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Biking in Malung-Sälen

Salen is located in Dalarna most enterprising municipality and we are Europe's largest tourist destination. A Swedish original, dating from the time of Gustav Vasa mixed with wooden horses, grand events and pleasurable experiences. Cycling in summer mountain is something that is really fun. If you have not tried to ride in a bike park, do it! In the summer we offer extra nice flow both in the mountains, in the bike park and the roads not to mention our vast forest that offers a fantastic varied experience mile for mile. Bring the whole family or group of friends on a trip where everything from bikes, accommodation, dinner and breakfast is included. And everyone can ride at their own level, our paths and trails are built for both experts and beginners, adults and children. Warmly welcome to try your wheels in Salen!
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Hiking in Malung

No holiday is complete without a walk in the mountains under blue summer skies, or when the autumn has coloured the landscape in reds and yellows. If you want a real challenge you can follow the 90 km walking trail along the route of the Vasaloppet ski race. An easy and convenient way to start your walk in the mountains is to take the chair lift up to the top, and then choose where to go from there. All out trails are well signed, with red crosses, so it’s easy to find your way. If you have a pram with you, try taking an invigorating walk on our two-kilometre-long asphalt path along the beautiful Södra Kungsleden.
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Our beauteful canoe runs vary in difficulty and length. If you´re looking for excitement and adventure then you sholud choose the Görälven and Fulan rivers, which demand that you have your wits about you! If you want something more relaxing then you can glide slowly, peacefully and more-or-less silently down the mighty Västerdalälven river. You can count on the fact that your journey will be filled with exciting sights, and the chances are that you will see wildlife such as elk, beavers, roe deer, foxes and, if you´re lucky, bears and lynxes
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