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BERGAMO FILM MEETING. March, 7 - 15. Piazza Libertà Auditorium - Bergamo. Around 125 feature films from national and international productions. PALMA IL VECCHIO. Gazing at beauty. March 13 – June 21. Carrara Accademy / GAMeC. In occasion of the Universal Exposition 2015 in Milan, the first large retrospective exhibition on Palma il Vecchio. BERGAMO JAZZ. March, 15 - 22. Donizetti Theatre – Bergamo. Among the guests of the XXXVI edition of the festival are Joshua Redman, Trilok Gurtu, Dave Douglas with Tom Harrell and Gianluca Petrella. MEZZAQUARESIMA - MID-LENTEN FESTIVAL. March, 22. Bergamo, lower town. A procession of floats and the traditional burning of an effigy of an old lady, which is associated to a public problem and which is burned to defeat it.
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CORY ARCANGEL - THIS IS ALL SO CRAZY, EVERYBODY SEEMS SO FAMOUS: From April, 1 to June, 28. Palazzo della Ragione, Upper Bergamo. TOUR PER INDIVIDUALI - TOURS FOR INDIVIDUALS: from April to October. Bergamo. Guided tours of two hours in Italian, English, German and French. REOPENING OF THE CARRARA ACCADEMY. April, 23. One of the most important art gallery in Italy (The Carrara Accademy) reopens after 7 years of restoration works. SOAP BOX RALLY: April, 12. Upper Bergamo. The oldest and craziest race of wooden machines in the world since 1955. MAGIE AL BORGO SAN GIORGIO - MAGIC IN BORGO SAN GIORGIO: April, 24 - 26. Costa di Mezzate. International festival which unites expressive art, street theatre, circus, music, history and gastronomy. INTERNATIONAL PIANO FESTIVAL OF BRESCIA AND BERGAMO: from April, 25 to June, 11. Donizetti Theatre – Bergamo. It is one of the main world events dedicated specifically to the piano, as a solo instrument and also as an important part of a great orchestra. INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY: April, 30. Bergamo.
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GRAN FONDO INTERNAZIONALE FELICE GIMONDI - FELICE GIMONDI INTERNATIONAL GRAN FONDO: May, 10. Bergamo and province. A competition that each year sees thousands of cycling enthusiasts, both Italian and foreign, take part. There are three routes to choose (89.4 km, 128.8 km and 162.1 km) in discovery of the Bergamask valleys. FESTIVAL DELL'AMBIENTE - FESTIVAL OF THE ENVIRONMENT: May, 29 - 31. The city's most ecological festival animates the centre with activities, exhibitions, shows, exhibitors, meetings - all with a strictly "green" theme. LO SPIRITO DEL PIANETA - THE SPIRIT OF THE PLANET: May, 29 - June, 14. Trade Fair Centre of Chiuduno. Festival of indigenous people from all over the world. NOTTE BIANCA DELLO SPORT - WHITE NIGHT OF SPORT: May, 30. Bergamo. From 6 pm to 1 am Bergamo will become a giant open-air gym. Various places in the city centre will come alive with a wide variety of sports. BERGAMO HISTORIC GRAN PRIX - BERGAMO HISTORIC GRAND PRIX: May, 31. Bergamo - Walls circuit. An international event that hosts classic cars, including F1, built before 1975, which challenge each other in an exciting race of 6 sessions and are then displayed in Piazza Cittadella.
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ART 2 NIGHT: July, 11. Bergamo. a "white" night dedicated to art and the discovery of unique tours and Bergamo's least known art works. UN TUFFO A BERGAMO - DIVING IN BERGAMO: July, 12. Bergamo - Italcementi Swimming Pool. Bergamo hosts the European Juniores Dive Competition with 250 divers. The opening on the 30th of june with an arobatic dive show into a swimming pool installed in the middle of the town at Vittorio Veneto square. WORLD LEAGUE DI PALLANUOTO - WATERPOLO WORLD LEAGUE. Bergamo - Italcementi Swimming Pool.
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NOTTI DI LUCE - Nights of Lights: Bergamo. The city is playing host to great music and wonderful plays with spectacular lighting. I MAESTRI DEL PAESAGGIO - International meeting of the landscape and garden: September, 5 - 20. Bergamo. Workshops, labs and meeting with landscape designers connected to gardening. Piazza Vecchia also become an exquisite garden. FOOD FILM FEST: September, 15 - 20. Bergamo. International food and cinema festival of Bergamo. DIMORE DESIGN: Bergamo. Designers reinterpret the interiors and the exteriors of some Bergamo's historic houses. CITY OF BERGAMO MID MARATHON: September, 27. Bergamo. CITY OF BERGAMO INTERNATIONAL ORGAN-FESTIVAL: from September to October, Bergamo. 6 charming locations, 7 organs used and famous musician.
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BERGAMO SCIENZA / BERGAMO SCIENCE: Bergamo and province. Festival dedicated to science features exhibitions, interactive workshops, shows and conferences. ALTA QUOTA / HIGH ALTITUDE: October 9 - 11. Bergamo trade fair center. Trade fair dedicated to the mountains. SAINT JOHN XXIII FEAST: Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII. Many initiatives for the Saint Pope John XXIII feast. MERCATANTI IN FIERA / TRADER'S FAIR: Sentierone-Bergamo. Typical products and handcrafts from all over the world.
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