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Welcome to Lund!

Welcome to the university city of Lund with its picturesque centre, which is ideal for shopping. The student population gives this academic city a youthful, modern feel. Lund’s fascinating history and proud traditions give birth to new ideas and a forward-looking outlook. Lund Cathedral is the Nordic region’s foremost Romanesque cathedral, built under the direction of German and Italian stonemasons. Kulturen, in the centre of Lund, is a museum for all ages – especially for kids, who love to run around in the beautiful park and look at the children's displays, take part in children's activities and explore the many historical buildings that show how different generations have lived. Skissernas Museum (Sketch Museum). Follow the historical and contemporary artists developed ideas through sketches and models from around the world. The museum is unique in its focus on the artistic process and art in public space.
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Skåne drinks for all tastes

Skåne in southern Sweden boils, ferments, bubbles and hisses with juice, mulled wine, apple juice, wine, champagne, schnapps and beer. It has long been acknowledged that people from Skåne have a fondness for good food. But did you realise that we also have an excellent nose for the finest drinks? Skåne has established itself as Europe's new wine region and even boasts its own Skåne wine route, or 'Route du vin'. Wine experts talk about “Skåne sensations”. There are more than ten active breweries in Skåne. Take the opportunity to sample some of the local brews during your visit. Fruit trees and berry bushes thrive in the fertile soil of Skåne. Don’t miss the locally produced juices, bursting with vitamins and taste. The world's third-largest spirits brand ABSOLUT is produced exclusively in Åhus, Skåne. The soft grainy character of ABSOLUT derives from Skåne's rolling fields of winter wheat, which have proved to be ideal for the production of this quality vodka. For more information about drinks in Skåne, please go to: http://visitskane.com/en/theme/mat-dryck
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Kivik – the Swedish appleparadise

Large parts of Sweden munch on apples grown in the orchards of Kivik in Österlen. But naturally they taste better here in southern Sweden where they are grown. The apple is one of Skåne's real gastronomic cornerstones. Kivik in Österlen holds it´s the famous and popular Apple Market in late September each year. A true popular festival where you are treated to the world's largest apple picture, tastings and variety judging, factory tours of Äppelriket Österlen and Kiviks Musteri, singing and music. At Äpplets Hus adjacent to Kiviks Musteri there are information displays for both adults and children. There is also a shop and show garden with many different apple varieties to study.
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Love good food? You will love Skåne

Here in Skåne, we’re proud of our culinary traditions. The “Granary of Sweden” is also home to some of the Nordic region’s top chefs, and our fine local ingredients are of course at the heart of our cooking. Skåne is just like a large and well-stocked pantry and boasts Sweden´s first harvest each year – delicious potatoes, asparagus, carrots, peas, apples, strawberries and much more. The traditional cuisine of Skåne features goose, eel, egg cake and spettekaka. Egg cake is part of Skåne’s culinary heritage, and is like a pancake. Egg cake is made using a pancake-like batter, but adding more eggs and more flour for a creamier consistency. Egg cake can be served with fried pork or bacon, lingonberry jam and chopped white cabbage. An eel party involves eating different eel dishes. An authentic eel party includes salted eel, preserved eel, fried eel, smoked eel, straw-smoked eel, eel soup and eel à la daube. The ideal accompaniments are mashed egg, coarse rye bread, pressed potatoes, lots of schnapps, some tall tales and plenty of uproarious laughter. Spettekaka is a real Skåne party cake, made using a batter of potato flour, sugar and egg. The cake dries out and becomes crisp, and has a distinctive taste that is reminiscent of spun sugar. The spettekaka is decorated with icing and are ideally served with a glass of sweet wine or a cup of coffee. A traditional goose dinner with all the trimmings is a real festive occasion. Before the golden-brown goose arrives at the table, diners enjoy a hot bowl of goose blood soup. This hearty soup is seasoned with cloves, ginger, allspice and a generous splash of brandy. The giblets are served with the soup. The goose is then served with boiled apple slices, prunes, boiled potatoes, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and a rich sauce.
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The best shopping in southern Sweden

As well as traditional town-centre shopping, Skåne also offers a lively rural shopping scene with all manner of specialist farm shops. How about IKEA in Malmö or hunting for bargains at a flea market? The proximity to Copenhagen and the historic links with Denmark mean you’ll find plenty of Danish products and Danish design. Many of Skåne’s rural retailers combine their shops with a gallery or a café. If you’re looking for designer clothes, shoes, glass, crockery, textiles and home furnishings at outlet prices. Whether it is raining or you are just looking for efficient shopping, there are several shopping centres and malls in Skåne where the shops are located right next door to each other. Everything from the small alternative designer mall to some of Europe's largest shopping centres. Most of Skåne’s shopping centres are in Malmö, but there are also gems in Helsingborg and Lund that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in the area.
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59 stones attract hundreds of thousands

Surrounded by the fantastic environment of Kåseberga in Österlen, Ales stenar (Ale's stones) are one of the wonders of Skåne. Ales stenar consists of 59 large boulders in a 67-metre long and 19-metre wide ship-like formation. The stones make a spectacular sight, where sea, land and sky meet. Ales stenar is one of Skåne's most popular tourist attractions. With its quaint harbour and the famous fish smokehouses, Kåseberga is the perfect destination for an outing. Stunning views of the glittering Baltic Sea are guaranteed when you walk up the steps from the village and continue the hundred metres to the stones!
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National parks and nature reserves in southern Sweden

Sea on three sides, open fields, forests, mountains and lakes – the Skåne landscape is a palette of all colours where you can experience rich and varied wildlife. Christinehof Ecopark Includes the 18th century castle of Christinehof and the castle environs, Alunbruket's unique industrial environment, Verkeån nature reserve, Borstakärr's wetlands, Hallamölla and lake Verkasjön. The cultural landscape around Christinehof offers open pastures, wetland habitats, and meandering streams. Bird-watching tower and guides. Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere reserve offers world-class nature experiences in combination with lazy days on the beach, shopping and city life in Kristianstad. Kristianstads Vattenrike was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2011, a model area for sustainable development, and few places have such rich and varied nature. Kullaberg nature reserve Swimming, fishing and golf. Bird watching, diving, rock climbing, caving…The magnificent natural environment of Kullaberg has been awarded three stars in the “Guide Michelin” book of Swedish sights. Kullens Fyr lighthouse, the brightest lighthouse in Scandinavia, is situated at the tip of Kullaberg. Stenshuvud national park Sweden's most southerly national park offers delightful walks and a 97-metre-high viewpoint over the sea, beaches and apple orchards. Naturum hosts an exhibition describing the park's flora and fauna. Stenshuvud is one of most diverse national parks in Sweden, known for the variety of species living there. The beach here is outstanding and the park is ideal for picnics in the countryside, or relaxing walks along the trails. Söderåsen national park Soaring cliffs and the precipices that plunge down into the ravines of Söderåsen are just one example to disprove the notion that “Skåne is flat”. Here you can wander around among the ravines and deciduous forests, enjoying the unspoilt nature. Söderåsen National Park is the largest unbroken area of protected woodland in Northern Europe. Skåne’s very own Grand Canyon.
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Skåne's best beaches

On Sweden’s Riviera you will find white and powdery sand. What are the over-populated and heavily-exploited beaches around the Mediterranean compared to these mile-long, accommodating vast expanses of natural splendor in our vicinity. Relax on the beaches of Skåne! • Åhus – Yngsjö The 40-km long stretch of coast called the Åla coast extends all the way from Kristianstad down to Österlen and the solid rocky outcrops of Stenshuvud. It is the autumn’s eel fishing and the many eel huts that have made the beach famous, but during the summer it’s the beaches that matter. • Mälarhusen – Sandhammaren The second largest continuous playa stretches from Skillinge in the north to Löderup in the south. The fairly level beach at Mälarhusen turns into dunes the farther south you go; past • Skanör – Falsterbo The beaches are several kilometres long and shallow with an array of caramel-coloured bathing huts, now permanently erected up on the dunes, in place of the original dismountable huts that the owners took home every autumn. • Malmö - Ribersborg Swimming in the heart of town! Malmö's urban Copacabana is called Ribersborg, a shallow 2½ km long sandy beach only 20 minutes' walk from Stortorget in the centre of town. • Lomma – Bjärred A fairly narrow playa, where copious amounts of washed-up seaweed are excavated away during the summer so that bathers can get down to the extremely shallow beaches. • Helsingborg – Råå The beach area stretching for several kilometres with fine sand and green fields behind it. The most central bathing area in Helsingborg is the Parapeten-badet, located on the harbour pier of the same name. Here you can swim with a view of the lively ferry traffic between Helsingborg and Helsingør, right in the heart of Scandinavia! • Mölle At the end of the Kullahalvön peninsula in northwest Skåne lies Mölle. The fishing village of Mölle, which in the 1890s developed into one of Sweden's first seaside resorts, was known as a 'den of vice' – men and women bathed together, something that was considered taboo at the time. Mölle is still a popular seaside resort, now mostly known for its beautiful, sandy coast. • Ängelholm – Klitterhus North of the Kullahalvön peninsula, by Skälder bay where the Rönne river flows into the sea, there are traces of one of the oldest bathing cultures in Sweden. Here the water has managed to become more salty and the winkles have multiplied and become whiter than in the Baltic and the Öresund Sound, and the sand is brown and coarse.
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Skåne´s strongholds and castles

Skåne was the province of the wealthy Danish nobility, and many of them built strongholds and castles here before the province eventually became Swedish. A handful of strongholds and around 150 castles still stand to this day. They take many different forms, but they all conceal fascinating stories within their thick walls. Not to mention plenty of romance! Many of these castles have excellent restaurants offering culinary experiences to remember, and their wine cellars are often renowned for their selections. One example is Kronovalls Vinslott , which also produces its own sparkling wine in the old castle cellars. Summertime concerts are sometimes staged in the castle grounds. You can expect horticultural experiences at Sofiero Palace and Gardens and artistic experiences at Wanås Castle. While you’re in Skåne, we strongly recommend a visit to one or more of our castles. As well as an excursion through the beautiful countryside, you’ll also get a brief history lesson and no doubt hear a tale or two about our cultural heritage. Here you can find out about some of our region’s fascinating historic buildings. Skåne is the place to see the finest in Swedish history. At some of Skåne’s castles you can even stay overnight in an authentic historic setting. Experience life as lord of the manor. Stay in style at Skåne’s castles: http://visitskane.com/en/article/enjoy-elegant-living-castle
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