Öland - Essential Information

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Kalmar Airport

Kalmar Airport is located just 5 km from the centre of Kalmar. The airport bus departs from Kalmar several times a day via line 402 Kalmar–Smedby. For onward travel to Öland you take line 404, 103, 101 or 106. See Länstrafiken’s website for timetables.

Public Transport

Kalmar county transport is responsible for the local bus services on Öland. KLT fares apply for all travel using KLT’s scheduled services. Ticket prices are determined by the number of zones in which you travel. One zone is equivalent to 10 km. 1 and 3 day cards valid for an unlimited number of journeys are available during the summer.


Taxis are ordered by phone. Borgholms Taxi +46 485 10475 Taxi Löttorp +46 485 20589 Taxi Mörbylånga + 46 485 40150 Ölands Taxitjänst +46 485 565756


Postage stamps can be purchased in most kiosks and tobacconists, as well as in some convenience stores.


General dentistry in Borgholm Tel: +46 485 10225
General dentistry in Färjestaden Tel: +46 485 39600


Apoteket Hjorten
Storgatan 14 in Borgholm
Tel: +46 771 760760


Country code: +46 Area code: +46 0485


220 V