Öland - Campsite

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Öland is clearly the leader in Sweden when it comes to camping and cottage holiday. So it has been for many years and it is strongly believed to continue if you look at the positive trend. Öland sites have over 800 cottages, ranging from the simple ones to true luxury houses with Jacuzzi and steam room.

Sandviks Camping (through SCR)

Welcome to Sandviks Camping, approx 33 km south of Färjestaden. Stay in a quiet, scenic setting right by the Kalmar Strait.

AddressÅrsvik, 38065 Degerhamn
Phone073-025 32 33
Opening hours1 May to 29 September

First Camp Eriksöre (through SCR)

Eriksöre is a pleasant four-star family campsite, beautifully situated by Kalmarsund, 6 km south of the Öland Bridge.

AddressSemestervägen, 38693 Färjestaden
Phone0485-394 50
Opening hours20 April to 30 September

Klintagårdens Camping (through SCR)

Family camping in a beautiful natural setting with a wonderful view of Köpingsviken.

AddressKlinta Bodars väg 8, 38752 Köpingsvik
Phone0485-722 40
Opening hours13 April to 6 October

Löttorps Camping (through SCR)

The lovely northern part of Öland is edged by shallow, sandy beaches with great swimming and nice sunset walks.

AddressKesnäs Fiskarvägen 1, 38074 Löttorp
Phone0485-232 70
Opening hours30 April to 16 September

Neptuni Camping (through SCR)

Welcome to Neptuni Camping - a calm, beautifully situated family campsite in central Byxelkrok.

AddressSmåskogsvägen 2, 38775 Byxelkrok
Phone0485-284 95
Opening hours26 April to 25 August

Böda Hamns Camping (through SCR)

Marvellous familu camping located on the northern side of Öland by, near a living fishing-village with fresh and smoked fish, 50 m from the sandy shallow beach with a seperatl dog bath.

AddressBödahamnsvägen 40, 38773 Löttorp
Phone0485-220 43
Opening hours26 April to 30 September

Wikegårds Semesterby (through SCR)

Wikegård's Family Camping. Frönäs 35 km north of Borgholm on the eastern side. Wikegård's Camping is situated by a genuine Öland farmyard from the 1880's, where the houses have been renovated to become service facilities.

AddressFrönäsvägen 51, 38074 Löttorp
Phone0485-251 31
Opening hours27 April to 30 September

Bödabaden Camping (through SCR)

AddressLandsvägen Norrböda, 38773 Löttorp
Phone0485-220 12
Opening hours1 May to 30 September

KronoCamping Saxnäs/Öland Camping & Stugby (through SCR)

Our central location on Öland is perfect! The campsite's proximity to Alvaret, Färjestaden, Borgholm and the summer city of Kalmar is perfect

AddressSödra Saxnäs, 38695 Färjestaden
Phone0485-357 00
Opening hours12 April to 29 September

Ottenby Vandrarhem och Camping (through SCR)

You, who want to spend your holiday in the south of Öland, Sweden, or just need to stay overnight,here you have the most southerly Youth Hostel and campingsite on Öland. You find us about 55 km south of Öland bridge, near Ås church.

AddressOttenby 106, 38664 Degerhamn
Phone0485-66 20 62
Opening hours1 January to 31 December

Stenåsabadets Camping (through SCR)

Beautiful family camping place in natural surounding on south east Öland.

AddressSlagerstad, 38662 Mörbylånga
Phone0485-440 78
Opening hours28 March to 3 November

First Camp Ekerum (through SCR)

We have Öland's best location for sun, swimming and golf.

Address, 38792 Borgholm
Phone0485-56 47 00
Opening hours15 April to 30 September

Haga Park Camping & Stugor (through SCR)

Holiday resort in surroundings of great natural beauty sheltered from the wind.

AddressCampingvägen 2, 38062 Mörbylånga
Phone0485-360 30
Opening hours26 April to 30 September

Lundegård Camping & Stugby (through SCR)

Lundegård is one of Öland's biggest campsites with lots of green areas and vegetation. Nice views over Kalmar Sound.

AddressLundegård 6, 38796 Köpingsvik
Phone0485-827 00
Opening hours27 April to 2 September