Welcome to West Sweden

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One readily returns to West Sweden. This is hardly surprising considering the generous range of activities on offer here. Bohuslän’s archipelago allures you to a glittering sea with charming fishing villages, to lobster parties and to wharves with throngs of people buzzing round quaint shops and taverns. You’ll experience a whole new adventure in the virtually untouched wilderness of Dalsland with its picturesque waters, ideal for canoeing. Frequent pleasure trips make their way across the great lakes and down Göta Canal. The medieval churches, castles and mansions are delightful culture pearls, as is the parti-coloured Textile County. West Swedish cuisine unfolds to reveal taste sensations fresh from the sea and lakes, the forest and game. Vivid memories that linger and entice you back.


Population 1 539 900
Currency Swedish kronor SEK 1 = 100 öre
Website www.vastsverige.com/en/Skovde/
Newspapers Göteborgs-Posten,
Borås Tidning,
Emergency numbers 112