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El Castell de Guadalest

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El Castell de Guadalest is a village located in Alicante province. In 1974, it was declared a place of historical and artistic interest. Years after, it was named a historical heritage site. In 2015, it became part of “La asociación Los Pueblos más bonitos de España”.

Sharm el-Sheikh

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Surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breath-taking desert landscape, Sharm el-Sheikh has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt. Come here to relax in one of the many well-developed tourist resorts, or dive at the area’s unique coral reefs. But ’Sharm’ is far more than just a resort town. It is also an ideal spot to discover real Egyptian culture and to travel to the neighbouring historic sites such as the renowned Mount Sinai.

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Antigua and Barbuda

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Turks and Caicos Islands

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