Welcome to Skåne

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Skåne offers creative, unusual and authentic experiences within comfortable distances of each other. We have extensive plains, undulating fields of rapeseed and 400 kilometres of coastline in three directions with long, inviting sandy beaches, as well as deep forests in the central and north-eastern parts, and steep rocky precipices in the northwest. The rural areas and the charming fishing villages are close to the cities, with cosmopolitan Malmö in the southwest, Helsingborg in the northwest and Kristianstad in the northeast. The island of Hven is known as the pearl in the middle of the Öresund Sound, and is an ideal place for cycling. Skåne is neither one thing nor the other. Skåne has a bit of everything. Skåne is the best of both worlds. Come and discover Skåne for yourself!


Population 1.2 million (1,243,329 inhabitants as at 31 December 2010)
Currency SEK (Swedish kronor), 1 kr = 100 öre
Opening hours Weekdays 10:00-18:00
Saturdays 10:00-14:00
Website www.visitskane.com/en – Skåne’s official website for inspiration and booking.
Emergency numbers 112
Tourist information www.visitskane.com/en – Skåne’s official website for inspiration and booking.

Skåne consists of 33 municipalities. You will find each municipality’s tourist information office here, and can get assistance with personal tourist services, ordering brochures and finding all the many experiences Skåne has to offer: visitskane.com/en/tourist-offices