San Francisco, California - The City

San Francisco is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. It is said to be the crossroads to everywhere, with 16 million visitors every year.

San Francisco’s strength lies in its neighborhoods, which give the city its utter uniqueness. Union Square is in the heart of the city and the hub of the shopping district. North Beach is known for its Italian heritage, bakeries and restaurants. The Marina District has some of the most elegant homes in San Francisco, and the waterfront is where shopping and dining are at their best.

The Haight, famous for the intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets, is the location of former homes of Counterculture icons like the Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead. Unique shops, music, bookstores and cafés line many of the Haight’s streets. Alamo Square is best known for the beautiful turn-of-the century Victorian homes called the "Painted Ladies." SoMa (South of Market) includes unique nightclubs, restaurants and museums.

The Castro District has the highest concentration of gay/lesbian population of any city in America. Steep streets and brightly painted Victorian houses, imaginative boutiques and bars, and the largest Gay Pride Parade are found in this area. Yerba Buena Gardens, is the cultural heart of the city, where community, entertainment, arts and pop culture come together. San Francisco’s climate is influenced by the cool currents of the Pacific Ocean. Days are generally cool year-round, and summer days are often foggy in the afternoon. Average summer temperatures range from 59-79ºF (15-24ºC) and winter from 50-59ºF (10-15ºC).