. Montgomery, Texas is rife with state history, with July of 2012 marking its 175th anniversary. Founded around the Lake Creek Settlement in 1837, Montgomery now finds itself surrounding Lake Conroe. The lake serves as a focal point for much of its attraction: visitors take advantage of the friendly waters for boating, fishing, swimming, and other fun activities year-round.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island, on the southern coast of South Carolina, is filled with beautiful ocean views, antebellum relics, beds of oysters, and Southern charm. Everything about the island speaks of posh sophistication with a laid back attitude. Out on the ocean waters you can see trawlers and other boats; in the canals and inlets, yachts are frequently floating and enjoying the sunny weather. Golf courses designed by some of the sport's finest players abound, as do alligators sunning themselves in sand traps and small ponds. Dolphins frequently swim the waters of Harbour Town, a unique section of Hilton Head that caters to yachts, shoppers, and golfers. Restaurants featuring fresh fish and oysters are everywhere. In whatever season you visit, Hilton Head Island and its surrounding areas are full of fun things to do year round.

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Pampas grass lines the dunes that border the small town of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. The tufts of their leaves, fluffy and swaying with the breezes sweeping from the Atlantic Ocean, seem to mimic the fluffy clouds that sweep overhead in the blue skies. Since the 1920s vacationers have penciled in Atlantic Beach for weekend getaways and summer trips. Perhaps this is because of the town’s pristine sands and seaside activities, or maybe it’s because nothing beats dinner and an oceanview sunset. Either way, the Beach is calling.

Lynden, Washington

Step into Lynden, Washington and consider yourself stepping into Little Netherlands! A Dutch heritage is present in the town’s dairy farms, blueberry and strawberry fields, parks, museums, and its architecture. There also seems to be an alluring vicinity to other points of interest, including Canada five miles north, county seat Bellingham 15 miles away, and half-an-hour’s drive from the Pacific Ocean. Skiers may be happy to know that the popular Mount Baker is only an hour away as well!

Branson, Missouri

World class shows. Neon lights set aglow. Numerous attractions lining the strip. But look again—this isn’t Las Vegas. This is Branson, Missouri. Lauded as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” Branson draws myriads of visitors to its theaters, which feature anything from comedic magic acts to Elvis Presley tributes. The natural beauty cannot be ignored either, for the Ozark Mountains provide a terrain of sparkling waters and forested trails. It does tend to be humid in Branson, but the temperatures are mild to moderate, with around 209 sunny days per year.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Historic pride and natural beauty - Williamsburg seems to have the best of both as millions of travelers visit the city every year for its timeless attractions and verdant landscape. Colonial remnants of buildings, museums, hotels, and even taverns are favorites of locals and vacationers alike, with Revolutionary reenactments and interpretations spanning the hillsides and battlefields. Take to the waters with Old World schooners, sailing with the Virginian breezes that were once experienced by legendary figures like George Washington and John Smith. Come visit Williamsburg and become a part of true American history.

Jackson, Wyoming

Wyoming attracts those who need not the frills and thrills of traditional vacation hotspots or high-octane amusements. It attracts those who are drawn instinctually to areas of earthy subsistence, where the only apparent wealth is a wealth of nature and beauty. The town of Jackson Hole is a reflection of its greater state, having both an aesthetic appreciation of its wilderness, as well as a nod to a heritage of ranching and farming. In recognition of its wonderful outdoors, Ski Magazine even named the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort “North America's Overall #1 Resort for 2014.” Embrace the wide open “old West” with a travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Mason, Ohio

Mason is the largest city in Warren County and was was listed as #7 in Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" list in 2013. Mason is a continuously growing community, with new businesses and attractions opening every year. When you visit Mason, you will have no shortage of activities. Mason is home to many museums, businesses, attractions, shops, and much more. With the community growing so rapidly, you never know what there will be to do next.

Payson, Arizona

Boasting of the grand Mogollon Rim and peppered with lakes and rivers, Payson is Arizona's diamond in the rough. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and explorations remain the town's biggest attractions, luring visitors year after year who seek a swift escape to the wide, wild west.

Blaine, Washington

Blaine, Washington is perfectly placed for the ultimate escape. Positioned 35 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia and 110 miles north of bustling Seattle, Blaine certainly carves out its own stake in bliss. In addition to a reputation for being an incredibly clean, safe town, Blaine glistens in natural beauty. Over a dozen parks are fit for bird watching, biking, and trailblazing, while a handful of manicured golf courses also add to an itinerary of outdoor recreation.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Utah’s dominance as a ski resort state continues with the vivacious Steamboat Springs. Boasting activities for all the seasons, Steamboat Springs also nods to an extensive western heritage that encompasses ranching traditions. After exploring the city’s historical sites, visitors are elated to partake in world-class skiing, biking, fishing, hunting, relaxing in the natural hot springs, and more. The Springs play host to popular annual events, fine cuisine, and shoppingcenters as well.

Ocean Shores, Washington

Ocean Shores, Washington is Western Washington's #1 beach destination. On your trip to Ocean Shores, you are guaranteed to be delighted and entertained. Horseback ride on the sandy beaches, catch fresh fish from the ocean, bird watch in the local parks, and, after the sun sets, enjoy Ocean Shores' vibrant night life. There is never a dull moment at Ocean Shores.

Ketchum, Idaho

Both Ketchum and nearby Sun Valley are located in Wood River Valley, a region which is home to the Sun Valley Ski Resort, the Sawtooth National Forest, and the river from which it gets its name, Big Wood River. Originally named Leadville, Ketchum was founded in 1880 and grew around the lead and silver mining operations located there. At the same time, travelers were coming to Sun Valley to take advantage of the purported healing powers of the hot springs. Today, people still come to Ketchum and Sun Valley to relax. Sun Valley is home to one of the country's most famous ski resorts, and Ketchum is considered the gateway to the Sun Valley Resort and the Sawtooth Recreation Area. Ketchum is also located close to the natural wonders of Big Wood River and parts of the Boise, Challis and Sawtooth National forests, thus providing visitors with a multitude of opportunities for fishing, hiking and trail riding. In town, it is apparent the residents of Ketchum celebrate their pioneer heritage and have combined their Old West roots with modern life. Nothing is more of a testament to this fact than the annual Wagon Days Big Hitch Parade, which features horse-drawn buggies, wagons and carts traveling down streets lined with modern shops and galleries.

Maui, Hawaii

Before the age of airplane transportation and luxury cruises, a vacation to the otherwise unattainable Hawaiian Islands was the stuff of dreams—accessed by way of picture books, films, and wishful conversation. Now the world introduces itself to Hawaii again and again throughout the seasons, and no time is better than the present to visit its second largest island. Maui has been voted "Best Island" by Conde Nast Traveler for the last 19 years, and it consistently succeeds as the ultimate vacation destination.

Carlsbad, California

Nicknamed "The Village by the Sea," Carlsbad enjoys seven miles of tidy, uncongested beaches along the Pacific coastline. This makes it perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing, all paired with a mild climate. Furthermore, Carlsbad impresses with three lagoons, a lake, an aquarium, museums, and shopping districts. As if that weren't enough, the town's proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles provides a multitude of additional options within a short drive.

Denver, Colorado

The “Mile High City” makes its residence among the towering mountains and sweeping prairies, creating a memorable and lasting experience for both Denver citizens and visitors. As the capital of Colorado, Denver’s position along the Rocky Mountains affords it a semi-arid climate of comfortably warm temperatures and 300 sunny days a year. This also makes for interesting changes in weather patterns, as the city is known for its sudden but brief thunderstorms. Beautiful parks, biking and running trails, and a citywide, walker-friendly environment mean that most people take to the outside for their daily activities. Spritely pubs, clubs and restaurants give Denver an abundance of nightlife options, as well as the extensive and local music scene. There is a reason Denver was once deemed the “Queen City of the West.”

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is a city on the rise. Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River, it is rumored that iconic American writer Mark Twain was the first to assign the name ‘Twin Cities’ to Minneapolis and neighboring city St. Paul.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the oldest and second largest city in the southeastern state of South Carolina. The city lies just south of the geographical midpoint of South Carolina's coastline and is located on Charleston Harbor, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The first shots of the Civil War were even fired from its own harbors. Thankfully for history and architecture lovers, Charleston wasn't destroyed and stands today as a salute to antebellum houses, lovers of the South, and the most haunted city in America.

San Francisco, California

"Varje människa bör ha rätt att älska två städer - sin egen och San Francisco" sade författaren Gene Fowler. San Francisco, även känd som staden vid bukten, är en mångsidig, färgstark och spännande destination som lockar besökare från alla hörn av världen med sin skönhet, kultur, historia och dynamiska atmosfär. San Francisco är dock mest känt för sina branta backar, vackra panoramavyer och utmärkta kök. Den eklektiska blandningen av arkitektur, sandstränder, etnisk och kulturell mångfald och underhållning för alla åldrar gör San Francisco till ett utmärkt semesterval.

Oahu, Hawaii

Staden Honolulu är ett fantastiskt idylliskt semestermål, omgivet av grönskande berg av vilande vulkaner, Stilla havets brus och palmkantade vita stränder. Honolulu förför alla som kommer på besök med ett överflöd av vacker natur och sevärdheter i en levande och pulserande storstad.

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is California’s masterpiece. The basin of glistening waters and palatial mountains was formed out of calamitous volcanic activity and glacial works of art millions of years ago, giving rise to the astounding tourist attraction of today. Divided into North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe with equal parts gorgeous, Tahoe keeps locals and visitors occupied all year round. Ski resorts, warm-weather recreation, casinos, reputable nightlife venues, fantastic food, and perfect access to Reno, Carson City and Sacramento all make Lake Tahoe the ultimate vacation.

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

New England itself is pure charisma. Representing much of the world’s inspiration, the area is draped by sparkling snow in the winter, swept with seaside fresh air during spring and summer, and painted with the changing colors of its trees during autumn. Waterville Valley, Hew Hampshire is a beacon of these seasons and a proud, New England town. Its resort is the focal point, lending to recreational activities throughout the seasons that include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming and more. And not to be overlooked, the White Mountain National Forest also wraps Waterville Valley in its scenic landscape.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is poised with the grace and promise of an existence that spans 400 years. As the nation's oldest capital city, Santa Fe bears an identity that extends past Anglo-America and into Spanish and Pueblo heritages. History aficionados and culture enthusiasts are drawn to the “The City Different” each year. Explore numerous museums and partake in community-wide celebrations. Santa Fe is a paradise for the bold hearted.

Capistrano Beach, California

Capistrano Beach is not the traditional “city,” but its charming small town atmosphere and myriads of recreational opportunities have christened it a viable vacation destination. Branching off from the city of Dana Point, “Capo Beach” is also bordered by the vivacious Laguna Beach to the north and San Clemente to the south. As one of the few remaining "beach towns" in the busy Orange County area, Capo Beach has (impressively) avoided much of the commercialization common to the area. This makes for a great, uncongested stay.

Dallas, Texas

As a metropolitan of amazing proportions, Dallas is the primary destination of travel and excitement in Texas. Drawing those with an innovative spirit, Dallas possesses an uncanny ability to combine Southern charm with commercial finesse. Its citizens have christened the city “Big D” in fitting manner, for much like the state in which it resides, Dallas boasts of big style. From the endless entertainment and dining districts of its downtown, to sporting attractions spanning FIVE professional teams that include “America’s Team” in the Dallas Cowboys, you can guarantee a good time with a relaxing, sunny breeze in the city that never ceases to amaze.

Newport, Oregon

Newport, Oregon is a beachcomber's paradise. The bustling port town is one of Central Coast’s prides, serving home or a proximity to 6 beaches! Newport’s unique fishing and maritime identity flows with Yaquina Bay (featuring the largest commercial fishing fleet in the state of Oregon), the Marine Science Center, Undersea Gardens, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It doesn’t end there, though: Newport also flaunts a downtown “Deco” district replete with art deco buildings, art galleries, creative shops, and cute restaurants.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta today is the economic and cultural center of the Southern United States. It offers a traditional charm with a modern flair. The city is filled with attractions and activities, including the Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest), the Atlanta Olympic Park the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta is also rich in history with the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Pulitzer Prize winning Author of "Gone with Wind", Margaret Mitchell commemorated by display of her Home and Museum. Atlanta also has stellar performance venues that showcase the Atlanta Opera, the Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta's renowned Symphony Orchestra. Before or after the show, Atlanta's selection of fine restaurants offer a selection of the best food in the South.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is "The World's Most Famous Beach!" Known for its stretches of smooth sandy beaches that have made driving and racing motorized vehicles a popular past time for over 100 years, Daytona Beach impresses. The booming racing legacy continues to this day, with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) and Grand American Road Racing Association housing their headquarters here. Daytona Beach also beckons with activities for absolutely everyone on your trip: spend the day perusing the Downtown Shopping District, take to the greens with world-class golf, explore endless historical sites and museums, and find some peace among the nature preserves and parks.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Described by the New York Times as “a desert version of Miami's South Beach,” Scottsdale is Arizona’s biggest hit. The city is rich in culture and natural grandeur. The Scottsdale Arts District lends to proud attractions of galleries, studios, and museums, while architectural majesties like Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West supplement the city’s Western heritage. High-end corporate retail outlets and independent boutiques draw myriad savvy shoppers to Scottsdale — and so does the vibrant nightlife. Also, its position on the northern stretches of the Sonoran Desert and the McDowell Mountain Range paints Scottsdale spectacular.

Rangeley, Maine

The state of Maine sets its own pace among the otherwise bustling New England. With an eased temperament that stems from lakefront breezes and whispering forests, the town of Rangeley does not stray from its state’s tempo. As "Maine's Four Season Playground," the town boasts Lake Mooselookmeguntic, which provides fodder for outdoors connoisseurs looking to fish, boat, kayak, and explore. Rangeley also transforms into a winter wonderland for skiing, snowboarding, and traversing the landscape.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Whether lounging on the beach watching volleyball and basking in the sun with your favorite drink, or filling your traveling schedule to the maximum with museums, architecture, concerts, dining and shopping, the Tampa Bay Area is sure to please. Fresh seafood, nationally recognized steak houses and trendy martini bars keep visitors and locals busy in the evenings.

Seattle, Washington

Progressive and yet laid back, Seattle offers a wide range of entertainment, live music and family fun for all to enjoy.Called The Emerald City, Seattle is the largest city in the Northwest United States and is home to the iconic Space Needle, the famous Pike Place Market and the new Chihuly Garden and Glass. Noted as the birthplace of grunge music and serious coffee shops (Starbucks and Tully’s), Seattle is far sunnier than its reputation as a rainy city. In fact, Seattle receives less rain than many major U.S. cities including New York and Miami. Seattle is a green city with an abundance of evergreen trees and spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

San Diego, California

Du kanske har hört att San Diego har det bästa klimatet i USA och det är förmodligen sant. Som om det underbara vädret inte var tillräckligt, så har San Diego också en 120 km lång och vacker kustlinje, där du hittar några av Kaliforniens populäraste stränder. Om du frågar vilken som är bäst så kommer de flesta människorna att svara "La Jolla." Denna bildsköna del av norra San Diego är känt som en av de vackraste platserna på västkusten. Om du bor i centrum, då är ett besök till det 1.200 hektar stora Balboa Park ett måste - en sann nationalskatt. Det är också en av många anledningar till varför 30 miljoner människor reser till San Diego varje år.

Park City, Utah

Before rising to global and national significance with the arrival of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Park City, Utah was a relatively unknown gem of the west. Residents adored the area for its abundance of recreational opportunities, from hiking and biking, to skiing and snowboarding. This opportunity was capitalized upon during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games—which was consequently deemed the most successful in Winter Olympics history. The spotlight has remained on Park City, with Forbes Traveler Magazine naming it among the “20 prettiest Towns in the United States,” and the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s bestowing of the Gold-level Ride Center designation for the city’s mountain bike trails, services, and community spirit.

Napa, California

Think “Napa” and your palate twinges with delight as images of endless vineyards and glasses of wine come to mind. Napa, California has been synonymous with such delicacies for quite some time—and with good reason. As County seat to one of the Great Wine Capitals (there are only nine in the world), Napa is proud to associate itself with some of the most experienced and enthusiastic wine aficionados on the planet. Do not be fooled, however: Napa is also home to fine attractions, such as Main Street’s "Restaurant Row," the West End, the Oxbow District, historical districts, grand Victorian homes, acclaimed luxury hotels, and not to mention, beautiful weather and clean, clear air.

Concord, NC

Following in the steps of its fellow northeastern cities within the early Colonies, the city of Concord was established around the spirit of unity, harmony, and friendship. As the name “Concord” actually means “with harmony,” these characteristics are seen all over the city. Residential, business, industrial, and historical elements are all blended together to make Concord an impressive cocktail of evolution and tradition.

Coronado, California

The “Crown City” was designed with one thought in mind: capitalize on the area’s abundance of sun, sand, and Pacific skies. Coronado, California is an island resort community within San Diego County and champions America’s “Best Beach.” Over 2 million people venture to the city each year to partake in the glory of a refreshing climate, great hospitality, world-renowned restaurants, chic boutiques, unending cultural events, and endless opportunities for exploring Coronado’s outdoors.

Falmouth, Massachusetts

If you love the beach and the unique seaside air, Falmouth, Massachusetts, is definitely the place to see. Ride across Cape Cod along the Island Queen Ferry, relax on the warm and pleasant Old Silver Beach, or take a scenic tour of the Nobska Lighthouse in this comforting city. There is plenty to do and see here, so stop by and have a blast!

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai challenges the conventional getaway with the mantra that you should never compromise on perfection while choosing vacation destinations. With 50 combined miles of stark, white sand beaches; bounties of tropical flowers; 10 spectacular golf courses; opportunities for both deep sea and freshwater fishing; several navigable rivers; world-class resorts, and more, Kauai is THE definition of perfection.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Murrells Inlet channels the charm of South Carolina with undertones of its colonial past and a menagerie of modern vacation amenities. As “The Seafood Capital of South Carolina,” Murrells Inlet welcomes visitors to explore its fishing enterprise—from the sea to your plate! Not only are the cuisines and restaurants renowned, but so are the area’s collection of golf courses. But perhaps most spectacularly, Murrells Inlet is a nature lover’s paradise: Spanish moss drapes grand oaks that have stood for centuries, and seabirds glide over the sparkling waters of the Atlantic.

Phoenix, Arizona

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a fantastically plumed bird that achieves immortality through rebirth. This rebirth often occurs in the midst of the sun, so there is little surprise that the city of Phoenix, Arizona took the name of such a fascinating creature. Bathed in sunshine for 85% of the daylight hours, Phoenix is in the unique position of have warm weather year round. While temperatures do reach upwards of 100 degrees in the summer months, it’s dry heat you can breathe—without the downfalls of humidity! Phoenix is also the most populous state capitol in the U.S., which translates to a richly diverse collection of cultures and activities. And perhaps most spectacularly, every drive or stroll through the city is accompanied by a backdrop of the Sonoran Desert, sandy mountain ranges and eternal blue skies.

Estes Park, Colorado

Located 90 miles northwest of Denver, Estes Park is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The mountain terrain and mild temperatures, with summer highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and lows in the 40s, make ideal conditions for such outdoor activities as hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping and wildlife and bird watching. Estes Park is not just one vast wilderness, though. The city is also teeming with a multitude of dining and shopping experiences.

Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City is unique in that it is located within two states: Missouri and Kansas. Officially nicknamed "The City of Fountains," it boasts beautiful scenery and luxurious locales. From its famous barbecue to its lustrous casinos, there is plenty to do, see, and eat in Kansas City.

West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach is Miami’s less popular, but just as hip little sister. Known for its art festivals, nightlife and extensive shopping choices, this city serves both the young family set with zoos and museums and the epicurean crew with a myriad of foodie delights.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city that comes instantly to mind for millions of people each year with thoughts of traveling the United States. Steeped in cultural references, the fanciful streetcar transportation even prompted Tennessee Williams to pen his play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Festivity carries in the air as much as the sounds of saxophones and trumpets. New Orleans is a constant celebration of the human spirit, from the ever-lively Mardi Gras and Carnivals to the breathtaking and historic tombs draped in oak canopies and Spanish moss. The winters are short and mild and the summers bring plenty of heat and sunshine, so take to the streets with a delicious “sno-ball” in hand and make New Orleans your next destination.

Sedona, Arizona

Veritably and relatively still untouched by man, Sedona seems to be the Earth’s own conception of perfection. Grand red rocks extend upwards as natural skyscrapers, while clear waters flow in streams around them. Communities of people have been drawn to the grace and transformative qualities of Sedona for millennia. Native Americans thrived in the area before the arrival of Europeans, and now both international visitors and national citizens are taking advantage of the stunning city. Sedona often serves as a spiritual retreat for thousands, while others come for the wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Key West, Florida

First explored in the year 1521, the spectacular city of Key West, is part of the Monroe County, FL, United States, and also the southernmost city in the Continental US. It is located 129 miles and approximately two hours away form the cosmopolitan city of Miami. With its impeccable weather, Key West enjoys the distinction of being a major seaport destination for many passenger cruise ships. With its perpetual blue skies, Key West is also a premier location for naval aviation training, at Naval Air Station Key. With a renowned reputation as the Mecca for summer fun, this spectacular city will offer you scenic beaches, an abundance of exciting venues to explore the ocean, multi-ethnic restaurants, and luxurious hotels with breathtaking views.

Banner Elk, North Carolina

As a dreamscape among the North Carolina mountainside, Banner Elk is a favorite destination for countless individuals and families seeking fun in the outdoors. The “ski capitol of the South” beckons with fishing, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, golfing and—of course—skiing! Banner Elk also wields a climate that accommodates every itinerary, spanning the Blue Ridge and Grandfather Mountains, picturesque communities, fine restaurants, and specialty shopping.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The coastal barrier city of New Smyrna Beach is “Florida’s Secret Pearl” with good reason. Consistently given recognition on numerous “best surf town” lists, New Smyrna Beach was even ranked as "one of the world's top 20 surf towns" by National Geographic Magazine in 2012. Watersports remain its most popular feature, with swimming, scuba diving, kitesurfing, and surfing at the forefront. Outdoors enthusiasts have little fear, however: you’ll discover myriad opportunities to fish, sail, motorboat, golf, hike, and more at New Smyrna Beach!

Sandusky, Ohio

The name Sandusky has become synonymous with Cedar Point. What once began as a beer garden bathhouse and dance floor has grown into a massive amusement park that draws 3.5 million visitors to the area annually. Known internationally for its roller coasters, the city is also home to a vibrant boating and fishing community. Beautiful historic downtown Sandusky greets visitors with its collection of museums, shops, and restaurants.

Yarmouth, Massachusetts

One of the world's most popular resort areas is Yarmouth, Massachusetts! From the coasts of Cape Cod is a masterfully planned and historically rife city. Three villages comprise Yarmouth, with each reflecting over three centuries’ worth of culture, tradition, and splendor. Plan a vacation around the unique attractions among West Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, and South Yarmouth.

Lincoln, New Hampshire

Mountainous views. Fresh, flowing streams. And a kingdom of forests and wildlife. Lincoln, New Hampshire was established as one of America’s first colonies in 1782—and the town has been attracting the adventurous ever since! There truly is no limit to the exploration: hiking, camping, picnicking, skiing, snowboarding, birding, sightseeing, and more are yours. Guests to the Lincoln can also expect a trim of standard New England luxury, with fine dining, upscale shopping districts, and spa retreats.

Mishawaka, Indiana

Mishawaka is located in the geographical region known as Michiana, comprised of counties in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, and it is part of the South Bend metropolitan area consisting of the cities of South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Goshen, Plymouth, and Warsaw. It is advantageously located just 100 miles from Chicago and 140 miles from Indianapolis, and, like most Midwestern states, it experiences cold winters and mild summers. History and legacy are important to Mishawaka, which is named after a legendary Shawnee Indian princess of the same name. However, the city is also growing with the times, and the convergence of classic and modern can be seen in its buildings, its industry, and its cuisine.

New York, New York

New York är staden som är full av energi. Du har säkert sett de häftiga skyskraporna, den livliga trafiken och de blinkande ljusen från filmerna. Vid ankomsten, möts du som besökare av en av landets vackraste symboler för frihet, Frihetsgudinnan. Du kommer även hänföras av de stora byggnaderna. Empire State Building är den tredje högsta byggnaden i nationen, och den vidsträckta Rockefeller Center innehåller Radio City Music Hall och flera stora företags kontor och tv-studior. New Yorks bidrag till teaterkulturen är även den obestridlig, att se en Broadway show är långt ifrån det enda alternativet när det kommer till underhållning och staden är även hem för det världsberömda musikpalateset Carnegie Hall. Flera idrottslag kallar även New York för sin hemstad.

Orlando, Florida

Widely recognized as a city with a booming tourist industry and an international theme park destination, Orlando is all that and much more for the savvy traveler. With shopping deals, boutique hotels that cater to your every whim, and restaurants catering to every taste imaginable, Orlando is just as much a city for grown-ups to come and play as it is for the children. As the city’s motto goes, “Say Yes to Orlando.”

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Lake Havasu City’s reputation as a stomping ground for partiers and the Spring Break community comes second to the wondrous, natural grandeur of the area. “Arizona’s Playground” sparkles under the 300 days of sunshine and basks on sandy coves, beaches and 60 miles of navigable waterways. The world famous London Bridge is the town’s biggest attraction, along with all of the lake’s waterfront activities. Fishing, boating, swimming, and a wealth of other aquatic excursions are always in season. The numerous hills and mountainsides are havens for hikers and explorers. And Lake Havasu City itself a haven for anyone with a heart for emprise.

Big Island, Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is known colloquially as “Big Island.” This is a fitting nickname, for the Island is twice the combined size of its neighboring counterparts! Big Island flaunts its colors like the plumes of a peacock: fierce reds of magma from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park contrast spectacularly with the bright white snow of Maunakea, while the electric black sands of Punaluu Beach stream into the emerald green of Hamakua Coast’s rainforests. Let Big Island’s significance as the birthplace of King Kamehameha I serve as a prelude to all of its wonders.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells has a 150-year-history of hosting travelers who are attracted to the scenery and tranquility of the area. When coupled with the nearby area surrounding Lake Delton, it is commonly called “The Dells.” As the self-proclaimed "Waterpark Capital of the World,” The Dells has an adventure for every age on your trip! Fishing, boat tours, kayaking, waterparks, parasailing, ziplines, vertical adventures, and high-adventure amusement park rides provide excitement. There are also boutique shopping, live music, fine dining, and wine tours for when the high-octane thrills exhaust you!

Palm Springs, California

Palm trees provide a periphery of greens and browns as shadows run along the otherwise snowcapped contours of the mountain ranges. It is clear to visitors why Hollywood stars made Palm Springs their instant escape during the 1920s! The resort town has long remained a getaway for the upwardly mobile—garnering a nickname of “Hollywood's Hideaway”—and has since blossomed into an accessible vacation destination for those seeking lavish leisure among a host of natural and manmade attractions.

Pinetop, Arizona

Pinetop, Arizona beckons visitors to “come celebrate the season.” This is fitting, for every season seems to smile upon the small town with ample sunshine in the summers and coquettish snow in the winters. People come each year to this veritable Promised Land of natural beauty. Outdoors activities are abound: adventurers are fond of hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, and trailblazing in the warmer months, and skiing and snowboarding in the cooler seasons.

Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City’s claim to fame is its position as the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States! The Michigan city hosts annual events to celebrate the cherry harvests, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The land is also ripe for Traverse City’s numerous vineyards, which place it among the Midwest’s top centers of wine production. After touring the orchards and attending the wine tasting events, head to Traverse City’s freshwater beaches, the National Lakeshore, downhill skiing areas, and verdant forests!

Los Angeles, California

Disneyland och filmstjärnor, Beverly Hills och Hollywood, Los Angeles har länge lockat människor till sin glittrande fantasivärld. Med ändlöst solsken, palmer, shoppinggallerior och vackra människor är denna stad som ingen plats du någonsin varit tidigare och ändå märkligt bekant. Los Angeles är en underbart levande, spännande multikulturell medelpunkt med en uppsjö av saker att se och göra.

Boston, Massachusetts

Long known for its “old world” charm, from the historic Faneuil Hall to the Freedom Trail that celebrates Boston’s preeminent role in the American Revolution. Boston has come a long way towards staking its claim in the 21st century. With the completion of the “Big Dig,” which buried Boston’s vast network of highways underground, Boston has hit the new century running. Attractions span the old and the new including the JFK and Boston Public Libraries, the Boston Children’s Museum, the New England Aquarium, Boston’s beautiful Public Gardens and her extraordinary Museum of Fine Art and Museum of Science. With a collection of parks set to take the place of the ungainly elevated highways, the years to come promise to see Boston only grow more beautiful.

Ramona, California

Ramona is the casita of San Diego County. "The Valley of the Sun" lies along the foothills of the noteworthy Cuyamaca Mountains, giving way to warm summers and comfortably mild winters. Ramona has emerged as one of California Wine Country’s more popular regions, for numerous winemakers have chosen to establish themselves amongst the town’s hills. Vineyards pair with the town center, which is rife with restaurants, antique shops, and historic buildings. Moreover, agricultural treasures span farms that offer the best in fresh fruits, vegetables, and even eggs harvested that day!

Sunriver, Oregon

Simply the name “Sunriver” elicits images of solar-speckled waters and the coy brush of Pacific zephyrs across forests of pine trees. Expect nothing less with a visit to Sunriver, Oregon. Indulge in one of the Pacific Northwest’s hidden treasures, with the Deschutes River to its west and the enveloping Deschutes National Forest. Sunriver’s residents have sought to embrace the natural landscape—evidenced through planning their community around the 3,300 acres!

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Fluffy white clouds roll across skies that always seem to gleam with spectrums of blue in the Poconos. The majesty continues with a palette of rustic orange in the fall, the pristine white of snowfall in the winter, and the verdant emerald of forests and hillsides in the summer. Reigning for decades as a popular vacation area for citizens of New York and New Jersey, the Pocono Mountains must be seen in person to be believed. Lakes and rivers to fish and explore, land to hunt, and numerous ski resorts provide the outdoors experience of a lifetime.

Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona is an archeologist’s dream. Myriads of Hopi Indian tribal artifacts line the mountainsides and stone formations, and the flora is entirely unique to the region. Naturally, Cave Creek shares the abundant sunshine and divine landscape of greater Arizona, which consequently draws countless visitors each year to its location. Unlike nearby Phoenix, Cave Creek is relatively secluded from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan. Therefore the lifestyle is entirely Western, with rural development, open trails, spaces and wildlife habitats, and overwhelmingly fantastic views.

Washington, D.C.

Tänk STORT i Washington - så snart du anländer till DC, kommer du att bli överväldigad av stadens storlek. USA:s huvudstad vill att du ska veta var du är, och staden går in för att imponera när det gäller prakt och storlek. Drama och skandaler bubblar under ytan medan det på gatorna vimlar av coola evenemang och museer, restauranger och klubbar finns runt varje hörn. Principerna om jämlikhet, rättvisa, liv och frihet upprätthålls fortfarande här men DC är, framför allt, en trendig och internationell stad.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas är ett mystiskt, bländande, glittrande hav av neonljus som lockar besökare med lyxigt boende, otroliga shower, utsökta restauranger, spel i världsklass och dekadens på en storslagen skala. Det är det antika Rom, romantiska Paris, exotiska Egypten, spännande New York City och kanalerna i Venedig - allt i en fantastisk semesterdestination. Med miljontals människor som kommer till Las Vegas varje år är det inte svårt att se varför det har fått titeln Världens Underhållningshuvudstad.

Chicago, Illinos

Chicago, den tredje största staden i USA, ligger vid kusten av pittoreska Lake Michigan som återspeglar dess bländande skyline. En levande och internationell stad med museum i världsklass, mat och nattliv. De många parker och mil av vägar längs sjön är fantastiska attraktioner för sportiga typer, medan de exklusiva affärerna och restaurangerna lockar den sofistikerade besökaren. Chicago är också födelseplatsen för modern jazz och blues så en utflykt till någon av dess många klubbar är ett måste för musikamatörer och entusiaster likaså.

Miami, Florida

Hela Miami utstrålar glamour och elegans med en kosmopolitisk attityd. Strålande Miami ligger inbäddad på Atlantkusten i Floridas sydligaste spets, vilket gör det soligt och varmt året runt. Det är Nordamerika med en twist av Västindien, en touch av Latinamerika och en antydan av Europa. Tillsammans utgör de Miamis kulturliv. Det här är en plats där du kan hitta vackra stränder, enastående nattliv, massor av affärer och läckra restauranger. Även om det finns ett överflöd av saker att göra i staden och på stranden så njuter besökare av att åka på endagsutflykter för att se den hisnande omgivningen i Miami.

Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Classified as mountain resort cities, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are situated along the Great Smoky Mountains. Booming attractions like Dollywood and the Smoky Mountain Opry draw tourism to Pigeon Forge, along with its collections of music theatres and shopping malls. Gatlinburg features Tennessee’s lone ski resort, Ober Gatlinburg, and quaint, mountain-themed specialty stores. Both cities provide gateways to North America’s most visited national park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, hem till legendariska Alamo och den världsberömda River Walk, är värd till en vibrerande mix av kultur, mat, arkitektur och historia. Utforska rika historiska attraktioner, prisbelönta temaparker, mästerskaps-golfbanor, fantastisk shopping, innovativa rätter och intressanta kulturella evenemang och museer. Det angränsande Texas Hill Country kompletterar staden, där floder skär stigar genom böljande kullar och rikliga vinrankor har skapat en charmig vindestination. I San Antonio, en av Amerikas trevligaste städer, erbjuds man en autentisk upplevelse.

San Jose, California

San Jose is California’s third largest city and the tenth largest city in the United States. Deemed a “global city,” San Jose is the Mecca of Silicon Valley: high-technology and electronics industries have brought significant tourism and attractions to the city. The city also boasts a great proximity to all of Northern California’s areas of interest due to its position in the greater Santa Clara Valley. Over 300 days of sunshine and the kingdom-like panorama of the Santa Clara Mountains make San Jose a beautiful, urban retreat.

St Louis, Missouri

Sitting near the confluence of two great North American rivers — the Mississippi and the Missouri — the St. Louis region has been a favored destination since Lewis & Clark began their historic westward discovery here in 1804. St. Louis is spread along 19 miles of the Mississippi River shoreline. Dubbed the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis welcomes its visitors with the world’s tallest arch (630 ft.) which was completed in 1965 as a monument to Thomas Jefferson and the westward expansion of the United States. The Gateway Arch is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and has become an internationally famous symbol of the city.

Nashville, Tennessee

The grind and glam of Nashville, Tennessee was well-earned. After all, it's known nationally and even worldwide as "Music City." Serving home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame and many major record labels, Nashville may trace the moniker back to 1874, when a performance by the Fisk Jubilee Singers for Queen Victoria of England earned her instant admiration and statement: "These young people must surely come from a musical city." Do not be misled, however, for Nashville boasts a wealth of other cultural, historical and natural attractions. As well as being "Music City," Nashville is also referred to as the "Athens of the South" for its 24 post-secondary educational institutions (a full-scale replica of the Athenian Parthenon has even stood in the city since 1897!).

Arnold, California

Bucolic beauty envelops the small, unincorporated town of Arnold, California. Resting at the center of the 400-mile Sierra Nevada mountain range, Arnold is a breath, sigh, and smile of fresh air. Testaments to this are the mild summer temperatures, a close proximity to stunning natural wonders, and the overall seclusion of Arnold’s favored attractions.

Avila Beach, California

As its own self-contained oasis of relaxation, Avila Beach is California’s whisper of a getaway. Far more calm and smaller than that of other cities along the coast, Avila Beach is a veritable “resort” town. Visitors are invited to shed their worries at the shoreline and take to the multitude of amenities and entertainment. Dine alongside sunsets, sip on local wines, decompress in the mineral hot springs, and feel rejuvenated with a stay in Avila Beach.

Brian Head, Utah

Brian Head is living proof that things only get better the higher you go! With a peak elevation of 11,300 feet, Brian Head is Utah’s beacon to snow-lovers as one of the nation’s highest elevated ski resort towns. The town’s year-round population is fewer than 100 people, but countless vacationers and outdoors enthusiasts make for a consistent stream of excitement. Approximately 350 inches of snowfall each year draws the attention of cross country skiers, snowboarders, snow tubers, hikers, and those who simply wish to bask in the natural beauty of Brian Head, Utah.

Naples, Florida

Naples is the crown jewel of Southwest Florida nestled on the sun-drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Known for world class shopping and dining and challenging golf courses, Naples is only steps away from island seclusion or the untamed tropical wilderness of The Everglades. Boasting one of the nation's best sandboxes and calmest seas, Naples makes a splash with water lovers. Friendly parks beckon sports enthusiasts and picnickers with lovely green spaces and recreational facilities.

Tucson, Arizona

Visitors come to Tucson to take in the natural sunlit landscape of the Sonoran desert and the mountains that surround the city. They also endeavor to experience the cultural diversity of a city that boasts of Native American, Latin and European influences. Because of its unique geography, Tucson is a diverse outdoor playground, offering a serene landscape with a wide range of terrain for hikers of all skill levels, rock climbing, cycling, and more. Explore the underground tunnels of Colossal Cave Mountain Park and Kartchner Caverns State Park or the unique and varied plant and animal life that exists in the ecosystems in and around Tucson. The city also has a very artistic side, which is apparent in its many cultural events, restaurants, and galleries.

Ocean City, Maryland

As an Atlantic resort town, Ocean City, Maryland has excitement in its DNA. Its various hotspots have been featured on shows spanning the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, highlighting Ocean City’s beach fun and good local eateries! The Boardwalk maintains a constant stream of entertainment for all ages, from movies on the beach to waterfront concerts.

Grand Mound, Washington

Washington’s mountains lift from the ground like the mighty, mythical gods of lore. Stretching upwards with little regard to the communities of people peppered around them, such grand indifference captures our imaginations and awe. We strive to scale and conquer them, for mastering their trails and hills and magnificence allows us to transcend who we are in some magical way. Grand Mound, Washington places you within reach of the state’s mountains—and thus its main attractions.

Irvine, California

As if the honor of being deemed "America's Safest Big City"* since 2005 isn't enough, Irvine − the center of Orange County, California − offers visitors shopping, diverse dining, outdoor recreation and family-friendly activities. Just minutes from the area's popular beaches and world-famous attractions − Irvine is the ideal location for a true Southern California experience!



With six bull statues representing the main breeds of the area, there is no doubting to the status of Rockhampton as Australia’s Beef Capital. Naturally Rockhampton offers more than beef. Located on the Tropic of Capricorn, the city is surrounded by coastal and rural landscapes. With its historical architecture and opportunities for both a relaxed, as well as active stay, Rockhampton is a great place to visit.

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a major coastal resort town located approximately halfway between Sydney (the capital city of New South Wales) and Brisbane (the capital city of Queensland). Famous for its bananas, fishing and surf, "Coffs" - as the locals call it - is fringed on one side by beautiful long sandy beaches and the South Pacific Ocean, and on the other by lush green rainforests, world-heritage wilderness areas and fertile farming lands. Coffs Harbour is a much-loved holidaying destination for Australian and international visitors alike.


Broome is situated in north Western Australia, a two and a half hour flight from Perth. The surrounding region is full of colour, culture and captivating scenery. Fiery red ochre cliffs contrast with the unspoilt turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, dinosaur footprints tell secrets of ancient days and a multi-cultural population provide arts, performances and irresistible cuisine.


Experience a pleasant relaxed city nestling on the banks of the River Tamar where the North and South Esk Rivers converge. Launceston is often called the ‘garden city’ for its extensive parkland and flourishing gardens. It contains many historic buildings, a vivid reminder of the city’s heritage. This is the ideal base for exploring the rich and varied countryside surrounding the city.

Ballina Byron

The Ballina/Byron region is delightfully diverse. It ranges from the quiet family world of Ballina to the ex-hippy ’alternative’ capital of Australia – Byron Bay. Once Byron Bay was only a simple whaling station later discovered by surfers. In the sixties the hippie culture moved in and now the place is swarmed with tourists and celebrities wanting to experience the alternative town, which is now one of the hippest destinations on the East Coast. Despite the coastal town’s reputation of being laid back and alternative, it is anything but boring and visitors have the time of their lives in Ballina and Byron Bay! The Ballina region is mind-blowingly diverse, a quiet retirees’ world not far from the surfing Mecca of Lennox Heads, the funky hilltop village of Bangalow, and much, much more!


With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Townsville is a very popular destination for sun seekers and provides easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville is situated in the dry tropics region and is a gateway to the Outback, wet tropics rainforest, wetlands teeming with bird life and a number of tropical islands. With The Strand, a 2.5 km beachfront, it is an exciting and vibrant city.


På kanten av Indiska oceanen, med Swan River rinnande genom hjärtat, omgivet av vacker natur och med ett varmt soligt klimat: Perth är en modern stad som skalar bort dina hämningar och får dig att dansa till sina avslappnade rytmer.


People have been flocking to Cairns in search of treasure since the first gold rush. However, today prospectors come to mine the abundance of natural and environmental treasures that surround the city. With the tropical rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef in close proximity, Cairns attracts a young and intrepid crowd that adds to the vibrancy of this lively and welcoming city.


Adelaide är en ny stad i ett gammalt land, grundades som en brittisk koloni år 1836 och är nu huvudstad i Södra Australien. Idag har dess rika blandning av olika kulturer en avslappnad och kosmopolitiskt livsstil. Adelaide är inte bara fullt av gröna parker utan har också 30 km av stränder som sträcker sig längs förorterna. Staden är känd för sin matkultur al fresco och är centrum för den australiska vinindustrin med några av de bästa maträtterna och dryckerna i världen.


Darwin is a thriving and prosperous city with lively bars and a wide-ranging cosmopolitan cuisine. This is the gateway to top end outback adventures such as the world heritage Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park. Darwin is the most multicultural (75 nationalities) city in Australia with a large indigenous population (25 percent) and a diverse range of immigrants from Asia.


Edged by mountain ranges, Canberra is a planned city built on a vast limestone. Canberra is Australia’s national capital – seat of the Federal parliament and home to many institutions and national monuments. Four distinct seasons add to its charm and visitors quickly discover that it really is Australia’s ‘hidden gem'. The surrounding countryside contains historic and picturesque rural villages and a burgeoning cool-climate wine industry.

Hamilton Island

Perfectly situated in the Great Barrier Reef, among the 74 Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island offers an experience like no other: glorious weather, azure waters, brilliant beaches, wondrous coral reefs, unique flora and fauna, divine food and wines and an amazing calendar of special events. With its laid-back luxury and activities almost too numerous to mention, Hamilton is the great, Great Barrier Reef island.


Melbourne är ett bohemiskt kraftpaket med en levande och mångkulturell själ. Med smeknamnet "södra halvklotets Paris," är Melbourne inte bara känd för att vara Australiens kulturella hot-spot, men är också för sina stora idrottsevenemang samt kulinariska läckerheter från hela världen. Med sitt högt stigande centrum och stora förorter, är det svårt att inte dras med av livet i huvudstaden Victoria- "the place to be", men dagsturer till statens vilda natur är också mycket populära.

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most beautiful regions with amazing beaches, stunning sunlight, picturesque hinterland and plenty of breathtaking views. The Sunshine Coast offers a wonderful and immense mix of culture, cuisine, nature and outdoor activities that are all ready to be explored.

Alice Springs

”The Alice” lies romantically centre stage in the heart of Australia and is considered the unofficial capital of the Outback. Once regarded as a “dead heart” during colonial times thanks to surrounding barren landscapes, today both residents and visitors recognize the physical and spiritual importance of Australia’s Centre. It is a beating heart, alive with Aboriginal traditions and sacred sites, a vibrant local art culture, fascinating pioneering history and incredible landscapes. It is one of the most interesting places on the continent and most people agree that you haven’t seen the Outback until you’ve seen Alice.

Whitsunday Coast

Sun, sea and sand all add together to make the Whitsunday Coast the ideal place to relax and chill out. Enjoy a great atmosphere and nightlife in a spectacular setting. A beach lover’s paradise where everything is on hand to make your stay in this area one you won’t forget. Close to the Great Barrier Reef and just 16 miles from the Whitsunday Islands there is plenty to see so why not just hang out and enjoy? Backpackers and families alike will enjoy the many attractions such as Airlie Beach lagoon and the amazing croc safaris up the Proserpine River.

Byron Bay

Subtropical Byron Bay is the hippest destination on the NSW North Coast. A place of outstanding natural beauty, set against lush volcanic hills, Cape Byron is the continent's most easternmost point, basked in Australia's first rays of sunshine each day. Byron Bay’s original inhabitants, the Arakwal people, call it "Cavvanbah" - The Meeting Place. Today surfers, sea changers, new agers, artists, celebrities, backpackers, festival-goers and holidaymakers from all walks of life meet here, drawn by the vibrant energy of Byron Bay.

Fraser Coast

Though famous for its paradise-like Fraser Island and the visiting whales, the Fraser Coast offers plenty of other amazing places and adventures to explore. Prospect the former gold mining town of Gympie and check out the beautiful nature surrounding the Fraser Coast – both on land and in the water.


The capital city of Tasmania is the perfect base from which to explore other diverse and fascinating parts of the state. These includes the Huon Valley and the South West Wilderness, Tasman Peninsula and Port Arthur with its convict history and the lovely rural areas and historic towns along the Heritage Highway. Tasmania is well known for producing beautiful food and wine and has many great restaurants, breweries and wineries to tantalise your tastebuds.


Situated halfway between Brisbane and Cairns, Mackay is surrounded by lush rainforests, pristine white sandy beaches and the fertile Pioneer Valley. It is home to one of Australia’s richest sugar cane growing regions. Out to sea, The Great Barrier Reef’s colourful coral, fish and secluded islands provide a tropical playground for everyone. Excellent restaurants, beautiful parks and a vibrant art scene ensure there is something in Mackay for every taste and budget.


Newcastle is the hub of the Hunter Valley wine region located right at the mouth of the Hunter River, and surrounding the city are beautiful views and spectacular nature. Here you will find stunning beaches for all kinds of activities, a rich heritage of Victorian architecture and plenty of live music events for all tastes.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is beautiful blend of Australia old and new. Combining a rich and colorful history dating back to the convict era, it offers a vibrant choice of activities to the backdrop of some of Australia’s most lush and stunning scenery. Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Hastings River in the North Mid Coast, this is a town defined as much by the diverse choice of things to do as by the beautiful landscapes and beaches that make it famous. Offering a range of attractions and lively events, it’s impossible not to find a unique experience of coastal Australia at every turn. From local culinary delights and award winning wines to visiting koala centers and cruise adventures, visitors and residents recognize Port Macquarie as the picture perfect gem of New South Wales. This is a pocket-sized taste of Australia with hospitality and surprises for everyone.

Blue Mountains

Seeking crisp mountain air, unspoilt panoramic views, or to test Mother Nature for the ultimate adventure? Make the Blue Mountains, with its unique majestic aura, the first port of call. Consisting of a sandstone plateau, steep escarpments and deep gorges with a misty blue haze hovering above, the Blue Mountains is one of four World Heritage Sites in regional New South Wales. That mist, which infuses an unmistakable fragrance, is in fact a fine oil cloud produced by the abundance of eucalyptus forests. This is a true Australian escape: adventure, stunning scenery, and myriad cultural diversions.

Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains region is home to Australia's five highest peaks, of which Mount Kosciuszko is the highest. Clear mountain streams and glacial lakes provide a year-round scenic backdrop for the outdoor adventurer. Enjoy the snow fields in winter with skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing, tobogganing, and snow play on offer. When spring melts the snow into cascading waters, the streams shelter trout attracting many fly fishermen to the region. Explore the beautiful mountainside with a wide range of outdoor activities including horse riding, bushwalking, caving, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and cycling.

Hunter Valley

From fine wine and gourmet food to beautiful accommodation and fabulous events, a Hunter Valley getaway offers a taste of the good life. Australia's most visited wine region is home to 150 top-class wineries, vineyards and cellar doors. Whether you're being pampered in one of the valley's day spas, or teeing off from a championship golf course, you'll enjoy a warm country welcome.


Brisbane is a lively, cosmopolitan city with excellent restaurants, beautiful riverside parks, a busy cultural calendar and a great nightlife. Its fantastic weather year-round has allowed outdoor activities to thrive and develop a vibrant café culture. The city is surrounded by some of the state’s major tourist attractions, and there is an abundant choice of daytrips whether it be to the coast for the golden beaches, or inland for some of Queensland’s serene bushland, there is something for everybody.


När de flesta människor tänker på Australien, tänker de ofta på Sydney. Sydney Opera House och Sydney Harbour Bridge är två av den moderna världens mest kända ikoner. Sydney Opera House har med sina vita segel och distinkta siluett blivit en symbol för hela Sydney. Detta är dock bara en sida av staden. Sydney har flera lager, precis som den sandsten staden är byggd på. Besökaren kan genom att upptäcka alla dessa lager få en djupare förståelse för Sydney och stadens historia. Sydney växte snabbt från en straffkoloni av flera hundra personer år 1788, till att idag vara en modern stad med över 4 miljoner människor.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed paradise where at any time you'll be one of only 400 visitors. A holiday on this exquisite subtropical island is relaxing and unhurried; getting around by bike or on foot is the way to go and there are plenty of activities to discover. Explore its pristine beaches, lagoons, coral reefs and rainforest areas to discover a world of immense natural beauty.

Port Stephens

With 26 white sandy beaches and a pristine harbour more than twice the size of Sydney Harbour, Port Stephens is a bluewater paradise. Daily dolphin watch cruises, a thriving whale season, and eco-diverse Marine and National Parks make this a dream destination for nature lovers. Just three hours' drive north of Sydney, Port Stephens has a lovely climate all year round. The region is home to several charming coastal towns framed by bushland, wetlands and volcanic peaks. Dining on fresh seafood and local wines on the harbour is de riguer.

Gold Coast

Australiens "guldkust" är en underhållande och varierande stad som erbjuder innehållsrika dagar och roliga nätter som åtnjuts av mer än 10 miljoner besökare varje år. Familjer, kärlekspar, affärsdelegater och backpackers hittar alla en upplevelse som passar deras behov och budget. Gold Coast har fler attraktioner och sevärdheter att erbjuda än någon annan destination på södra halvklotet. Smält in i Gold Coasts lättsamma livsstil med 70 kilometer av sol, sand och surf, plus 100 000 hektar regnskog endast en kort bilresa bort.

Cook Islands

Kia Orana! Welcome to the Cook Islands! These 15 idyllic islands represent some of the most striking islands in the South Pacific’s already brimming crown. Each island has its own unique beauty, stories and incredible landscape only matched by the friendliness and grace of its people. Brilliant, sparkling white sandy beaches, clear blue lagoons and fertile rainforests harbouring exceptional wildlife are just a few of the treasures waiting to be discovered. There are hideaways where you literally feel like you are the only person on earth, adventurous trekking through the jungles, and under the sea, a journey into another world filled with vibrant corals and remarkable marine life.


“Bula!” or “Welcome!” is the greeting you will most commonly hear throughout Fiji. It comes as an unreserved invitation to enjoy the hospitality of the Fijian people. Whether staying on one of the country’s numerous resort islands or exploring Fiji’s towns and cities, the visitor will encounter this legendary hospitality at every turn.


The self-proclaimed adventure capital of the world Queenstown has, without a doubt, earned its title. The birthplace of the Bungy jump, and home to all manners of adrenaline pumping activities from luge and jet-boating to canyon swinging and, of course, bungeeing. Set on the edge of giant Lake Wakatipu in the Otago region in the southwest of New Zealand’s south island, come winter, this quiet little town transforms into a buzzing ski resort. The two closest and most popular ski fields are Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, which are under the same management. But it’s not too far to Cardrona, especially if you have hired a car.


The capital city of New Zealand is nestled between rolling hills and a rugged coastline on the southern tip of the North Island. As well as offering some of the best urban views in New Zealand, the city is popular for its arts and culture. Wellington is home to the National Museum (Te Papa), the national opera and ballet companies, and is the heart of the nation’s film and fashion scenes. With more restaurants and cafés per head than New York, Wellington also offers an unequalled gastronomic experience.


Christchurch, located in the province (region) of Canterbury, is the largest city on the South Island, yet remains a friendly and welcoming city compact enough to easily explore on foot or bicycle. Following the 2010-2011 earthquakes, Christchurch has re-emerged as a vibrant, ever-changing city that Lonely Planet has listed it as one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2013. The rebuild of the central city continues but this is a truly unique time to visit the city and witness the changes happening every day.


Den majestätiska "City of Sails" är omgiven av vatten som förklarar dess glittrande lockelse. Den storslagna hamnen påminner om andra berömda vattenstäder men ändå med sin egen unika charm. Auckland har en rik maritim historia och var platsen för 2000 & 2003 års America’s Cup. Auckland är relativt litet geografiskt sett vilket innebär att det är ett nöje att utforska staden till fots. Den har en dynamisk befolkning som gör den till en kosmopolitisk och sofistikerad stad med en lätt, trevlig och angenäm känsla.


Dunedin, on the rugged east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is a city of style and creativity where man and nature meet. Officially founded in 1848 by the Free Church of Scotland, it’s home to twenty five thousand students at the University of Otago who mingle with the town’s landed gentry to create an eclectic destination that enthralls all who pass through. Surrounded by deep blue harbour on one side and rolling misty hills on the other, Dunedin’s lush green dales and old world architecture pay tribute to the city’s Scottish heritage. Dunedin is a creative hub that attracts the country’s leading designers in every field from fashion to music and architecture, graphics and jewellery.


Talofa Lava! Welcome to Samoa. Think of picture-perfect, long sandy white beaches framed by a lapping marine-blue ocean, lush rainforests with cascading waterfalls, vibrant flora and fauna and, under the ocean, the most amazing colourful gardens you could imagine – this is Samoa – the last unspoilt paradise in the world! Eight islands make up this nation in the heart of the South Pacific halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. This is home to some of the friendliest South Pacific people you could have the pleasure of meeting, proud of their strong Fa’a Samoa cultural heritage and their long and unwavering faith to the blessings Mother Nature has bestowed upon them. Once you have been touched by the beauty of Samoa you may never want to leave!


In the very heart of the South Pacific lies Tonga – one of the most scenic and unspoiled of the Pacific Island nations – comprising of 176 coral and volcanic islands, only 36 of which are inhabited. The ancient Kingdom of Tonga can boast being the oldest and last remaining Polynesian monarchy, and its friendly and welcoming people are along with its deserted beaches, enchanting festivals and amazing coral reefs some of the Kingdoms finest assets. This tropical playground has something for everyone – fantastic snorkeling, diving and fishing, or for those that prefer to take life a little easier, the relaxed lifestyle, brilliant sunsets and excellent dining will surely entice.


There are few destinations that offer as much diversity – scenically and culturally – as the archipelago of 83 islands that form Vanuatu, named the Planet’s Happiest Country. You will be struck by its tropical playgrounds featuring deserted beaches, lush dense forests harbouring waterfalls, rumbling volcanoes and custom villages. It has become a dream destination for snorkelers and divers with a multitude of experiences under the sea. Vanuatu is the only place on earth where you can officially post your mail from an underwater post office and from the ash plain on the summit of a volcano. The people of Vanuatu are ever-so welcoming, genuine and friendly and love nothing better than to show you their slice of paradise – you are sure to fall in love with Vanuatu!

South America

São Paulo

“Rio is a beauty. But São Paulo – São Paulo is a city” said Marlene Dietrich about Brazil’s most cosmopolitan city. Today São Paulo still does not disappoint. The city is Brazil’s cultural as well as financial powerhouse complete with a vibrant music scene, top designer shopping and delicious fusion cuisine. Not to mention museums and galleries on a par with any other world city. Paulistanos (São Paulo inhabitants) work hard and play hard, making "Sampa" one of the world´s most exciting places to visit whether you are taking it all in from the rooftop pool of the iconic Hotel Unique in Jardins or discovering São Paulo’s 400 year old history in Praça de Sé.

Rio de Janeiro

The colourful, charismatic party capital of Latin America is one of the most vibrant places on earth. The city is watched over by Christ the Redeemer that sits on top of the city’s landmark Corcovado Mountain. This historic city is known world over for its magnificent New Year firework display on Copacabana beach, its explosive carnival, its colourful people and its outstanding natural landscape. If you love dancing, shopping, golf, dining on exquisite cuisine or the thrill of fabulous water sports you will not be disappointed by Rio de Janeiro.

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