Reykjavík - The City

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The city of Reykjavík has a fascinating history stretching back for over a thousand years, having first been inhabited in the eighth century by a band of hardy Norsemen. Since then Vikings, monks, sailors, musicians, fishermen, politicians, writers, artists and all manner of folk have played their part in shaping the rich history and culture that makes Iceland’s capital such a vibrant and fascinating place.

Visitors leave Reykjavík with a renewed sense of vigour that can be attributed to Iceland’s pristine air and unique energy, which is evident all around the city - from the geothermal vents steaming in the midnight sunshine to the great open spaces that adorn the area with a stunning natural landscape along with the many year-round activities and events that can fill the diary of any interested traveller.

Reykjavík is also home to the world’s oldest parliament - the Althing, which was founded in 930 AD - but today the city is the epitome of a modern European capital with a world-class infrastructure, excellent transport links to Europe and North America and 200,000 welcoming Icelanders helping you enjoy your stay.

Renowned for its art scene, sight-seeing and nightlife, as well as the annual film and music festivals plus numerous shops, museums and restaurants, there’s no other city like the world’s most Northerly capital, which is situated a relatively-short distance from the Arctic Circle.
Visitors from all round the globe also enjoy whale and wildlife watching, relaxing in one of the many thermally-heated spas and pools (such as the famous Blue Lagoon), viewing spectacular sights such as the Imagine Peace Tower (a spectacular tribute to John Lennon) or the Hallgrímskirkja church or touring the amazing countryside - all with the beautiful snow-covered Mount Esja in the background.
Reykjavík is home to some superb hotels, guest houses and accommodation for visitors and information on tours, trips and things to do during your stay can be easily found in this brochure or at the Reykjavík Tourist Information Centre.

However long you stay you won’t be short of things to do in Reykjavík, surely one of the world’s most interesting and stunningly-located capital cities.