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Ängsö National Park

Ängsö - an idyllic piece of old Sweden. Ängsö was the first national park in Europe. The island has lush grazing pastures and blooming meadows with over 400 plants species, many of them orchids. Ängsö offers a fair and pleasant archipelago environment with all of the colourful floral displays for which the Roslagen archipelago is known. It is an unusual type of national park – a cultural landscape from the 19th century, well preserved and exceptionally authentic. OVERNIGHT STAYS You cannot spend the night on Ängsö. But, if you come in your own boat and put in at the guest jetty at Hemudden or in some of the coves around the island, you are welcome to stay overnight.
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Pythagoras Industrial Museum, Norrtälje

Pythagoras is nowadays an industrial museum in Norrtälje but it was once a hot bulb engine factory. The factroy is very well preserved and has, more than functioning engines, a big play room for children with mechanical toys, a worker's home from the 1940s and a charming cafe with a souvenir shop. There are regular guided tours summer time and at any other time of the year guided tours can be arranged. The museum café, Smedjan, serves lighter dishes and pastries.
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Take the train from Östra station in Stockholm and you will come to Åkersberga center. It is the seat of the municipality of Österåker, three mil northeast of Stockholm. This attracts a beautiful living environment, recreation, nature and archipelago. A modern indoor center offers shopping, cafes, restaurants and libraries. Arts and crafts can be found for example in Hembygdsparken Ekbacken and at Länsmansgården. Lovely country walks are hinting at Domarudden. Play golf at one of the beautiful golf courses in Åkersberga or Ljusterö. Here you can do outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, paddling and riding. Åkersberga is divided by Akers canal that once was the Viking waters between the Baltic and Uppsala. Långhundraleden is currently a popular trail for boating and paddling, and the former lock from 1825 is currently also in use. Österåkers church dating from the 1200s was for centuries the center of the old urban area . At the turn of the century Roslagsbanan was build to Åkersberga and extended to Österskär the sea, where summer homes were built with gingerbread. In the 50's Åkersberga developed in a short time from a station village into a modern and popular residence. At the end station at Roslagsbanan Österskär, there is a board walk with carpenter, colour villas along Trälhavet. At the pier is M / S Rödlöga that takes you out into the Roslagen archipelago . Welcome to Österåkers tourist office in Åkersberga , 0767-650 660th
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