Marsjö Ostrich Farm

Marsjö Ostrich Farm is situated about 20 kilometres north of Borgholm, on the western side of Öland. You are welcome to stay with us while you explore Öland. You can stay overnight in individual, personally furnished rooms and have a substantial breakfast in the morning. You can also try our à la carte menu with our excellent ostrich meat in the leading role. If it takes your fancy – and we are sure it will – you can buy our own meat and handicrafts from the farm. It goes without saying that the animals are our pride and joy and there are plenty of ostriches here to admire.
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Restaurang Fågel Blå

Welcome to Restaurang Fågel Blå on Öland’s Southern Cape. Take the opportunity to experience Öland’s culinary arts at their best. This fantastic restaurant and café is located on Öland’s Southern Cape, at the foot of the Långe Jan lighthouse. We have chosen to use the best that nature has to offer, in terms of both experiences and raw materials. Our menu consists of wonderful Öland classics with fresh new seasonally-adapted ingredients. Take the opportunity to try specialities from Öland such as lufsa potato pancakes.
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Ölands Krögarförening

The association of restaurateurs on Öland has 43 members, with restaurants located from the north to the south of the island. The association strives to promote Swedish food culture in general and Öland’s food culture in particular. Its restaurateurs aim to develop collaboration between members, but also with local food producers, in order to create a well-reputed cuisine on Öland. Focus is also put on extending Öland’s tourist season, and providing information about opening hours during the off-season. The members are offered courses within the culinary field. The collaboration with the hotel and restaurant school on Öland is seen as an important initiative to satisfy future staffing needs in the culinary industry. Please visit one of our association members for an enjoyable culinary experience!
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