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Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg for 48 hours

Crisscrossing Salzburg in two days The fortress, Mirabell Gardens, plus a whole entourage of other sights practically around every corner, are magnets for visitors to Salzburg. And because everything in the city is so compact, a two-hour stroll through Salzburg’s streets will fly by in no time. It’ll seem like you are chalking off yet another attraction from your must-see list every five minutes or so.


Stockholm is a city of contrasts. Trends in music, design, fashion, and technology are born here, and innovations that spread worldwide are invented here. Trendy bars and world-class restaurants are shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafés and cozy neighborhood pubs. Stockholm is simultaneously urban and close to nature and water is an ever-present feature in this city where lake and sea meet. The atmosphere is open, tolerant and welcoming, and diversity and innovation are encouraged. Stockholm is a city for everyone.


Ghent is a compact, authentic city where the past and present co-exist in perfect balance. Walking through the city is like travelling through time: you turn the corner and just like that, you go from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first. In Ghent pounds the young heart of a cultural city filled with music, theatre, film and visual arts. Because of its central location in Flanders, Ghent is an ideal operating base to visit the Flemish Art Cities. A wide range of overnight facilities including one to four star full service hotels and B&B’s, makes sure there is a choice for every budget. Ghent is ready to welcome you with open arms!
Bloomington, Minnesota

Simply Central

Discover what's in store for you in Bloomington, MN, home of Mall of America!

The Palm Beaches

Discover The Palm Beaches - where genuine hospitality is a way of life and breathtaking beauty occurs naturally. Beautiful beaches stretching 47 miles along the Atlantic Ocean, lakes and Everglades coupled with year-round warm weather attract visitors from around the world, and recreational pursuits are unmatched. The Palm Beaches are an exciting collection of 15 distinct districts with luxury resorts, boutique and trusted-brand hotels, innovative culinary landscapes, trendy shops and designer boutiques of world-wide fame, and where nightlife thrives year-round. Experience captivating culture, awesome outdoor adventure, great golf and exciting entertainment. Come alive in The Palm Beaches with our magical collection of small cities and towns that deliver . . . deliver the best way to experience Florida.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Top Indoor Thrills In Dubai

Enjoy the great indoors this summer in Dubai. Our shopping districts are filled with exciting things to do from Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates, to Green Planet at City Walk to the all-new Bounce at Al Quoz. Also, now open are our indoor theme parks like Motiongate at DPR and IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Höga Kusten

Far up in the northern Europe is a place where nature's forces during 20.000 years has shaped a dramatic landscape with the world's highest coastline. Mountains plunging straight into the depths of the sea in a way that makes you breathless. Here you'll get to experience the real, unexploited and genuine Sweden. The bold visitors can try fermented herring and climbing but the High Coast of Sweden is more harmony than adrenaline. Through endless opportunities to be active in the nature with the ones you care for, you regain strength to your urban, pacy everyday life. Welcome to the High Coast of Sweden!

San Francisco, California

Also known as the "City by the Bay," San Francisco is diverse, colorful, and vibrant. Famous for its steep hills, colorful Victorian houses, year-round fog, beautiful panoramic vistas, and excellent cuisine, the city attracts visitors from all corners of the world due to its beauty, culture, history, and dynamic ambiance. Its eclectic mix of architecture, sandy beaches, ethnic and cultural diversity, and entertainment for all ages make San Francisco a great choice for a vacation.
Ghent, Belgium

The Castle of the Counts

Visit the knights at the castle A weekend trip to Ghent is simply not complete without a visit to the mysterious ‘Castle of the Counts’. This important sight in Ghent is a castle with a very turbulent past, closely intertwined with the complex—often stormy—political and social history of the city. It is the only remaining mediaeval castle with a moat and largely intact defence system in Flanders. Your visit to the Castle of the Counts will give you a complete picture of heraldic culture in the 12th century. The gatehouse, ramparts, keep, count’s residence and stables are open to visitors. Torture at the Castle of the Counts Be sure to go up the long spiral staircase to the museum of torture devices on the top floor of the Castle of the Counts. Here, you will find a unique collection of instruments for torture and coercion, as well as a collection of weapons. The Castle of the Counts also hosts all kinds of cultural activities, events and activities, for example during the Ghent Festivities. It is also a popular place to get married for Ghent’s locals. Let’s not forget the time the Castle of the Counts was occupied by protesting students in 1949! Explore the castle during your weekend trip in Ghent and find out all about the ‘Battle of the Castle of the Counts’. The keep, symbol of the Counts’ power Go back in time inside this majestic fortress. Its history goes back to the time of the Roman occupation, when there was already a settlement on a sand bank by the River Lys. After a brief period of Viking plundering, the Counts of Flanders converted the earlier wooden constructions into a keep (living quarters) in the Middle Ages, with ramparts built entirely of stone, replete with 24 towers. The imposing building with its military architecture was a symbol of the Counts’ power in the turbulent city of Ghent. Count Philip and his castle: dominating the city Count Philip of Alsace wanted everyone to know that he was the boss. A Latin inscription above the entrance states that Count Philip (1168-1191) built the castle in 1180. The sense of wealth and power that his castle gave him is brought to life when you stand between the battlements at the top of the keep and gaze out over the vibrant city of Ghent. Industrial revolution banishes knights from Ghent You are bound to be fascinated by the twists and turns in the story of the Castle of the Counts during your weekend getaway. In the late 18th century, the Castle of the Counts was sold to private owners who later converted it into a factory complex. In 1807, the fortress in the heart of Ghent housed a cotton mill, and its outbuildings served as primitive dwellings for about fifty families of workers. When the mill and its workers left, the Castle of the Counts was in a state of complete disrepair, ready for demolition. Torture chamber becomes tourist sight in Ghent By that point, the Castle of the Counts was a symbol of abuse of power, feudal repression, horrific torture methods and a cruel inquisition as far as the people of Ghent were concerned. Restoration gave the Castle of the Counts a new meaning and world fame as Ghent’s most important tourist sight, partly due to the World Expo 1913, which took place in Ghent. Visit the Castle of the Counts in Ghent Do you want to dig deep into the history of Ghent? This is where you need to be. Ghent, full of charming history and modern vibrancy.
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