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Passport / Visa

The Indian government offers a traditional visa (stamped inside of the passport), or an eVisa, obtained online. All nationals of the European Union and multiple countries across the world are eligible for an eVisa, which should be applied for at least 4 days prior to travel date (but no further in advance that 30 days) and is accepted at 24 airports and 3 seaports countrywide. Special conditions apply to Pakistani passport holders or individuals with familial ties to Pakistan. Citizens of Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives are exempt from visa requirements (if not entering via mainland China).
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Best Time to Visit

Late May sees the start of monsoon season in Kerala, and although visitors used to avoid the months of June through September for this very reason, the trend seems to have started to change, and an increasing number of tourists make their way to Kerala during the year's most humid months. Another reason to come in August is the large-scale cultural festival of Onam, which brings 10 straight days of festivities. October through February remain the months most popular with tourists for their favourable weather, while February through May can get very hot and are best avoided if you're sensitive to high temperatures.
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