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The town with a landscape of streams dividing forests and hills,where traces of empires and nations: Romans,Quadi,Avars,Magyars,Turks and Germans are discovered even today. The town whose proud ruins are aglare with the spirits of Béla IV,Charles Robert,Louis the Great, Sigismund of Luxemburg, and Matthias Corvinus. The town where the trees of the forest and the waves of ancient Danube commemorate Klára Zách,Helene Kottanner,Artúr Görgey,and other heroes of history. The town that inspired the poetry of Károly Kisfaludy,Sándor Petőfi,János Arany and Lajos Áprily.The town:Visegrád.

The Royal Palace-Hungarian National King Matthias Museum

Already Charles Robert had a royal town house and other buildings built in the town of Visegrád around 1320.These buildings were later developed into a splendid palace in the second half of the 14th century under his son, Louis the Great and then Sigismund of Luxemburg.The excavated ruins of the Royal Palace tell us about its Gothic and Renaissance past.The terraced building complex consisted of three main parts:the northern Matthias Palace, the Royal Chapel and the Palace of Beatrix.The royal palace remained the official seat of the Hungarian kings from the 1330's until 1408 and for a while it served as a county residence even later (until the Turkish occupation in 1544).
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Archdeaconry Church

The church was the sear of the archdeaconry till 1226. Its importance is proved by the fact that its murals were painted by the masters of the royal workshop, the architectural elements were artistically elaborated, and the cemetery with 221 graves, excavated around it, shows that illustrious churmen and persons were buried here. In the so-called Várkert (castle garden) valley, at the foot of Sibrik Hill, archaeologists discovered the traces of a village serving the bailiff castle and the archdeaconry seat. Houses with stones ovens, dug in the ground, outhouses and relics of several crafts were found during the excavations.
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Palotaház-Court of Crafts

In the Court of Crafts traditional medieval handicrafts come to life again SMITHERY: The smithery at the Court of Crafts is a traditional family workshop where father and son work together to produce most of the souvenirs you can find here. In their shop you can choose from wooden swords, jewels and authentic weapons, moreover, you can even try out medieval hammered coinage.STONE MASONRY: In the stone masonry you can find various jewels with semi-precious stones, plaster casts and souvenirs carved from stone.POTTERY:In the pottery of the Court of Crafts you can chiise from a wide range of quality products made by the ceramist couple working here.PAPERMAKER'S: In the papermaker's workshop where you can feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages you will lose your sense of time in a few moments. look around and choose from the various quality products and souvenirs.MARKET PLACE: On the first floor of Palotaház the market place offers you various souvenirs related to the medieval history and culture of Visegrád.
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