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The Dala Horse

The orange wooden horse decorated with kurbits painting is a Swedish icon from Dalarna. Genuine Dala horses are only made in Dalarna. Pay a visit to Nusnäs, 10 km SE of Mora in and see how this Swedish national symbol is made. And you can even paint your own! The ancestor of today´s Dala horse was born in the 18th century when foresters, who were working away from home, would sit by the fire in dark winter evenings and carve horses for their children at home in the village. The Dala horse is as Swedish as Swedish can be.
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Biking at Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll is located in Sweden´s most southern mountain region in Dalarna. All you need here is comfortable shoes, casual clothes, swimsuits, a good backpack and of course a bike. Cycling on Idre Fjäll is easily accessible from the entire resort, you get on the bike at you cottage door and roll away. We have bike trails that move around Idre Fjäll and the whole family can come along. When the lift is in service you can easily go to the top of the mountain and just enjoy the downhill trails, but remember that it can be just as exhausting even without pedaling. Idre Fjäll also have a newly built Skills area with jumps, drops, pump track, stone steps and balance training.
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Canoe in Sälen

Our beauteful canoe runs vary in difficulty and length. If you´re looking for excitement and adventure then you sholud choose the Görälven and Fulan rivers, which demand that you have your wits about you! If you want something more relaxing then you can glide slowly, peacefully and more-or-less silently down the mighty Västerdalälven river. You can count on the fact that your journey will be filled with exciting sights, and the chances are that you will see wildlife such as elk, beavers, roe deer, foxes and, if you´re lucky, bears and lynxes
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Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park was established in 2002 and covers 385 km2 and is the largest national park in south Sweden. Here you find Sweden's highest waterfall of 93 meters and the world's oldest tree, which is over 9 550 years old! Njupeskär waterfall is 93 meters and thus Sweden's highest. The water falls freely 70 meters. The stream next to the fog case there are many rare mosses, lichens and vascular plants. Many of them require constant moisture to survive. The deep groove cut into the sandstone layers of the waterfall is a textbook example of reverse erosion. A few days around midsummer - at the summer solstice - the sun finds its way to the waterfall and gives it a magical blue light. But this occurs only in the morning between 3:00 to 5:00 am. The hikes on Fulufjället are well marked and the trail to the waterfall is a round trip of 4 km.
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Hiking in Grövelsjön

Grövelsjön is the place where the road ends and the mountains take over. This is the place where the Swedish mountain-chain starts and the hiking opportunities almost get infinite. The walks are from 3 km up to 3 days, were you can either sleep in one of the camps on the mountain or in you own tent. There is also a boat crossing the lake Grövelsjön over to Norway, making it possible to walk back and completing a trip through 2 countries. When hiking, don´t forget to bring a map and good clothes for all weathers.
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Orsa Predator Park

Orsa Predator Park is the biggest of its type in Europe and lets you experience these fabulous large predators in their natural environment. Go on one or all of the three themed guided tours here; predators, tigers and animal training. Bears, tigers, leopards, wolves, lynx, fox, eagle owls and wolverines live in the park. The park is also home to two Kamchatka bears and a Kodiak bear. Polar World is home to two polar bears and at the Leopard Center you will find Persian and Snow Leopards. Atop the park is Tiger Mountain where the world’s largest feline, Siberian tigers, live. There are also exhibitions and lectures available
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