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Christmas Markets
There are many ways to catch the infectious and magical spirit of Christmas, but visiting a Christmas market is definitely one of the best. For hundreds of years, Europeans have been celebrating the holiday season by filling the main squares of cities and villages to wander among snow-covered, masterfully decorated Christmas stalls. The magical and romantic markets help people get into holiday mode, and a chance to meet Santa Claus himself certainly helps!

Berlin, Germany

As the capital of Germany, Berlin has much to offer its visitors - not only when it comes to sightseeing but also around Christmas time. Walking around the city’s more than 60 different Christmas markets will give you the right giggles and jiggles the season requires. All of them are unique and charming in their own way and have their own bit of Christmas magic. Charlottenburg Castle and Gendarmenmarkt are two favourites in Berlin that will give you a taste of the classic winter wonderland.
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Stockholm, Sweden

When Christmas time comes around, Sweden gets its locals ready with some glögg and pepparkakor. Sipping mulled wine while chewing on thin ginger biscuits is a typical Swedish way of celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Don't miss out on the amazing Christmas Market in the capital - step into the winter wonderland that is Stockholm. Visit the beautifully-decorated stalls right in front of the Nobel Museum, where your children can happily play on the tombola for just a few cents.
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Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius has a different take on Christmas trees - they decorate the 550-ft high Vilnius Television tower for the holiday season and hang a bunch of Christmas lights all around it. While strolling among the beautiful sites of Vilnius, sip some karstas vynas (mulled wine) and buy a pair of woollen gloves to keep warm. Find the perfect handmade gift from among the many Christmas decorations and candle holders. And be sure to do all this while munching on some raguolis (a traditional Lithuanian pastry)!
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London, England

Spending a winter break in London is an excellent choice. The Christmas lights in the city light up ceremoniously already in November, so if you are around, don't miss out on the parade either. For the holiday season, Hyde Park turns into a real winter wonderland, offering not only the traditional stalls but also the largest outdoor skating rink of the city. Strap on your skates and head out onto the ice. Wander around the different Christmas markets of London, stop by a Christmas concert or experience the carol sing-along at the Royal Albert Hall.
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