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Skåne’s climate

Skåne is the warmest region in Sweden. With seas in three directions (the Kattegatt in the south, the Öresund in the west and the Baltic Sea in the east), the climate is a maritime one, especially along the southern and eastern coasts. Spring arrives first in Skåne, and here in the south we have longer summers than the rest of Sweden. Skåne’s weather stations hold the Swedish heat records: May (32.5° in Kristianstad on 27/05/1892), September (29.1° in Stehag on 01/09/1975), November (18.4° in Ugerup near Kristianstad on 02/11/1968) and December (13.7° in Simrishamn on 24/12/1977). Kristianstad shares the record for May with Kalmar. The highest-ever temperature in Skåne is 36.0°, which was recorded in Ängelholm on 30 June 1947 (source: SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). Winters in Skåne are generally mild with relatively little snow. But the snow, when combined with high winds, does occasionally make minor roads difficult to access. The deepest snow recorded dates back to 1942, when Sankt Olof in Österlen measured one metre. You can check the current weather here: http://www.yr.no/sted/Sverige/Sk%C3%A5ne/
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Getting to Skåne by air

There are three airports in Skåne: Kristianstad Airport, Malmö Airport and Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport. And only 20 minutes away from Malmö over the Öresund Bridge you also have Copenhagen Airport. Kristianstad Airport, served by Flyglinjen +46 44-238800 - www.kidairport.com Malmö Airport, served by Malmö Aviation, Norwegian and SAS +46 40-6131000 - www.swedavia.se/sv/Malmo/Resenar Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport, served by Kullaflyg and SAS +46 431-484513 - www.angelholmhelsingborgairport.se Copenhagen Airport - http://cph.dk/CPH/DK/MAIN
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Getting to Skåne by car over the Öresund Bridge

The Öresund Bridge - Eight kilometres of bridge, four kilometres of man-made island and four kilometres of tunnel. When the link was opened in July 2000, Skåne suddenly found itself closer to the Continent – and vice versa. Tickets for driving across the Öresund Bridge are open-dated, meaning that they are also valid on days other than the date on which they are booked. There are no return tickets – just book two single tickets. You can book your tickets to cross the Öresund Bridge here: http://www.visitskane.com/en The Öresund Bridge +46 40-223000 http://se.oresundsbron.com
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Public transport

Skånetrafiken operates all public transport by train, bus and car in Skåne. For current prices, tickets and timetables, see Skånetrafiken’s website below. There are ferry connections to Bornholm (from both Ystad and Simrishamn) and Poland (from Ystad). You can reach Denmark and the rest of the Continent via the Öresund Bridge. Team Bornholm will help you plan your visit to Bornholm. Skånetrafiken +46 771-777777 www.skanetrafiken.se Team Bornholm +46 411-558720 www.teambornholm.se
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Worth knowing

Skåne in facts and figures. Area: 11,027 km² (of which 10,983 km² is land). 113 inhabitants per km². Biggest lakes: Ivösjön (54.2 km²) Östra Ringsjön (25 km²) Immeln (24 km²) Highest point: Söderåsen, at 212 metres above sea level Provincial animal: Red deer Provincial flower: Oxeye daisy Provincial bird: Red kite Provincial fish: Eel Provincial mushroom: Field mushroom Provincial stone: Flint Biggest towns (population in December 2010): Malmö – 298,963 Helsingborg – 129,177 Lund – 110,488 Kristianstad – 79,543
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