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Camping is cool again, and few locations are better suited to camping than Skåne. Choose whether to camp close to lakes, the sea, forests, beaches, nature reserves or towns.

Find out about Skåne’s best campsites.

Vinslövs Camping (through SCR)

Splendid scenery. Good fishing possibilties. Open-air/sea-water pool.

AddressTroed Nelsongatan 18, 28834 Vinslöv
Phone070-207 76 79
Opening hours15 April to 15 September

Immelns Camping (through SCR)

We wish you a warm welcome to Immelns camping & youth hostel. Beautifully situated right next to Lake Immeln in Northern Skåne.

AddressImmelnvägen, 28973 Immeln
Phone044-964 17
Opening hours29 March to 30 September

Osby Camping (through SCR)

Osby Camping is a 3 Star camping facility with approx. 120 camping spots and 6 cottages for rent.

AddressEbbarpsvägen 84, 28343 Osby
Phone0479-311 35
Opening hours1 April to 31 October

Ivö Camping (through SCR)

Ivö Camping is located on the island of Ivö, on the Ivösjön lake, which is the county of Scania's largest lake.

Address, 29034 Fjälkinge
Phone044-521 88, 0706-56 22 72
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Kvidingebadets Camping (through SCR)

Welcome to Kvidingebadets Camping.

AddressS Järnvägsg. 8, 26571 Kvidinge
Phone0435-201 25
Opening hours3 June to 25 August

Elfdalens Camping (through SCR)

Family friendly campsite close to nature and services.

AddressVedbyvägen 69, 26437 Klippan
Phone0435-146 78
Opening hours1 April to 15 September

Luhrsjöbadens Camping (through SCR)

Splendid scenery. Good fishing possibilties. Fine water for bathing. Boat rental. Area suitible for children. Grill area. Cafeteria. Overnight cottages for two persons.

AddressHästveda, 28023 Hästveda
Phone0451-304 15
Opening hours27 April to 15 September

Hjelmsjö Camping (through SCR)

Hjelmsjö Camping is located in an idyllic environment, close to swimming and fishing. Clean service buildings.

AddressÅlstigen 1, 28635 Örkelljunga
Phone070-247 44 79
Opening hours15 April to 1 October

First Camp Mölle (through SCR)

First Camp Mölle, which is open all year round, lies at the foot of the beautiful Kullaberg hill and offers experiences and accommodation in a splendid environment and friendly community.

AddressKullabergsvägen 286, 26377 Mölle
Phone042-34 73 84
Opening hours22 March to 2 November

Lerbergets Camping (through SCR)

Lerbergets Camping is beautifully situated by the beach of Öresund strait with unique access to both sandy beach and forest. Town of Höganäs is located 2 km to the north.

AddressLerbergsvägen, 26352 Lerberget
Phone042-33 14 00
Opening hours19 April to 15 September

Råå Vallar (through SCR)

Råå Vallar in Helsingborg is perfectly situated by the sea, with views of Denmark. This is a fully-serviced camping site, with restaurant, fast-food takeaway and convenience store. It has its own 50-metre swimming pool, as well as a childrens paddling pool. Modern static caravans available for hire.

AddressKustgatan, 25270 Råå
Phone042-18 26 00
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Jägersbo Camping (through SCR)

In the middle of the Skåne countryside were the fields meets the ridge, you find us down by Ringsjöns shore. A god and nice campground that offers both bath and fishing.

AddressFiskaregränd 1, Sätofta, 24335 Höör
Phone0413-55 44 90
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Råbocka Familjecamping (through SCR)

Råbocka Family camping site is situated by the sea, surrrounded by the forrest. Only 2 km away the charming city centre of Ängelholm awaits you, with small shops and nice restaurants.You can rent bicycles and take a bikeride in our beautiful surroundings

AddressRåbockavägen 101, 26263 Ängelholm
Phone0431-105 43
Opening hours20 April to 8 September

Båstad Camping (through SCR)

Båstad Camping - a brand new family campsite by Hemmeslövsstrand. Footpath and cycle-path to bathing (400m) and Båstad town (3 km).

AddressNorra vägen 128, 26996 Båstad
Phone0431-755 11
Opening hours28 March to 29 September

Ljungens Camping (through SCR)

Our lovely campsite is set in wonderful nature by the billowing sea.

AddressStrandbadsvägen, 23942 Falsterbo
Phone040-47 11 32
Opening hours27 April to 29 September

Skäralids Camping o Vandrarhem (through SCR)

Welcome to Skäralid's Campsite and Youth Hostel, a family-owned tourist centre at the entrance to Söderåsen National Park. Open all year round so you can enjoy Skäralid in all seasons.

AddressSkäralid 750, 26453 Ljungbyhed
Phone070-244 20 85
Opening hours22 March to 27 October

Charlottsborgs Camping-Vandrarhem (through SCR)

The campsite is located in parkland, 3 km from the centre of Kristianstad with excellent bus services.

AddressSlättängsvägen 98, 29162 Kristianstad
Phone044-21 07 67
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Bromölla Camping & Vandrarhem Strandängen (through SCR)

You won't get any closer to nature. Maybe all you want is to enjoy the peace and the surroundings, but should you want more activity, you won't have to look far.

AddressScoutvägen 6, 29538 Bromölla
Phone0456-255 93
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Caravan Club Norrvikens Camping (through SCR)

A campsite by the sea. A gem on the Bjärehalvön peninsula. Norrvikens Camping is beautifully nestled in between the sheltering hillside of the Hallandsåsen ridge and the clear waters of the Laholmsbukten bay.

AddressKattviksvägen 347, 26991 Båstad
Phone0431-36 91 70
Opening hours23 March to 29 September

Stenbrogården Quick Stop (through SCR)

Stenbrogården Quick Stop is located by Helsingborg. This is our facility for anyone seeking a more affordable and simpler accommodation option for a day in Helsingborg.

AddressRausvägen 178, 25592 Helsingborg
Phone0771-101 200
Opening hours1 July to 4 August

First Camp Torekov - Båstad (through SCR)

Welcome to our campingsite, close to the sea and beautiful environments in south-west Skåne. Nice playgrounds for the children.

AddressFlymossavägen 5, 26093 Torekov
Phone0431-36 45 25
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Borstahusens Camping (through SCR)

Borstahusens Camping is located in the north-western parts of Landskrona right by the sea with wonderful views of the Öresund strait.

AddressCampingvägen, 26161 Landskrona
Phone0418-108 37
Opening hours25 April to 15 September

Ringsjöstrands Resort (through SCR)

This is a peaceful recreation spot in the middle of nature. Wonderful leafy terrain, hiking treks, bicycle paths and canoe rides in connection to Ringsjön a beautiful lake in the south of Sweden. We have new cottages, trailer and tent places close to the water, children’s activities, and fishing, miniature golf, boule and dance evenings. We would be pleased to have you here!

AddressOsbyholm Brovägen 2, 24293 Hörby
Phone0415-105 67
Opening hours1 April to 1 November

Röstånga Camping & Bad (through SCR)

Welcome to Röstånga Camping & Bad. We offer a scenic 4-star campsite by Söderåsen National Park.

AddressBlinkarpsvägen 3, 26868 Röstånga
Phone0435-910 64
Opening hours26 April to 22 September

Skånes Djurparks Camping (through SCR)

Campiste with space for 150 caravans and tents. 4 newly built cottages. Open all year round!

AddressJularp 145, 24393 Höör
Phone0413-55 32 70
Opening hours1 January to 31 December