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Thanks to its rich and varied history, Palermo and its surrounding areas are full of architectural treasures, everything from historical and ancient museums to Medieval castles and churches, just waiting to get discovered. Many of the sights are ideally situated pretty central and in the heart of the city you will find treasures like Palazzo dei Normanni, as well as the beautiful Santa Caterina Church and the spectacular Piazza Pretoria. For a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful volcanic island Ustica is a safe bet and will not disappoint you.

Piazza Pretoria

Also known as square of sham, the spectacular Piazza Pretoria captivates with its fountain and the numerous gleaming white naked statues, thereof the name. The Pretoria Fountain was sculpted by Francesco Camilliani and in the beginning, in 1574, it was placed in Florence for a few years but then transported to Palermo, divided into 644 pieces. The fountain is a true masterpiece, takes up the entire piazza, and considered being one of the most beautiful fountains in Italy.
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