Cathedral of Our Lady

After 169 years of construction the cathedral of Antwerp finally dominated Antwerp’s skyline in 1521 with a height of 123 metres. It was and still is the biggest Gothic building of the Low Countries. The Cathedral is a huge treasury of works of art. Eye-catchers include two masterpieces by Rubens: The Raising of the Cross and The Descent from the Cross. Currently the Cathedral is hosting a splendid exhibition, called Reunion, which showcases altarpieces from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in their original location. Absolutely worth visiting!
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The Maidens’ House Museum is a hidden gem. In this historic sixteenth-century building you can take a closer look at the phenomenal collection of the OCMW (public social welfare centre). Here you will find paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens as well as stunning sculptures and furniture from the fifteenth until the eighteenth century. The Maidens’ House used to be a girl’s orphanage; hence its name and a lot of the items in the collection refer to this period in its history.
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