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Do & See
The Nyköping River winds its way through town and out into Nyköping Bay. You can stroll on your own along river, dotted with cultural relics and sculptures, and stop at historic sites. You can visit Nyköping Castle, take a boat tour from the harbour or visit an art gallery. Outside town are hiking trails, hills to climb and kayaks to rent. Discover eagles and seals from the deck of a tour boat, explore a castle, find a bargain at an auction or cycle along a bike path with a well-stocked picnic basket hanging from your handlebars. Nyköping has something for young and old alike!

Experience the archipelago without a boat

At Stendörren nature reserve, situated between Nyköping and Trosa, you can visit the archipelago even if you don’t have your own boat. Park your car or bus in one of the parking places and take a walk along the hanging bridges out to the islands where you can see the open ocean! At Stendörren there are picknick areas, walking paths, fire places, telephones, toilets and a specially made path for wheelchairs and disabled people. Stendörren is intended for one-day trips so camping is not allowed, but bring your picknick basket and experience the archipelago at close quarters.
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Fly & Walk

Fly to Stockholm/Skavsta (Nyköping) from any of the 50 destinations in Europe and start walking on the 1000 kilometre Sörmlandsleden trail straight from the arrivals hall. You find the first trail marking outside Connect Hotel. Three kilometres later, you leave the asphalt behind and enter into an undulating, small-scale mosaic landscape with large forests, lonely lakes, sea and sparsely populated farmland. The Northern route (63 km/4 days) takes you to the small town of Trosa and then on to the underground in Stockholm (+136 km/8 days). The walk takes you on old roads, past castles and manors, as well as through forests and lakes. The Southern route (97 km/6 days) opens into silent forests and then follows the quite steep and rocky Baltic Sea coast. A fairly demanding walk in terrain that is rough in places. Different, magnificent and beautiful.
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