Nyköping - Cafes

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Image Photo: Nyköpings Kommun

Hellmanska Gården

Sourdough bread from their own bakery, pastries and daily lunch specials.

AddressVästra Trädgårdsgatan 24

Café Åstugan

Sourdough bread and pastries along the Svärta River. Seasonal opening hours.

AddressStora Åstugan

Princess Konditori

Classic bakery with a 1950s decor.

AddressBagaregatan 33


Eat open-face sandwiches in a 17th centurybuilding. Seasonal opening hours.


Aktersnurran Glasscafé

32 kinds of ice cream in homemade waffles. Seasonal opening hours. Located in Nyköping harbour.

Kumlins Bakery

Have a Swedish cinnamon bun in a relaxed atmosphere. Old fashion cafe where ýou can have a lighter luncher or a Swedish "fika". Situated on the main square.

AddressStora Torget, Nyköping

Mekka Konditori

A café with fifties style located in the centre of Nyköping. Bakery and coffee shop in a relaxed atmosphere.