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1 - Dalarna

Dalarna is often called the most Swedish of all the provinces. Swedish crafts and many of our favourite customs are stronger here than anywhere else. Especially around the beautiful, magically blue Lake Siljan you’ll find a series of picturesque villages with interesting sights and lovely hotels, located in traditional red log cabins. The Midsummer celebration in Dalarna, which runs from June 20 to the beginning of July, is a huge event, when people dress up in colourful traditional folk costumes and dance around the elaborately decorated Maypole, while the fiddles and accordions play. The residences of the iconic Swedish artists, Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson, located in Mora and Sundborn respectively, are today fascinating museums and well worth a visit.
Popular destinations

2 - Visby and Gotland

The Mediaeval Hanseatic city of Visby on the lovely island of Gotland is a unique historical environment that is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. In summer Visby is a popular destination for partyhungry holidaymakers. At other times of year it’s a peaceful, restful idyll, with a sophisticated selection of culture, restaurants and hotels. Within an hour of Visby you can be anywhere on this spectacular island. To the north is the island of Fårö, of special interest to Ingmar Bergman fans: many scenes from his films were shot here, and he lived here as well. And in summer there’s a festival in his honour.
Popular destinations

3 - The ICE HOTEL in Jukkasjärvi

Who would have known back when it was first built in 1992, that a hotel built of arctic ice in northern Lapland would become an icon that attracts visitors from around the world? Some come in chartered planes, and many are bridal couples. The ICE HOTEL reappears every winter, each time in a new, more spectacular form, complete with wedding chapel, bars, sculpture park and more. Jukkasjärvi is a centre for experience tourism in Lapland, with all its attractions such as dogsledding, reindeer rides, snowmobile, safaris, hunting, fishing, guided northern light tours and much more.
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4 - Skansen, Stockholm

The world’s oldest and most beautiful open-air museum, with a collection of historical buildings from various periods and many parts of the country. Located on Royal Djurgården island in the National City Park, with stunning views of the city. There’s also a zoo with Swedish animals, a children’s zoo, traditional crafts, restaurants, cafés, a market, traditional Christmas celebrations, entertainment venues and many other attractions. A must-see!
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5 - Stockholms Archipelago

An unparallelled area of natural beauty and an attraction on a par with the Norwegian fjords, but far less known: the magical Stockholm Archipelago has over 30,000 islands and islets, most of which are uninhabited and accessible to everyone. It stretches for more than 200 kilometres in a northsouth direction outside Stockholm, offering endless variation in natural beauty and scenery. There are dozens of idyllic towns, villages and destinations. The Archipelago is a paradise for boat-lovers, but many of the islands are easy to reach by car or boat from central Stockholm, for day trips or longer stays, at any time of year. You’ll never forget the unique charm of the Stockholm Archipelago.
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7 - Österlen

Often called the Tuscany of Sweden and celebrated for its exquisite light. Situated along the east coast of Skåne, Österlen has gently undulating hills and lush deciduous forests. Everywhere you’ll find charming restaurants, inns and cafés, palaces and manor houses, markets, sights, idyllic locations and lovely white beaches, including the crowning glory: Stenshuvud National Park. It’s no coincidence that so many artists and authors have made Österlen their home.
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