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Dimitri Salvi
Val Brembana-overview

Val Brembana-overview

The Brembo Ski, San Simone, Foppolo and Carona area, is located in the upper Brembana Valley and is easily reached from all main cities in Lombardy and northern Italy. This fantastic ski area has 50 km of pistes, 17 ski lifts with a total capacity of twenty thousand people per hour, and snowmaking facilities to ensure fun for all with many possibilities for living, leisure and relax. With the realization of the new ski lifts and with the radical refurbishment of existing ski runs and the definition of new tracings, the ski area is able to satisfy the requirements of every type of skier, thanks to the slopes easy to medium difficulty and black runs dedicated to lovers of strong emotions. One area suitable for everyone: families and children, youth and adults. The more experienced skiers can not surely miss the descent from Monte Valgussera, including beautiful landscapes and breathtaking walls, the classic Montebello run completely redesigned and the whole area of the connection between Carona and Foppolo totally upgraded. It is a ski area that is suitable for all, even cross-country skiing enthusiasts, who can use four loop trails for a total of 12 km, and snowboarders, who can test their skills on two dedicated and well equipped snowparks. Again in the Brembana Valley, Piazzatorre offers newly furbished ski lifts and even the opportunity to try ice hockey. From Valtorta, you can reach Piani di Bobbio, a ski resort in Valsassina whose best runs are on the Bergamask side. This entire valley offers more than 40 ski lifts, together with some excellent loops for cross-country skiing surrounded by nature and marvelous scenery.
Val Brembana-Carona

Val Brembana-Carona

Carona This is where ski-mountaineering races for the legendary Parravicini trophy are held. Every year hundreds of athletes climb the steep slopes with sealskin attached to the underside of their skis, applauded by the many enthusiasts of this traditional sport. There are plenty of other opportunities too, because Carona, the headquarters of the event, is also a important ski resort in the Bergamo area and belongs to the same skiing area as Foppolo, to which it is connected by the lifts in the Carisole valley. Those who instead do not want to go off the beaten track must be “content” with 8 runs: 1 easy, 5 medium and 2 diffi cult for a total of 22 kilometres. Snow cannons, a skating rink near a pretty artifi cial lake and loads of sun complete the attractions of this popular ski resort.
The Resorts

Val Brembana-Foppolo

Foppolo Carona and Foppolo are both connected by the lifts in the Carisole valley. This resort in the upper Brembana valley is certainly the most well-known of the province and enjoys the greatest international fame, not only for the size of its skiing area (47 kilometres of runs, and if we count the connecting runs with Carona and San Simone, this easily rises to 80), but also because the atmosphere is one of a complete skiing experience: There are many residences and hotels, concentrated so that they do not invade the vast slopes on which the runs have been marked, large parking areas, two ski schools, which have been passing on their tradition for more than fi fty years, structures for leisure activities such as the skating rink and numerous places to pass pleasant evenings after a day’s skiing. Finally, the jewel in the crown – and very reassuring: 50 points for low pressure snow cannons that ensure skiing on most of the runs even when the snow is not as good as it could be.
Val Brembana-San Simone

Val Brembana-San Simone

San Simone Why do so many skiers choose San Simone? Firstly because you can always find snow. Ensuring this are not only the low pressure cannons, but also a geographic setting and position able to guarantee an always perfect and consistent snow cover. In second place, but certainly not to be overlooked, is the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at this resort which, with its first class structures concentrated in a small area, has over time become specialized in receiving parties, groups, school pupils and children. The lower areas have nursery slopes and equipment for even the smallest. 30 kilometres of runs wind around the upper areas with three challenging black pistes: the «Camoscio 1», «Sessi» and «Muri». And what about snow boarders? In San Simone they have not been forgotten. The area in fact offers a half pipe, which in the last few years has increasingly attracted lovers of this discipline. In other words San Simone is a resort with something for everyone.
The Resorts

Val Brembana-Valtorta/Piani di Bobbio

Valtorta / Piani di Bobbio Two valleys, Brembana and Valsassina, two provinces, Bergamo and Lecco, only one ski-pass for the Valtorta-Piani di Bobbio skiing area. It can be reached from both Valtorta in the Bergamo area, and from Barzio, an historic skiing resort in Lecco province. The two places were joined in the middle of the eighties, when the new runs marked out from Piani di Ceresola towards the Brembana village were connected with Bobbio, giving skiers the first intervalley resort in Lombardy. Since then this spacious area –surrounded by an imposing range of peaks that culminate in the unmistakeable pyramid of the Pizzo dei Tre Signori – has become one of the most popular winter resorts of the Orobie mountains, thanks to its beautiful runs, in particular those on the Piani di Ceresola slopes, but thanks also to the farsighted alliance between the two valleys.
Val Seriana  & Scalve-overview

Val Seriana & Scalve-overview

There is a "mountain" of good reasons for choosing to spend time holidaying or relaxing in the Seriana valley. A long vallery that winds its way along the Serio river, surrounded by not only spacious snow-covered fields and enchanting woods, but also surprising mountains of unrivalled beauty, which ends in the rugged Val di Scalve. There are about ten winter resorts, both large and small, that make up the enchanting Orobie skiing area. These include resorts in both the Seriana valley and Scalve valley; many kilometres of runs to practice alpine skiing and where there is also the chance to cross country ski and go off-piste. A slice of happiness that must be tried to be believed.
Val Seriana  & Scalve-Monte Pora

Val Seriana & Scalve-Monte Pora

Monte Pora This is a very popular ski area as it is easily reached from the large cities of Milan and Brescia (approximately an hour) and is a beautiful place. The shape of the rounded mountain with its slopes of varying gradients and the lack of vegetation means it has wide runs of every degree of difficulty. It is exposed to the sun the whole day – a distinctive feature of the area – although without damaging the conditions of the runs and offering the non-skier a chance to pass pleasant days on the snow.
The Resorts

Val Seriana & Scalve-Presolana

Presolana This is one of the most classic and enchanting winter resorts of the province. Easily reached from all directions, it is a “paradise” for beginners and children, and has become known as the “ski gym” of Bergamo, but is not lacking however in demanding runs for the more experienced. The resort is equipped with snow cannons, a kinderheim and Ski Stadium with automatic chronometer, accessible to all, and is the first centre in Lombardy to offer ski lessons to disabled people.
Val Seriana  & Scalve-Spiazzi di Gromo

Val Seriana & Scalve-Spiazzi di Gromo

Spiazzi di Gromo Close to a beautiful woods, Spiazzi di Gromo offers a medieval village along with a new urban centre with private houses and hotels. The resort has a lot of potential facilities, ski runs, tourist tracks, the Orobie mountains for walks and the Spiazzi pinewood. Not to be missed is the medieval historic centre where sword and metal work is still carried out. Families find Spiazzi enjoyable with its 6 skilifts, 2 black runs, 4 red runs and 2 blue runs. There is also a cross country ski run, a snowpark and a bob run for the summer.
Val Seriana  & Scalve-Colere

Val Seriana & Scalve-Colere

Colere If, after the Presolana pass, you wish to travel a bit further, you come across Colere, positioned at the start of the Scalve valley in the shadow of the north face of the Presolana mountain. The town has a unique atmosphere due to the grandeur of the imposing mountains and offers kilometres of runs covered in snow until late in the season, because it is facing north. The good tourist accommodation, together with the high altitude runs (the pride and joy is the Pista Italia, famous for hosting European Cup trials and international and national races) and the beautiful mountain refuges (including the well-known and very popular Albani) are all excellent credentials for a holiday of quality.
The Resorts

Slope Life in Val Seriana&Scalve

Ski rental: Presolana: Bettineschi Sport 0039034631100 ; info@bettineschisport.com La Bottega Verzeroli : 0039 0346 30630 mauro@labottegamoda.it Monte Pora: New Rental Ski : +39 0346 65000 info@presolanamontepora.com ; www.presolanamontepora.com Ski school in Monte Pora: Scuola italiana sci Monte Pora Phone: +39 0346 65049 Internet: www.scuolascimontepora.it in Presolana: Presolana Ski school in Donico resort +39 0346 31431 – majantonio@tin.it Recommended ski school and rental in Carona is Rossi Sport. Clothes, sport rquipments, fishing gears and ski maintenance is offered all year round, Sunday included. Ski rental and storage. Located at Valcarisole (directly at the ski trails, at the chairway arrival station). Carona Via Bianchi 1 +39 034577013 www.rossisport.com For ski rental in Colere, choose Scuola Italiana sci Colere Polzone. +39 0346 54216, winter season: + 39 0346 53100 www.scuolascicolere.it e-mail to info@scuolascicolere.it Ski rental in Schilpario can be made at Pizio sport (ski and ski equipment rental and selling, snowboard, ciaspole, helmets, ski storage, repairing and ski waxing). Via Scalina, Schilpario +39 0346 55041 Web site Val Seriana: Consorzio Cooraltur (Consorzio Orobico Albergatori Operatori Turistici) was born in 1979, in order to promote the wonderful tourist resorts in the area called “Conca della Presolana” and in order to sell several tourist services available in that region. The aim of Consorzio Cooraltur is then to arrange all tourist services and to sell offers all over the year, so that any kind of request may be satisfied: groups vacation, senior holydays, students meetings, incentives and sport events. To our Hotel offers, you can also add a lot of other facilities on request: ski school, ski equipment rental, free entrance to Snowboard park, nocturnal ski, school in the mountain, bus transfers, excursions and visits to the main historical towns in the North of Italy. For hotels and services bookings phone +39034631146, info@cooraltur.it ; www.cooraltur.it .
The Resorts

Slope Life in Valle Brembana

There are approximately 60 teachers at your disposal to teach children and adults alike regardless of whether you are a beginner or at athletes level. The options available are endless ranging from downhill ski to snowboarding, from carving to telemark, the choice is yours. A special area for children called Fantaski ensures peace of mind while you ski, allowing you to leave your child in the expert care of our staff where they can play all day long and make friends. Ski School in Brembo Ski are: 1. Ski School 90 Foppolo Phone: +39 0345 74161 www.sci90foppolo.it 2. Ski School ALTA VALLE BREMBANA Phone: : +39 0345 74141 www.altavallebrembana.it 3. Ski School SAN SIMONE Phone: : +39 0345 78022 www.scuolasci-sansimone.com 4. Ski School And Snowboard BREMBO EXTREME Phone: : +39 346 0604852 www.bremboextreme.it
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