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Provided by: Tobias Andersson / Next Skövde

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Vallby Sörgården - Cultural Reserve

Vallby Sörgården - Cultural Reserve

Vallby Sörgården is the first Cultural Reserve in Skaraborg. Located outside Tidan you find this well preserved farm from the 1800s. In the reserve you can enjoy the old recidence building, the agricultural landscape, farm buildings and a cultural walk. The style of the farm is typical for this area. At this interesting sight nothing has been changed since 1910 when the last renovation of the buildings took place. The furniture is still the same - nothing has been added or taken away! The association Vallby Sörgården makes sure that the farm stays alive by organizing activities with connection to the life of the farmers. During spring, summer and autumn you can join in on activities such as threshing, guided tours and mowing the crops. When you walk the cultural track you will experience the ancient cultural landscape, see the only runestone in Skövde and walk through the Iron Age grave field.
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