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Meet Naples, the magical city where history and culture are intertwined with mouth-watering flavors and exciting activities. Explore the cemetery of skulls within the Fontanelle cemetery or the lost city of Pompeii first hand – or spice things up and add on a day trip of pure adventure by exploring the famous volcano Vesuvius or the beautiful island of Capri. Discover the lost tunnels of Naples and witness the true soul of the city throughout the ages, and then explore the bars, restaurants and vivid nightlife in the evening. Castles, museums and churches add to the picturesque and old-world feeling of this city. You are officially invited to come and discover this wonderful jem in the Italian seaside.
Tasmania, Australia

Dark Mofo

Dark Mofo has a curious pull, with people coming even when they’re not sure how the art, music and food will be delivered. That’s because Dark Mofo keeps its cards close and it fails to disappoint time and again.


If you are looking for a place suitable for a vacation, free from industry and the usual urban disrputions, choose Zagorje with an easy heart. It is an oasis of preserved nature, greenery, clean air and mild, healing waters. A cultural heritage of feudalism in this area marks the architecture of many castles and manor houses set amid idyllic nature. Krapina Zagorje County is well-known for its castles, Krapina Neanderthal and termal springs translated into modern baths with excellent hotels and a vast gastronomic offer.
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Historic centre

Shopping in Antwerp: historic centre area

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Fluffy white clouds roll across skies that always seem to gleam with spectrums of blue in the Poconos. The majesty continues with a palette of rustic orange in the fall, the pristine white of snowfall in the winter, and the verdant emerald of forests and hillsides in the summer. Reigning for decades as a popular vacation area for citizens of New York and New Jersey, the Pocono Mountains must be seen in person to be believed. Lakes and rivers to explore, land to hunt, and various ski resorts provide an unforgettable outdoors experience.
Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir

Shopping in Antwerp: Meir area

Charleston, South Carolina

With its celebrated restaurant scene, architectural treasures, historic wonders and serene coastal landscapes, it’s no surprise that lovely Charleston is a popular vacation destination. Explore the area’s culture through local food and music festivals, dine on Lowcountry cuisine and browse for Sea Island crafts. Wander through Charleston’s historic district and peer past wrought-iron gates into mysterious courtyards and fragrant gardens. Take one of many tours exploring the city’s culinary hot spots, antebellum mansions, historic churches, breweries and more. Stay at a charming inn, a historic hotel or a beach resort. Discover the people, flavours, traditions, sights and sounds found only in Charleston. Learn more at: www.visittheusa.com/destination/charleston

Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam

Like so many of the towns and cities of Egypt, Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam are living history museums. The three cities are positioned as corners of a triangle in the Eastern Desert. Hurghada, a former fishing harbour, stretches 15 miles along the waterfront and is the perfect area for water sports. Marsa Alam is found by the Red Sea coast and tourism is just starting to make an impact. The city of Luxor, with its jaw-droppingly beautiful monuments built by the hands of ancient craftsmen, lies 150 miles inland on the banks of the River Nile.
Chios, Greece


Inland from the town lies the fertile plain known as the Kambos, an area of olive groves, lemon and orange orchards, almond trees and patchwork fields divided by stone walls and country lanes. Under the Giustiniani, this rich hinterland was the domain of wealthy Genoese landowners and many of their substantial stone mansions can still be seen – some have been turned into holiday homes by wealthy Athenians, while a few have been converted into comfortable guesthouses.
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Klosters, Switzerland

Ski Schools

Klosters also has ski schools especially for children. Kids Land (+41 81 410 2170) at Madrisa is suitable for non-skiers from the age of two and the Snow Garden (+41 81 410 2828) based in the Sports Centre at Klosters Platz, is for children over four. Other ski schools include: Saas Ski and Snowboard School +41 81 420 22 33 www.davos.ch / www.sss-saas.ch Swiss Snowsports School, also for adult skiers. +41 81 410 28 28 www.snowsports.ch Boardriding Klosters +41 81 420 26 62 www.boardriding.ch For equipment rentals: Albeina Sport AG at Klosters Dorf +41 081 422 3959 www.albeina-sport.ch Bardil Sport AG +41 081 422 10 40 www.bardill-sport.ch
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