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Helsingborg is a city full of beauty. Architectural sights that extend from the early Middle Ages via the functional style to the present day. The city is also full of history – old and modern, Danish and Swedish. Dunkers Kulturhus, Fredriksdal, Kulturmagasinet, Kärnan and Sofiero tell some of the story. Other locations and museums give an account of different occupations and industries – the rubber factory, fishing, the printing works, the stoneware factories etc. This and much besides can be found in the independent museums. Welcome!


The defensive watchtower, Kärnan, is the symbol of Helsingborg and it has kept watch over the city for almost 700 years. At a height of 34 metres the top offers a ravishing view over the city and the Danish coast. Kärnan is what remains of the mighty Helsingborg castle. Kärnan is some 35 metres high and getting up to the top and enjoying the magnificent views over the port, the Sound and Helsingör is worth every single step. On the way up you get an exciting history lesson on the city’s heyday during the Middle Ages
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Do you want to experience the animals in their natural habit without traveling halfway around the world? Then you should come to Tropikariet in Helsingborg. You can for instance walk through the tropical rainforest with moonshine lights and see bats and other night active animals, or look at the sharks swimming around in a living coral reef. After the visit you can eat food, ice cream, and drink coffee in our African Café Masai Mara, right next to the meerkat and tortoise savanna.
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Wallåkra Stenkärlsfabrik

The factory makes traditional stoneware out of clay from its own land. At Wallåkra, you can experience the whole process of making stoneware – from clay deposit to turning and burning to final product. There is also a lovely shop in connection to the old kiln. The premises are also home to a restaurant in one of the warehouses, with a babbling brook running beneath it. Wallåkra is open all year round, with tours, turning and food experiences as well as conference facilities.
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Helsingborgs Konserthus

The Concert Hall is a functional building with acclaimed acoustics and a wide range for both Young and old people with artistic elite, consert hall chorus and not least Helsingborgs own symphony. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra holds regular concerts in the house where you play both older and more modern classical works. Several invited artists often offers performances of various kinds. Themes may include jazz, 60's music, humor, gospel music and solo performances. They also serve in both preschool and school children in special concerts and performances for children.
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