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Stortorget - the grand square

The town centre is located on Trossö island. Many visitors are fascinated by the main square, where the Tourist Office can also be found. The statue of Karl XI gazes out over the grand paved square. The impressive churches are immediately eye-catching: Fredrikskyrkan (The Frederick church) and Trefaldighetskyrkan (The Holy Trinity Church), also known as the German Church. Many restaurants and cafés are clustered around Stortorget and on the the pedestrian streets nearby.
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Stumholmen with The Naval Museum

The pulse of history is heard clearly over the island, which once was a warehouse for the sailing fleet's food supply. After 300 years as a closed military area, the island Stumholmen was transformed in 1993 into a civilian section of the city. Among waterside houses and work places and at the lovely swimming beach, history lives on. This is where you will find the Naval Museum, Karlskrona’s foremost visitor attraction. The museum is an architectural masterpiece, with its 140-metreplus structure extending right out over the water! The museum also incorporates the interesting Sloop and Longboat Shed with boat displays. The old hangars from the pioneering days of aviation and Kungshall storehouse are other interesting attractions. The unique submarine hall with HMS Neptun is the museums latest attraction, opened in june 2014.
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Dragsö island and Saltö island

On the island Saltö, reached by bridge from Trossö (the city island), you can enjoy a delicious shrimp salad or smoked fish, dining right by the sea. Take a swim from the rocks or from the lovely beach. On the island Dragsö, which is the neighboring island, there is a very popular family campground. Take a round of mini golf throug the Worldheritage city of Karlskrona, in miniature, or try pike fishing. For those who like to walk there are several charming walking paths along the sea.
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1,650 islands, islets and rocks! Karlskrona archipelago is liberating and probably one of the most beautiful places there is! The archipelago of Karlskrona, is the southernmost of Sweden’s archipelagos. The whole city is built upon 33 islands. Without the protective ring of large and small islands surrounding the city, King Karl XI, would probably not have chosen Trossö for his new naval base. There are islands, that have from one to 1,500 inhabitants, islands with and without connection to the mainland. Look for your very own favorite spot - and enjoy - because there are plenty of them! Far out in eastern archipelago, there are plenty of exciting islands like, Inlängan, Utlängan, Stenshamn, Ungskär and Hästholmen, which offer a charming setting. The character of the islands here, differs a lot from the green inner archipelago. Far out to the southeast, lies the island Utklippan. Enjoy the unique environment and look for the seal colony, the seals really enjoy their life here. How to get around in the Karlskrona archipelago - several entrepreneurs, offer traffic in the archipelago of Karlskrona all year round.
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