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Växjö is the very heart of southeast Sweden – in the middle of Småland, in the middle of southern Sweden. There is a lot to see, experience and do here – unique shops and world-class restaurants. A thriving culture and art programme, an intimate café culture and several award-winning culinary eating-houses. If you would like to experience genuine Småland nature, take one of the many cycle and footpaths straight out into the forests! A kingdom of crystal is just around the corner, as is the kingdom of furniture. Welcome!


The region of Al-Qassim is a land of palm trees and festivals, the fertile land making agriculture, particularly dates, the cornerstone of the province's economy and culture. The yearly date festival, which takes place in the autumn, is a sight to behold, but don't worry, for no matter what time of year you visit, you are sure to find a festival underway. Rich in nature, heritage and handicrafts, Al-Qassim makes for a wonderful visit, whether you are looking for delicious fruit in the countryside or culture and shopping in the cities.
Tasmania, Australia

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo has a curious pull, with people coming even when they’re not sure how the art, music and food will be delivered. That’s because Dark Mofo keeps its cards close and it fails to disappoint time and again.


Welcome to Sundsvall! Sundsvall is the destination for those who want to embellish their holiday in Norrland with shopping and entertainment. Today, this is the home to Norrland’s largest city mall and Birsta Shopping Centre, which is one of Sweden’s largest out-of-town retail Centre. In the midst of the northern nature, and at the heart of everything, you´ll find, perhaps, one of the country’s most beautiful city centers with rich ornate post-renaissance stone buildings. Raise your eyes towards the beautiful facades and enjoy!


Welcome to the rolling landscape around Lake Siljan in the middle of Dalarna! A landscape formed by a meteorite impact 366 million years ago! Here you’ll find an intriguing mix of traditional and modern in the form of music, festivals, Midsummer celebrations, working summer dairy farms and much, much more. The area has a fantastic nature with great opportunities for those seeking outdoor experiences: paddling, biking, hiking, riding, swimming, fishing and in the winter: cross-country and downhill skiing, skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing.
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Historic centre

Shopping in Antwerp: historic centre area
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir area
Växjö, Sweden

Teleborgs Castle

Here you will meet a living castle and a castle-life seething with inspiration, creativity and a sense for the functional. The hotel business cares about the castle's history and it has been carefully renovated. Teleborg´s castle offers hotel and guesthouses. The castle has different rooms; each and every one with it’s on history, suitable for groups of eight up to hundred people. Teleborgs castle was a wedding gift from the wealthy and slightly eccentric count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö, to his young wife Anna Koskull. The exterior of the castle today is virtually unchanged, and an exciting focal point where it is wrapped up in books, lime and rhododendrons.
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Växjö, Sweden

Växjö City

Växjö City centre is a meeting and shopping location where there is a lot going on. Here you get the pulse of a large city combined with the warm welcome of a smaller town. It has has been awarded the distinction of being "The best City Centre of the year." In Växjö City centre you find over 200 shops, plenty of street food, cafés with character and restaurants for all wallets and tastes. It is open 7 days a week. Växjö City centre also has an entire street dedicated to exciting creations from the most known artists from The Kingdom of Chrystal.
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