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There are a lot of galleries in Lund, with a range of different styles and specialisations. Jäger & Jansson Galleri, Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13 Phone: +46 (0)46- 276 00 55 Oberg PhotoGraphics, Vegagatan 25 Phone: +46 (0)738-52 52 00 Jolans Keramik, Idrottsgatan 4 Phone: +46 (0)735-997868 Studio K2, Krafts Torg 2 Phone: +46 (0)766-32 03 32 Martin Bryder Galleri, Nygatan 12 Phone: +46 (0)703-80 50 17 Tatis Galleri för konst och vetenskap, Stora Gråbrödersgatan 13 Phone: +46 (0)73-846 81 10 Krognoshuset Konstföreningen Aura Phone: + 46 (0)46-12 62 48 Gyllebo gårdsbutik och Ateljé Betong & Sånt Galleri Linnebjer Lottes stengods, akvarell och keramik +46 (0)46-57750
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Vattenhallen Science Center

Vattenhallen Science Center is open to the public at weekends and during school holidays. There are shows and visitors also have the opportunity to do experiments and try various construction kits. On weekdays, school classes and other groups come to try out various experiments with a focus on science and engineering. In the experiment hall, you can get inside a giant soap bubble, test different sounds, or shoot protons and tickle electrons. Planetarium Inside Vattenhallen Science Center you find the Faculty of Science planetarium. A show inside the planetarium gives the visitor a sense of flying out into the Universe and visiting planets and galaxies. If you would like to request a show in English please contact the reception at phone: +46 46 222 43 51, or stop by.
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Lund - Cute & Smart

Lund is a charming city that combines ancient with modern. University students buzz around the medieval streets. It's truly a city with a tradition of innovation!


Lund University was founded in 1666 and is one of Sweden's most attractive study destination. Universitetsplatsen was conceived by Helgo Zettervall as a harminious whole, with Universitetshuset and the Academic Society (AF) opposite one another. As a counterbalance to Kungshuset on the south side of the square, Zettervall erected Palaestra et Odeum on the north side. In the centre stands a two-storey fountain surrounded by flowerbeds. The four iron frogs spouting water around are populary known as the "faculty frogs" Universitetshuset, the main university building was erected in 1878-1882. Today the building houses the offices of the university management and parts of the central administration, and provides facilities for official entertainment and ceremonies. From 30th of June until the 8th of August the building is open to public on weekdays between 2 pm-4 pm.
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