Kadi-Liis Koppel

Leib Resto ja Aed

This is a moderately priced restaurant that offers simple food in a relaxed atmosphere, the highlight being its hand-made bread. This place is like a city-state on the border of Old Town, surrounded by Town Wall with superb garden inside. The daring team of Leib, head chef Janno Lepik and Baltic’s best sommelier Kristjan Peäske, do their utmost to serve local, fresh and seasonal food. The lovely lush garden with a little sandpit for children makes it especially cosy during summer time visits.
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Vegan Restoran V

A new vegan restaurant called V is open next to the Von Krahl theater, with really nothing but vegan food on the menu. The restaurant is located in a small and cosy room in the middle of the sturdy limestone walls of the Old Town, and to date, it has received nothing but praise from critics and visitors alike. An indicator of the level of the restaurant is the fact that you can seldom find a seat without making a reservation. The chick pea burger is one of the favourite main dishes. The delicious foods on offer in this restaurant will make short work of the myth that vegan food is boring.
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A cosy restaurant in the boutique hotel St Petersbourg in the heart of the Old Town, the oldest hotel in Estonia, opened in 1850. The restaurant's menu follows the traditions of Russian cuisine, but the dishes are served with a modern twist. Examples of the menu of Hermitage include a selection of handmade pelmeni or slow-roasted duck hearts. The legendary chicken Kiev and boeuf a la tartar are also available. There is just one selection that you can never know what it will contain - a six-course surprise menu created for the customer by the chef personally.
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