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Gunnebo House and Gardens

Gunnebo House was built at the end of the 1800s and the outdoor pursuits area offers the opportunity for superb walks or other exercise in beautiful countryside. The natural environment around the house at Gunnebo is well known and armed with binoculars you can discover many rare plants and birds. Gunnebo Kaffehus & Krog is housed in the servants’ quarters, right next to the kitchen garden. Freshly baked and with a wonderful smell, the bread comes from the Baking Cottage to be enjoyed with freshly made ecological coffee.
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This is Gothenburg

Gothenburg is found on the west coast of Sweden, right in the heart of Scandinavia. The city has got plenty to offer – with lots of great shopping, a flourishing restaurant scene and the stunning archipelago just around the corner.


Experience the history and adventures of the Swedish Ship Götheborg. The guides, dressed in 18th century costumes, tell the story of the harsh life on board the ship, the expeditions of today, and the daily efforts to keep the ship under sails. The admission fee is 100 SEK for adults and 50 SEK for children (7 - 16 years). Admission is free for children between 0 - 6 years old. While visiting the ship you can watch the film about the China expedition (2005-2007), visit our gift shop and grab a coffee whilst enjoy the stunning views from the pier.
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Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Welcome to one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe with a strong emphasis on horticulture. Here you will find 16, 000 different species in the greenhouses and beautifully arranged garden rooms. This is the perfect place to experience the change of seasons which are typical for Sweden. Every season has its own setting within the Gothenburg botanical gardens. On site there is also a shop, café and a full service restaurant. Guided tours run from July 1–August 11 at 2 pm. You can also experience the gardens by sightseeing train.
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