The Best Travel Guide to Ystad & Österlen, South-East Sweden
Provided by: Maria Råberg
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Do & See
Ystad and Österlen offer a wide range of unique and enjoyable experiences. Here is a small selection of many things to see and do. Which will be your favourite gems? This is a paradise for the nature lover, with plenty of hiking trails. Here nature is never difficult to access. Just enjoyable. Ystad and Österlen boasts an extensive coastline, which is ideal for all manner of activities by, on or in the water. Why not go on a guided fishing trip by boat and try catching a huge salmon or cod? Step back through history as you enter the well preserved 18th century Christinehof Castle, or experience life as a knight at the mediaeval castle of Glimmingehus. See illuminated rock carvings after nightfall near Simrishamn, find out about the life in the 13th century at The monastery in Ystad or step inside the stone block walls of Sweden´s largest Bronze Age grave in Kivik, Kiviksgraven. The area is family friendly with a good opportunity to do things together. See exciting animals at Ystad Zoo, do some trolley ride, hike at Stenshuvud National park, visit Tomelilla Summerpark with its waterpark, carousels and many other exciting activities.


Österlenleden takes you on a walk in southeastern Skåne. Here you will find picturesque fishing villages, miles of white beaches and lush beech forests. Here you will be greeted by a rolling backland, open pastures and beautiful views of the Baltic Sea. On small coastal and cycling routes, you travel through a beautiful and varied landscape. Soft beach and horizon to rest your eye marks the walk. You get on the paths and small roads. A small but well-trampled trail takes you up and down for rugged backs ... Come close to nature in a varied landscape and past little fishing villages. Discover exciting flora and fauna, unique geological and historical sites. Good connection points for those of you who do not want to walk the entire length of the Trail in one go are: Ystad, Simrishamn, Kivik and Brösarp. The stations and bus stops close to the recommended connection points are visible on the maps for each section. You can also search for connections from a starting point of your own choice.
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Sydostleden is Sweden’s second national bicycle route which will be inaugurated on 17 June 2016. It runs 260 - almost car-free - kilometers between Växjö in the north and Simrishamn in the south. Of course it is possible to split the route into shorter sections, giving you the opportunity to discover the varying scenery as well as diverse natural and cultural attractions along the way. Special points of interest are for example the villages of Brösarp and Vitaby as well as the picturesque fishing towns of Kivik and Simrishamn. Culinary highlights are offered in fish and seafood restaurants like Buhres på Kivik, traditional inns like Brösarps Gästgivferi and in many of the small farm shops that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and other local produce. Make sure not to miss the fantastic scenery of Stenshuvud National Park and the Brösarp hills (Brösarps Backar).
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World class Salmon fishing

Salmon and cod fishing, Simrishamn Salmon fishing has never been better than it is right now.Take this opportunity to book a half-day or full day at sea. Trolling is a method of putting out bait at different depths behind and to the side of the boat and then trying to find where the salmon are chasing the herring. If you find the salmon they can take the bait on several rods simultaneously. Summer fishing with a Jig Good summer fishing for cod about 3-5 nautical miles from the harbor. The fishing takes place at the deeper sea levels where the cod is. Other fish that can also bite are garfish / beak and mackerel. Or try angling for different kinds of flatfish such as dab, scrub, turbot, brill and plaice. Great fishing that can result in a great fish dinner. # Up to 5 people per tour Half Day Fishing: 3-4 hour tour Full day: 8 hour tour . The boat is custom made 28.5 ft salmon fishing boat, brand name Carolina Classic equipped with everything one needs to have a safe and prosperous fishing trip. Fully equipped with plotter, GPS, AIS , radar, VHF radio , depth sounder and autopilot. Fishing equipment is always included for all customers as well as life jackets or flotation suits. The boat provides soda, water and if the weather is good, we can brew coffee or tea as well.
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Ystad Djurpark

Welcome to Ystad Djurpark! Here at Ystad Djurpark, we try to ensure that our animals and visitors all feel at home. Amid the undulating countryside, you can meet large exotic animals from around the world and many different native breeds, as well as monkeys, lemurs, meerkats, birds and reptiles. In all, we currently have around 60 different species. We also have a large pool area (open 1 June to 1 October) with heated pools. And not forgetting our fantastic café, where you can stop for a bite to eat, something to drink or an ice-cream.
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Kiviksgraven is so much more than a 3 500 year old barrow. It is like a journey through the prehistoric times of Österlen, from ice melts and uplift of the land right up to the Viking that was buried here with his beloved dog. Here one finds Kiviksgraven, which is one of Scandinavia’s widest tomb cairns from the Bronze Age. Inside, there is also a knowledge center for the prehistoric times of Österlen. Experience track with QR codes, guided tours, analog augmented reality, Aha corner and smaller exhibits of objects.
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Ystad Studios Visitor Center

Here you are met by a world full of inspiring film environments and things to do. Step right into the studio building, see and try props and create yourself with professional technology and with the help of our people. Immerse yourself in Mankell's Wallander world, enjoy yourself in Circus imagos stables or go on a rymdtur Pax and the gang from the Milky Way. There is also a café and a shop with movie memorabilia. The doors will open in March 2018 and we invite you to experience and explore the world of film and cinema, both in front of and behind the camera.
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