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Section in Ystad & Österlen, South-East Sweden
Do & See
Ystad and Österlen offer a wide range of unique and enjoyable experiences. Here is a small selection of many things to see and do. Which will be your favourite gems? This is a paradise for the nature lover, with plenty of hiking trails. Here nature is never difficult to access. Just enjoyable. Ystad and Österlen boasts an extensive coastline, which is ideal for all manner of activities by, on or in the water. Why not go on a guided fishing trip by boat and try catching a huge salmon or cod? Step back through history as you enter the well preserved 18th century Christinehof Slott, or experience life as a knight at the mediaeval castle of Glimmingehus. See illuminated rock carvings after nightfall near Simrishamn, find out about the life in the 13th century at The monastery in Ystad or step inside the stone block walls of Sweden´s largest Bronze Age grave in Kivik, Kiviksgraven. The area is family friendly with a good opportunity to do things together. See exciting animals at Ystad Zoo, do some trolley ride, hike at Stenshuvud National park, visit Tomelilla Summerpark with its waterpark, carousels and many other exciting activities. See more information at www.visitystadosterlen.se/en/do

Uppdrag Skåne - Del 5: Ystad & Österlen

Semestertestaren Valle Westesson reser till det mytomspunna Österlen i Skåne dar han bland annat besöker Sandhammaren (Sveriges basta strand), roar sig på sommarlandet Tosselilla, fikar på Olof Viktors (som fatt utmärkelsen 'årets svenska konditori'), vandrar runt i ekoparken på Christinehofs slott samt besöker vid Ales stenar (Vad det nu ar for något?).

World class Salmon fishing

Salmon and cod fishing, Simrishamn Salmon fishing has never been better than it is right now.Take this opportunity to book a half-day or full day at sea. Trolling is a method of putting out bait at different depths behind and to the side of the boat and then trying to find where the salmon are chasing the herring. If you find the salmon they can take the bait on several rods simultaneously. Summer fishing with a Jig Good summer fishing for cod about 3-5 nautical miles from the harbor. The fishing takes place at the deeper sea levels where the cod is. Other fish that can also bite are garfish / beak and mackerel. Or try angling for different kinds of flatfish such as dab, scrub, turbot, brill and plaice. Great fishing that can result in a great fish dinner. # Up to 5 people per tour Half Day Fishing: 3-4 hour tour Full day: 8 hour tour . The boat is custom made 28.5 ft salmon fishing boat, brand name Carolina Classic equipped with everything one needs to have a safe and prosperous fishing trip. Fully equipped with plotter, GPS, AIS , radar, VHF radio , depth sounder and autopilot. Fishing equipment is always included for all customers as well as life jackets or flotation suits. The boat provides soda, water and if the weather is good, we can brew coffee or tea as well.
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