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The food in Höga Kusten has strong traditions. The fermented herring is considered the local national dish. The third Thursday in August is traditionally fermented herring premiere. For those who choose not to eat fermented herring, there are plenty of good options around in Höga Kusten. In the cities there is a wide selection of restaurants to choose from and outside the urban centers, you can enjoy the culinary delights of rural and cultural environments. Found out more at www.hogakusten.com.


Corner House offers good food and the restaurant and bar are a popular for an After Work dinner in Junsele. One reason may be that the bar offers one of Norrland’s largest selection of whiskey. The landlord also organizes whiskey and wine tastings, booked in advance.

AddressKöpmangatan 18, Junsele
Phone+46621 10430

Näske Krog

Beautifully situated roadside restaurant at Skulesjön. The restaurant serve everything from daily specials to a la carte and gourmet dinners, specialty is fish. Näske Krog also offering café. Receives bus groups. Open in summer.

AddressNorum, Bjästa
Phone+46 660 22 82 38
More InfoOpen during summer


In the old fishing village Barsta you find Skutskepparn, a restaurant located in the heart of the High Coast. Skutskepparn serves freshly caught fish. Specialties are fresh fried herring with homemade mashed potatoes, and various pickled herring. The premises are bright with a great view of Barsta fishing village and harbor.

AddressBarsta 270, Nordingrå
Phone+46 613 230 90

Gästgiveri Spjutegården

Spjutegården was built in 1805 and offers restaurant and conference facilities. The restaurant is open for lunch Monday-Friday, other times you need to book in advance. In addition to daily specials, they offer a business lunch, a la carte, catering and cafe serving. At Spjutegården you can rent both large and small rooms, and book in advance.

AddressMurberget, Härnösand
Phone+46 611 51 10 90

Restaurang Varvsberget

Restaurant on top of Varsberget (150 meters) where you can enjoy good food and incredible views of Örnsköldsvik. Here they serve among others northern specialties and a la carte. There is also a terrace with 20 seats.

AddressVarvsberget, Örnsköldsvik
Phone+46 660 844 80


The restaurant Fiskarfänget is located in the authentic boathouse environment in Norrfällsviken. It is a popular meeting place and popular destination for boaters and visitors who stays overnight at the campsite or hotel nearby. A big buffet with all kind of fish is always served and there are also fish for sale.

AddressNorrfällsviken, Mjällom
Phone+46 613 211 42

Myregården Café & Restaurang

Lovely food and views of Ångermanälven river make Myregården a popular choice. Myregården is open six days a week over the summer season, offering snacks and meals. The menu varies, always with one fish and one meat dish. Myregården’s BBQ buffet is served at weekends, weather permitting. Table can be booked in advance. The barn also has a flea market.

AddressMyre 261, Näsåker
Phone+46 620 503 61

St Petri Logen Med Vägg-i-vägg

St Petri Logen is a magnificent celebration premises and also Norrlands oldest timber restaurant. It opened in 1871 and has, besides a large reception room, a park available. There is also an a la carte restaurant, Vägg-i-Vägg.

AddressBrunnshusgatan 1, Härnösand
Phone+46 611 164 40


Restaurant in Skeppsmalen’s fishing village. They serve maritime cuisine and meat dishes. Surtrömming (fermented herring) are always on the menu! Here you also find Surströmming Museum.

AddressSkeppsmalen, Arnäsvall
Phone+46 660 25 60 19
More InfoOpen during summer

Björkuddens Hotell & Restaurang

Enjoy good food, right next to the High coast bridge. The restaurant has about 80 seats inside and in summer there are endless opportunities for outdoor celebrations. The food is prepared by our own recipes and composed in accordance with the changing seasons.

AddressNyadal 179, Sandöverken
Phone+46 613 501 15

Österåsens Hälsohem

Health retreat set in a beautiful park with an herb garden, wonderful walks and art collection. View across the river valley. Vegetarian food only. Table can be booked in advance.

AddressÖsterås, Sollefteå
Phone+46 620 573 00

Restaurant Toledos

The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine with more than 30 tapas, main dishes and salads on the menu. Lunch and evening opening hours. In the summer you can enjoy your meal in the pleasant courtyard.

AddressStorgatan 57, Sollefteå
Phone+46 620 12121


Restaurant located at Nattviken in the center of Härnösand. In the summer you can sit outside on the dock and enjoy good food and beautiful views. The restaurant serves a la carte menu seven days a week and also has a lunch buffet Monday - Friday. There is often live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

AddressNattviken, Härnösand
Phone+46 611 219 11

Hotell Höga Kusten Restaurang

Restaurant in the hotel overlooking the beautiful Ångermanälven and the High coast bridge. A'la carte menu with great variety and also children's menu. Fully licensed bar. Café with sandwiches, cakes, ice cream and candy.

AddressHornöberget, Sandöverken
Phone+46(0)613-72 22 70

Ullångers Hotell & Restaurang

Restaurant in the middle of the world heritage. Newly renovated and reopened in may 2014.

AddressSundbrogatan, Ullånger
Phone+46(0)613-109 00