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Puta Madre

With an exquisitely crafted atmosphere, authentic period decor and staggering attention to detail, Puta Madre is Gothenburg's premiere Mexican food establishment and a highlight in the city's gastronomic scene. It's like stepping into a 1920s cantina, complete with authentic photos, one-of-a-kind period knick-knacks and Revolution-era china stacked to the roof. Everything on the menu is crafted from scratch, including the house tortillas, and the lovely outdoor terrace on the second floor - soon to be renovated and expanded - is perfect for summer drinks, made from the restaurant's over 320 varieties of tequila (the largest collection in the Nordics).
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Hemma Hos

The dishes are inspired by traditional Swedish fare, from the far north to the southernmost tip. Always with their special west coast twist and occasionally with a sprinkling of exotic spices from around the world. Hemma Hos believe in keeping things simple, so you won’t find "frittatas" and "arugula" on their menu, but you will find hearty omelettes and rocket salad. Their trademark side-dish sized portions invite you to treat your taste buds to a culinary journey through Sweden.
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