The Best Travel Guide to LEGOLAND Billund Resort
Provided by: Legoland ApS Billund Resort

Vejen Idrætscenter

Sportspassport, Vejen Idrætscenter: Are you ready for a whole day with sports activities together with your family? Carrying our red bracelet as a sports passport you and your family have access to all our activities. Put together your own activity day – just the way you feel like. Do some things together or do your respective things and meet for lunch. Exercise outside or inside and try out branches of sports you have no doubt never tried out before. We simply put all we have got at your disposal. During the summer holidays our holiday sports guide welcomes you and introduces you to the possibilities of the day. You have free access to the changing rooms, lockers are available and a meeting point will be arranged in Vejen Idrætscenter, so that you find each other again. Go on adventures in and round Vejen Idrætscenter: - Use your feet and hands for e.g. beach volleyball, street basketball, petanque and mini golf - Take a racket fight in badminton, squash or tennis - Participate in more than 30 different teams, e.g. step, pump training and ball training, cross fitness, yoga and dancing - Take part in Easy Line, a combination of strength and fitness training, or Indoor Cycling (only adults and children above 140 cm) - Pay a visit to the swimming baths with diving boards at 1, 3 and 5 m – if you dare! - Try out the climbing wall, canoes and water playthings while the grown-ups relax in the spa bath - Jump, try out trampoline and tumbling and do a somersault in the gymnasium - Play table football and table tennis and jump on the outside jumping pillow - Play in the jungle gym, play “the ground is poisonous” and play football on "Den røde plads" (the red square) - Take a run on the athletics stadium or in the wood and do some training and elongation in the trainingpavilions - Challenge the family in floorball or mini football on the synthetic field in front of Vejen Idrætscenter - Borrow a mountain bike and take a ride on our brand new track round Vejen Idrætscenter.
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In the centre of Kolding lies Jutland’s last royal castle, Koldinghus. Enter this fascinating castle renovated respecting the history underlying the Koldinghus we know today. Here, Danish kings stayed when they visited Jutland, and King Christian. 4 had his first day of school in one of the castle halls. Koldinghus contains history and myths dating back to the mid-1200s. Today, Koldinghus serves as a modern museum that conveys culture and history for both children and adults. Here are activities for children that include both playing and learning. Koldinghus contains collections that include interiors from the 1500s and up to the present time, Romanesque and Gothic church culture, older Danish arts and crafts with an emphasis on ceramics and silver. The newly restored wings are a world-class attraction that has been awarded the EUROPA NOSTRA prize.
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The Jelling Monuments

Jelling is home to Europe’s finest Viking-Age monuments: Denmark’s two largest grave mounds and two runic stones erected by the kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth in the eighth century. In 1994, the royal monuments and Jelling Church came under the patronage of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The 10-meter northern mound, presumed to have been built by King Harald Bluetooth, contained a wooden burial chamber in which the king’s father, Gorm the Old, had been entombed. The 70-meter southern mound is not actually believed to have been a burial site. The church sits between the two mounds and has an underground burial chamber. The smaller of the two large rune stones in front of the church was erected around 940-50 AD by Gorm the Old in honour of his queen, Thyra. The runic inscription reads: “Gorm the Old made this monument in honour of his wife, Thyra, the flower of Denmark”. This is the oldest known reference to the name of the nation. The inscription on the larger of the two rune stones, erected by Harald Bluetooth, reads: “King Harald made this monument in honour of Gorm, his father, and Thyra, his mother. Harald who won Denmark – in entirety – and Norway and who brought Christianity to the Danes.” The two rune stones, together with the church and the two grave mounds, are evidence of the transition from paganism to Christianity in Denmark and the change from Norse burial traditions to those of Christian religious practice. The Royal Jelling visitor’s centre relates the inspiring story of the royal monuments, their origin and significance.
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Take a walk on a bridge 60 meters high

Bridgewalking – the prospect of something special. Enjoy the height. The sinking feeling. The breathtaking view. Feel the slight shaking feeling, when the train rumbles across the bridge far beyond you. The tour starts at the Velkomstcenter, where a guide welcomes you. Together, you go from the Velkomstcenter to the bridge, where you are attached to a safety system - and then its 60 metres up and onto the bridge. Altogether, a unique experience. Book tickets on We look forward to welcoming you in the heights! All participants with a “Happy Pass” and a children’s ticket for Bridgewalking will have a surprise after the walk.
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Karensminde Agricultural Museum

A visit at Karensminde Agricultural Museum feels like stepping into another age. Here work is done as in the heydays of the farm back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The whole family can lend a helping hand when it is time to harvest, dig up potatoes or help milk the cow. In the meantime food is being prepared on the old woodstove. At Karensminde you can get very close to the animals. Help shear the sheep or collect the eggs in the chicken run. Have a look around the stables. On the green meadow you can say hello to the goat and geese. The rabbits are lying comfortably in their cages, while the cat sneaks a nap in a hay stack. When the big horses are harnessed to the wagon you can have a drive around the countryside in the old horse-drawn carriage. All year there are activities for the whole family on Karensminde. Enjoy making wooden toys in the wood workshop, make patterns on fabric with carved potatoes, paint eggs or lend a helping hand in the kitchen when soup or marmalade is made. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket and have lunch in the beautiful surroundings or buy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the small shop.
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