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Ola Zetterlöf
Ola Zetterlöf
Director of Distribution Client Solutions
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Aviva Pearson
Aviva Pearson
Sales and Marketing Director North America
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World leading distributor of destination content

  • Developed since 2004 together with the online travel industry
  • Focus on destination solutions to help partners drive conversions and attract customers online
  • Partner with over 260 online travel operators
  • Information used by more than 50 million travellers per year

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  • Over 400 destination guides
  • Always updated POIs
  • Local recommendations
  • Online content
  • Facebook App
  • PDF guides with your own brand
  • Include PDF guides in emails
  • Solutions are easy to implement and style (no XML)
  • Live online stats
  • 91% of travellers look for destination information online before deciding where to go
  • 56% of travellers follow travel companies on Facebook or Twitter
  • 71% of travellers say that it is "important or very important to get information about the city at the booking stage"
    • Convert lookers to bookers with city information on your destination page. Click for sample!
  • Over 20% conversion (downloaded pdf guides / sent emails) in pre-travel emails"
    • Give your customers a hugely appreciated additional value- include direct links to pdf guides in emails. Click for sample!

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